Black Cat Awareness Month™is Spreading & 9 New Reasons to Adopt Black Cat

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Black Cat Awareness Month™ is catching on by far larger cat-centric news outlets than us so we’re thrilled. What would be more wonderful is for Cat Wisdom 101 to be recognized for launching the initiative last year. In any case,  it’s heartening to know the #BlackCatAwarenessMonth hashtag on Instagram has grown because of our efforts. […]

Friday the 13th cat

Friday the 13th Lucky Cat Charms

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A shocking one in six adults believe that Friday the 13th poses a greater risk of bad luck than black cats, broken mirrors and spilled salt. Friday the 13th is a the top of the list of our collective triskaidekaphobia.  You’d think in our era of sophisticated tech, cutting-edge science that old superstitions would vanish but […]

Paw It Forward NYC 2017 on Caturday

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We’re purring about THE pawty of the season and if you’re in the NYC area, it’s a must. PAW IT FORWARD NYC is coming up this Caturday on October 14th at Dewey’s Pub! It’s all about having fun, meeting lots of fellow cat lovers and Instagram cat accounts and raising money for the kitties at KittyKind. It’s the third […]


Cats Share Love and Light For #Remembertherescue #Remembermethursday

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Happy Monday cat lovers! It’s your feline host Clyde today with a real treat, It’s my first year talking about it, but Layla has blogged about a special event, Remember Me Thursday®since its inception five years ago from Helen Woodward Animal Center and she is pleased as always to participate. We got a cool media kit with […]

Bookstore Cats_giveaway

Bookstore Cats Book Giveaway

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We have a delightful book giveaway from Glitterati, the famed New York-based publisher known for high-end coffee table books. They just published a book about bookstore cats and you could win a copy. It’s simply called Bookstore Cats, (naturally) and the purrfectly curated collection by the assistant publisher himself, Brandon Shultz is a joy to behold. […]