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Celebrating Cool Cat Dads on Father’s Day

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Celebrating Cool Cat Dads on Father’s Day

When you think of a typical “cat person,” you might picture a woman surrounded by feline friends. However, the stereotype of only women doting on cats is long outdated. This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate the other half of cat lovers – the cat dads! Scroll down to the end for some fun and free cat dad cards.


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The Roots of the “Crazy Cat Man”

While cats were revered by the ancient Egyptians, in other early civilizations they were often associated more with witches and the supernatural than respected companions. In medieval Europe, cats almost went extinct due to mass killings stoked by foolish superstitions.

It was not until the late 1800s that cats started becoming popular household pets among the middle class. Even then, caring for a cat was often seen as an elderly woman’s pursuit after her children were grown.

Cat fancying clubs sprouted up in England and the first Cat Fancy Club president was none other than crazy cat man artist, Louis Wain.


Louis wain

louis Wain cat reading book


The rugged, solo male who appreciated his cat’s quiet companionship was considered an eccentric at best in those days.

Sea captains, wilderness trappers, and other adventurers who brought cats on their journeys for mousing and companionship were among the earliest representatives of the “crazy cat man” defying gender norms.


Authors like Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Dickens and Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway who wrote lovingly about their cats, were also pioneers. Talk about being ahead of his time. They didn’t have millions of cat toys available today, but Twain figured out a creative way to play with his cats.


mark Twain interactive play with cats



Adventure Cat Dads Go Exploring


adventure cat cat men


These days, you’ll find plenty of modern cat dads taking their feline friends along for outdoor adventures. From hiking and camping to canoeing and van life road trips, active cats and their human pals are showcasing their escapades on social media with the #adventurecats hashtag.

One of the most famous adventure cat dads is Pico the adventure cat and his human companion. This fearless feline from the Pacific Northwest has racked up over 3 million followers on social media with his hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing exploits.


9-to-5 Cat Dads Bring Kitties to Work


antique_men_cat_winery-father's day
Cat loving winery workers 100 years ago.


Other cat dads are proudly bringing their kitties along to not-so-adventurous but equally unique workplaces. Long-haul truckers were among the pioneers having cats join them for on-the-road companionship in those long stretches of highway solitude.

These days, you’ll find office cats curled up in IT cubicles, general stores, barns, and plenty of other businesses and worksites where rodent patrols or simply an amusing distraction is needed. A quick Instagram search for #officecats or #shopcats reveals thousands of proud working cat dads.


Military and First Responder Cat Dads


first responder cat man


Speaking of unique workplaces, even military bases and first responder stations have their share of cat dads historically. While official rules prohibited longterm pets for mobility reasons, it was common for deployed soldiers to adopt stay cats to keep them company at remote outposts.

Search the hashtag #militarycats and you’ll find soldiers, sailors, and airmen from around the world caring for cats.

First responder cats have a long history as well. Fire house cats were once common years ago for mousing and many still exist today. Today, police station cats provide minor comic relief at a stressful job. Search #policecats to see some of the most beloved felines in law enforcement.


Cat Dads Go Mainstream


cat dads are cool


Fortunately, times have changed dramatically over the last century. Today, cats outnumber dogs as the most popular pet in America. Caring men of all ages and backgrounds openly profess their love for their frisky felines.

Whether it’s a social media influencer posing with their fashionable “cat dad” threads, a Hollywood celebrity gushing about their purr baby on a talk show, or a youth sports coach who can’t stop sharing pics of Mr. Snuggles, cat dads are mainstream and loud and proud!

On a personal note: All my significant others including my husband are/were cat men. Any man who didn’t like cats didn’t get a second date.

My dad was a late bloomer in the cat dad department but made up for it in his later years. I believe it’s never too late to become a cat man.


cat-daddy-with-odin-cat dad















According to the American Pet Products Association, Millennial men are now even more likely to own a cat than their female counterparts. There are numerous popular “cat dad” social accounts, blogs, YouTubers, and merchandise lines catering to this growing demographic.


So this Father’s Day, celebrate the cat dads in your life!

Whether it’s your own father who raised you with caring pet companions, a friend who can’t stop sharing memes of his goofy ginger, or that one distant cousin always posting cat tree construction projects – give a shout-out to the men keeping cat love alive and thriving in the modern age.


What are some of your favorite “cat dad” moments or tributes? Share in the comments!

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