Selma-shelter cat adoption #adorableadoptable
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Selma, Oscar Nominated Film & #AdorableAdoptable Cat

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This week on Shelter Volunteer Adventures I wondered what would happen if Selma the Oscar-nominated film about Martin Luther King could morph into Selma, shelter cat. MLK had a dream and I have one too. Homes for every shelter cat. I mean no disrespect and in the interest of attribution, the poster of the film is produced by Brad Pitt’s company Plan B and based on a photograph taken by Stephen Somerstein in 1965 of MLK at the Selma, Montgomery march.

Selma film-cat adoption-one dream

Torties are a hit or miss at many shelters. There are legions of fans of the fiesty but often sweet tortoiseshell cats called torties. The two-colored but never white cats can be short or long-haired but always female. Famous for the fiery tortitude, they tell it like it is.

At the New Rochelle Humane Society there are several torties and Selma, is a perfect example. Her cage is sandwiched between our foster girl’s siblings and former cage mates Uma, Pablo and Vanna. I had a hard time seeing them look so forlorn, knowing how happy Nu Nu aka Vicky is. Timid but stunning gray gal Vanna, directly below Selma has never leaped out of her cage in the eight months that she’s been there. Selma on the other hand was Let me out of here and check it out!” Check out her profile on Petfinder

Selma-shelter cat adoption #adorableadoptable

Tip of the week

If you’ve seen a cat you’re interested in online and thinking of adoption. CALL THE SHELTER FIRST. Shelters rarely have time to update their websites. There are always available cats not on the list and some cats may already be adopted.

Every time I go to the New Rochelle Humane Society, there are endless stories. Last week, I spotted an older couple looking at some of the cages. They seemed out of sorts and we started chatting. They’d heard about the magnificent black and white Maine Coon and wanted to adopt him. No surprise there. Cats like that are snapped up fast. As luck would have it, someone had just adopted him. The couple mulled about and I suggested going to another room and see if any other cat might catch their eye. They soon spotted lovely Asia and thought she was pretty but we all know looks have little to do with why we connect with one cat other another. Visit or share Asia’s Petfinder profile

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