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Moon Cat Astrology & Meet Peanut

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Astrology exerts the same influence on cats as it does on humans. The sun sign is only one piece of the astrological pie and a detailed chart requires the exact time of birth. That’s often not possible but learning which sun sign a cat is or likely to be, can help deepen our understanding of them. Anyone who spends time with large groups of cats like at a cat show or shelter will immediately notice the different personalities, even if they are a similar age or breed. Cats will take on one of 12 main astrological characteristics of a zodiac signs or a combo if born on the cusp between two signs. The more we know about the different personalities the cats, the greater chance of finding a good fit when adopting a new cat.

The sign of Cancer is from June 22 to July 23 is ruled by the moon, it’s element is water and it’s symbol, the crab. Cancerian kitties like other the water signs of Pisces and Scorpio are sensitive and intuitive especially near the full moon. Loving and affectionate, well socialized moon cats are the snuggle bunnies of the zodiac. Our model is a young tabby female named Peanut. She arrived last winter to the New Rochelle Humane Society and has been in a small cage since. When I opened her cage door last week she welcomed petting and I worried she’d been in that windowless room too long. She stood by the edge of the cage (in pose of the image above) played with a wand toy but would not step down to freedom. I don’t know her history and can’t be certain she’s a Cancerian but I believe she’d be a loving and lovely gal for a good home. In the same room, a tiny, orange spitfire of a kitten climbed the cage bars meowing with ear-splitting volume. Judging from the age and hyperactivity, he was definitely a Gemini and would be perfect a home with kids and lots of activity.

Update: Peanut was adopted shortly after we posted about her and wish her well in her new home.

All cats have mystical side to them but a Cancer almost knows what you’re thinking before you do and will be purring up a storm if it’s about food or treats. They love good food but watch the catnip before the full moon, or you’ll have loony moon cat on your hands. Just as the moon has many phases, crab cats’ moods can change on a silvery dime. One minute, they’re cuddly love bugs, the next minute, they’re off with a swish of their tails to sulk.

They will know the instant plans are made for a vacation or a trip to the vet. Don’t try to hide it or lie. Talk to them calmly about what’s happening in detail. They’re super psychic sponges and will mirror your anxiety, so stay calm. If travel is a big part of your job, a Cancerian kitty may not be the best choice. Their eyes, often round as the moon are deep pools wisdom. They hate change more than other cats. A cat sitter would preferable to boarding and mobile vet who makes house calls is ideal. If you’re thinking of getting a new cat bed or replacing a ratty old scratching post, think twice. Introduce the new item, spray it with Feliway to make it more appealing and only after they accept the new item, trash the old one.

The best way to make them less moody and more happy is to give them consistency and routine. These homebodies want the same schedule in the same cozy house forever. Home is everything to them. They love all cardboard boxes except moving boxes. They are the least likely to roam or seek adventure down the block. They like soft blankets, cozy baskets where they can hide like crabs under their shell when things get too hectic or noisy.

There’s a certain roundness about them even if not overweight. Their digestion can be sensitive, so watch their diet and that includes treats. Try grain-free healthy treats like fishy flakes without additives and dyes. All cats benefit from probiotics for their digestion for but especially Cancerians. Place their food and water in a quiet, private area. Ruled by water, they love drinking fountains, splashing in water faucets and the whoosh of a toilet if it’s not too loud; they’re sensitive to noise. They will even tolerate warm baths.

Cancerian creatures of the night, they love skulking and meowing under a moonlit night or a safer choice, sitting by a window. Nurturing and maternal, they are especially fertile. All the more reason to keep them spayed/neutered and indoors at night.

Usually sweet and good natured, they tend to be conflict-avoidant, good with kids, the ill and the elderly. Being as sensitive as they are, don’t you dare laugh at them. They can be clingy and will lash out or be crabby if not treated well. Their favorite place to sleep is with their pet parent, often under the covers. These soulful crab cats, if socialized early will be affectionate companions for many moons.

Do you know any moon cats?


  • Freya

    This is a great/ unique idea. I did not find anywhere online this kind of association. I don’t have any cat in home right now, but I will take in consideration these information. Also, I believe it’s important to understand the nature of any creation around, even if is cat. If you know your cat better, then you can have more fun…., as result home atmosphere can be improved.

  • Sue Brandes

    Great post. Almost sounds like my BearBear who crossed a couple years ago. He and I had a special connection. He always knew what I was thinking.

  • Caren Gittleman

    can’t begin to tell you how much I LOVED this post! My Angel Bobo (my soul kitty), was a Cancer and he loved sitting by the window, he was intuitive, sensitive, everything you described. Love this!

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    It is so cool finding out about the signs. We don’t know birth dates but the descriptions fit the near dates well.
    My Skeeter is still missing, two weeks today. No one has seen him and I have found no trace any where. Please continue to purr and pray for his safety and well being and to bring him home to us.

    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig and Peanut and Romeo >^..^<

    • Layla Morgan Wilde

      Skeeter has been in my thoughts and prayers. May I suggest making lost posters in neon colors and place everywhere within a few block radius including mail boxes. Dawn and dusk are best times for searching and trespassing might be necessary. What’s the longest he’s ever gone before? Any new felines in the area?

      • Skeeter and Izzy

        I’m scouring the area daily,asking everyone I meet. I’m knocking on doors,I carry his picture with me and believe me I trespass daily. I am expanding the circle each day. No one has seen him since before the last day I saw him. He was not ill in any way that I am aware of. He is not people friendly that I am aware of. His area of travel is normally 1/2 way down our street,across thru a neighbor’s yard ,back up a back dead end street ,thru the fields behind our house,out the upper end with a stop at the neighbors for a bite of dry food then down the street to the house. He has never been gone more than 1 day during peak mouse season. I’m looking inside, under, over, high ,low . I’m looking for any sign of a body. I’m calling until I almost lose my voice and nothing. The other sad part is during my search I am discovering a multitude of unfixed ferals ,many with kittens. I am so overwhelmed with all of the emotions involved with all of these things but I won’t give up . I will try to help as many of them as I can as soon as funding is available to do so. My heart is breaking for so many reasons. >^..^<

  • Tamago

    Cancerian kitties sound sweet! And a mind reader 🙂
    Peanut is very cute. She does have the roundness in her body and eyes. I hope she finds her forever home soon xoxo

  • Sparkle

    I am a Cancerian kitty, and my human is also sun sign Cancer – she says she has to work overtime to fake me out when she is going to pill me or take me to the vet! Heh, I have to work overtime to see through her fakery.

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