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Last update: July 2020.

Cat Town Cat Cafe - Oakland, Ca

I’ve reviewed many cat cafes over the years from the perspective as a cat expert and adoption advocate, and kept close watch of the trends by consulting. This year, it was hard to keep track of the explosive growth of so many cat cafes. It was time to find out who was still in business, which cafes were still crowdfunding or had delayed openings.

I visited and studied every cat cafe website, checking links and updated details to compile a comprehensive directory of all cat cafes in the U.S. and Canada, U.K. Australia, NZ . Europe to be added soon.

This guide will be updated regularly.

If investing in a cat cafe is your dream, consider these tips before starting a cat cafe business.

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Cat cafes then and now

The first cat cafe opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998 and it began a proliferation of cafes in Asia especially in Japan. Many of the cafes were permanent homes for the cats and they were not up for adoption. In the U.S. and Canada, the trend is for cat cafes with adoption. In Europe and abroad, it’s changing to mostly adoptable cats.In Asia today, the American adoption model is being copied with novel twists like the new cat cafe/adoption center on a train in Japan.

The first cat cafe in North America was a pop-up by Purina in New York but the first permanent cat cafe, Cat Town in Oakland, California opened in 2014. Gradually more cafes cropped up often via crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Today, there are over 75 cat cafes in the U.S. The trend is likely to continue to grow until there are cat cafes in every major city town and I predict franchise model like Starbucks partnering with shelters or shelters housing adoption cafes.

Health codes in most countries prevent the mingling of cats and food prep so food is either prepared offsite or in a separate space. The kind of food and beverages can range of simple snacks, hot and cold beverages to full meals with alcoholic beverages. Every cat cafe website will outline the extent or specialty of their food or beverage menu. On the individual websites (see the links below) show images of the style, decor, size and configuration of the spaces in storefront buildings or stand-alone structures. Some cafes are sleekly modern while others are funky, homey or traditional but all consider the comfort and well being of the cats during the design process.


A few cafes like Koneko NYC have a private outdoor patio to be enjoyed by cats and visitors.

Every cafe has their own set of rules and it’s advised to make reservations in advance. Most charge a fee to visit. The cost of food or beverages is extra. Cafes are using their space in creative ways to draws attendance and shelter fund raising from yoga classes, movie night, tarot, art and other craft or educational classes.

Most cat cafes function as a foster home until they are adopted and are affiliated with one or more local shelters. Generally, more outgoing cats land at a cafe where they get and extra attention from humans. They have the opportunity to get more socialized and comfortable living with other cats. Anyone thinking of adopting can take their time over one or more visits, learning about the different personalities in a more relaxed setting than a shelter.

Not all visitors want to adopt. They may already have a cat or other pets. They may not be able to adopt because of lifestyle restrictions of time, space, finances or family members with allergies. They may be in between cats from separation, divorce or grieving a cat and not ready to adopt just yet. There are many reasons to visit a cat cafe as there are cat lovers. A cat cafe functions like any other cafe to grab a coffee or bite, meet a friend, work on their novel, blog or homework but with a purring bonus. Cats are known for their healing ability to reduce stress when we pet them, not to mention being humorous and entertaining.

The cafe spaces have plenty of places for cats to climb, perch, hide and places for people to sit, play or just hang out in the company of cats. The cats are in charge with who they want to spend time with and what degree of attention they’ll give visitors. Visitors are encouraged to allow the cats to come to them and not pick them up. The cats may demand cuddles or sit on your lap but as always, CATS RULE.


Cat Cafes in the U.S. (Alphabetical order by State)

Hello Kitty has new pop-ups and franchising opportunities


Cat Cafes in Canada (Alphabetical order by Province)


New Zealand

Auckland, NZ The Cat Lounge


EUROPE coming soon

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