Death of a Cat Muse & Meet #AdorableAdoptables Gilbert

We all know how important it is to spay/neuter our cats. Neutered males are less prone to spraying, roaming, being aggressive and of course eliminating unwanted pregnancies and their strong,smelly urine. The personality changes occur almost overnight like what happened to Gilbert, a new arrival at the shelter I volunteer at.

Gilbert, an unneutered surrender, and stunning young tabby with energy to spare was desperate to be let out. I opened the cage door and he quickly jumped to freedom but not before interacting with his neighbors. Ginger Boy AKA Joe of the Hardy Boys in the cage below reached out and they seem to like each other. My favorite Gray Boy AKA Frank of the Hardy Boys expressed curiosity but not the genuine fascination as Ginger Boy.

Whether with cats or humans, it remains a mystery who is attracted to who as friends or soul mates. Sometimes the bond or connection is instantaneous and sometimes it takes time. Gilbert explored the small room with confidence and expressed more interest in exploring than playing. His eyes implored, Lady, where is the exit? I want out of here.

When I placed him back in the cage, he went ballistic, banging up against the bars and meowing, let me out, let me out let meow out! It was Friday, surgeries are on Tuesdays and I hoped he wouldn’t injure himself before getting neutered.

The following Wednesday, I didn’t need to check his cage card to know he’d been neutered. He looked more sedate but his bloodied nose spoke of his last testosterone fueled attack against the cage bars. I opened the cage door and he jumped out but with less swagger and pent up energy. He prowled about, brushed up against for a petting and I marveled at his dramatic personality change. His Ginger Boy pal remained as interested as ever in this very handsome and adoptable cat. I think they might make a well matched pair for adoption.

cat adoption Collage

#AdorableAdoptable Gilbert

UPDATE: Shelter life can change in a heartbeat.

Gray boy-NRHS

My plan was to foster the Hardy Boys and then the unthinkable happened. My favorite Gray Boy and shelter muse died. He was taken to the vet on Saturday. They thought it was cancer and nothing could be done. His cage mate, the Ginger Boy is in a foster home and up for adoption.Sudden deaths never make sense and this one floored me. I’ve cried every day since. Gray Boy was so happy to see me last Wednesday, headbutting with extra vigor and he finally settled down enough to sit on my lap. He played with good energy and his distended abdomen of two weeks ago appeared better. He was on meds for anemia and I would have never suspected cancer.

When it was time for him to return to his cage he played games and wouldn’t go inside by himself as he usually did. I lifted him inside and said, “I’ll see you soon and you can communicate with me anytime.” Meaning telepathically. I tuned into him daily and worried about the noise of fireworks on the 4th but I picked up no distress or signal except he wanted to be with me. And now he’s gone.

Perhaps his destiny or karma was to get me to volunteer at the shelter and not be my house cat. If so, he succeeded and my work must continue, which I’ll do with love, in his memory. After being rescued from unspeakable horrors at the hoarder’s, he lived six, short weeks at the shelter. While not a home, he received much love and all the staff thought he was special. Dear Gray Boy and Angel Muse, fly free and know that many cats will be helped in your memory.

Gray Boy RIP


There are many, healthy cats ready, willing and able to be adopted like Gilbert. Please Pin and share his adoption graphic. To find out more of the deserving cat in need of homes in the NYC area, please visit New Rochelle Humane Society If you missed seeing highly adorable and adoptable Peanut our model for this month’s cat astrology 

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31 thoughts on “Death of a Cat Muse & Meet #AdorableAdoptables Gilbert”

  1. It’s an additional heartache when a shelter cat dies without ever having experienced a loving home. It’s a consolation is knowing that caring people like you, volunteers and staff, were there for him, but still so very sad.
    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  2. We’re so sad for the loss of Gray Boy, and so sorry for your sadness ! He spent the best weeks of his life with you, knowing how you feel when you’re loved. That’s the more important. We send you comforting purrs and gentle headbutts

  3. I am so sorry for your loss, Layla. I believe Gray Boy was saying his good bye and giving you a nice memory. MMM also banged against her bars at the shelter and they feared she would hurt herself, so she was turned over to a rescue for hard-to-place kitties that couldn’t be caged (they had an open room). We are all sending you positive and healing thoughts!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Gray Boy’s passing. Thank you for loving him while he was there — certainly he knew this as he flew to the Bridge. Sending you hugs, purrs and prayers, dear Layla.

  5. So sorry about Gray Boy. I shared Gilbert. What’s funny is Gilbert is TW’s very first real boyfriend’s name and he looks like her heart cat Nicky.

  6. Layla, as we posted on Monday… We are truly heartbroken to hear about Gray Boy. He lived his last days knowing what love and kindness felt like, that is huge.We walk the journey of sadness together. It is a hard one at best. Our hearts are heavy and our souls are wounded but we go on. We have to because there are still so many that need us. In searching for my Skeeter I have found 9 Mama cats with kittens,not counting all of the males and the kittens themselves, most without homes and feral. I too wonder if his disappearence is meant to lead me to this heartbreaking discovery in hopes that I can find a way to help. We send our love and support to you as you have sent yours to us. We continue to Pray and Purr for all that need it, sometimes that is all we can do. Kitty kisses and hugs with all the paws we have.
    Luvs to you and all of your family and to everyone out there that is suffering a loss, an illness or any other overwhelming event in their life. We Purr, we Pray.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig and Peanut and Romeo >^..^<

    1. OMG, what a strange blessing, 9 mamas and kittens+ I believe it’s not an accident and Skeeter lead you to them but still my heart aches every day he’s not home. Keep looking. It’s not a long time in the greater scheme of things as you know cats return weeks and months later, even years.

  7. So heartbreaking! I am so pleased that Gray Boy had some love and affection in his last days. :””””(

  8. Oh, we’re so sorry to hear that. So glad that he was able to make a connection with you, though. I’m sure it was a wonderful, if not the best, thing in his life.

  9. We are very sadden to learn about Gray Boy especially since you feel the irony in his whole life. But cats view things so differently than we do. I suspect he knew how loved he was by so many, including you, and for him that was enough. To have someone who ‘hears’ you and understand is of such importance and you did hear Gray Boy. You know Gray Boy has been greeted by Gris Gris and so many other CB kitties, my own Abby & Gracie. He will feel most welcomed. But I am so sorry for your sorrow and the loss.

  10. God’s speed to you Gray Boy; know that you were indeed loved and you will never be forgotten. I am so sorry Layla as I know you had a special connection to him; Gray was somewhat like Gris. I hope they have found each other and they can share stories about how way awesome their mom Layla is ♥♥♥♥♥ Laura

  11. we are very sorry about Gray Boy…it is amazing that those we only know for a short time can imbed themselves so deep in our hearts. we will keep our paws crossed for Gilbert and Joe Hardy though!

  12. I’m so sorry for Gray Boy and my tears are running while reading about this wonderful friend. There are no words what will help, I can only share my tears with you and I send you a big hug.

  13. Layla, I am so sorry to hear about Gray Boy. What heartache and it must have been such a sudden shock for you. There are no words that are comforting enough but he was so lucky to have felt your love. You have so much to give and surely he would want you to spread that love with his friends. Big hugs to you Layla, so sorry about your loss.

  14. Oh no, Layla, I’m so sorry to hear about Gray Boy. I’ve read about him here a lot and feel like I lost a long-time friend. Your pain is beyond imagination…
    But I’m glad he could get lot of care and love after having such a hard life. I know his last days were filled with comfort and happiness. Please know my thoughts are with you. ((Hugs))

  15. Layla I’m so sorry about Gray Boy……he did know love in his time at the shelter thanks to you and the other volunteers though and THAT is something to carry in your heart always. It’s wonderful that instead of dying inside the hoarder’s nightmare he knew freedom and comfort, peace and quiet…..but most of all the calm hand of a cat lady who communicated her kindness and caring physically and mentally.

    Hugs, Pam

  16. We’re so sad to hear this news of Gray Boy. At least he had love and care the last six weeks of his life and had memories of you and the other shelter volunteers to take with him on his journey instead of just that hoarding hell. Purrs of comfort to you from all of us.

  17. Gray Boy had so much love the last few weeks of his life – he would not have had that locked in a hoarder’s house and his death would have been long and painful. So even if he did not have longevity, he received a gift and a blessing.

  18. Sowwy fuw yous loss. It’s a loss fuw us all. And altho’ meez glad dat in hims last days he did know luv, meez so vewy sowwy hims didn’t know a luvin’ home. Meez suwe hopes da west get homes soon.

    Luv ya’


  19. Gray boy sweet little so sad that he flew away…6 weeks out of hell and spent with love is so much better than having passed away without anyone even knowing he existed on this planet…this is no comfort..and shelter vol work is fraght with this heartbreak..he is in peace..he is safe and he will never know the harshness of this world again…sending you my love as I know how you feel…Heartfelt sadness here Fozziemum xx

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