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Cat Wisdom 101
lucky 18th bithday

Why 18 is a Lucky Number and Clyde’s 18th Cat Birthday Celebration

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Oh hello, cat lovers, it’s your feline friend and host, Clyde with some furry good news. We’re celebrating all week because I’m turning 18 on January 18th in 2018. It’s a triple whammy of auspiciousness. I remain steadfast in my disdain for cameras but relented for a birthday portrait, ha!


Frankly, given my health issues of CKD, diabetes, hearing loss and arthritis, it’s a miracle I’m still alive at age 18! Not just alive but doing pretty darn well. Please join me in celebrating my birthday all week with a giveaway and more.


It’s not just me in my feline wisdom spouting about lucky 18 but also in the following traditions.

In Judaism, the number 18 – is Chai or the symbol of Life. It’s a Hebrew symbol not to be confused with chai, the spicy Indian tea. It’s considered lucky to wear the Chai symbol or give gifts of money or charitable contributions i.e. $18.00 or double chai  36. It’s common to give cash or checks at Jewish weddings, Bar or Bat Mitzahs for $180 or $360 or if you’re really lucky $1800 or $3600. A popular toast and Hebrew blessings “L’chaim!” literally meaning is “to life!”,  and often accompanies toasting at weddings and other celebrations.


In China the number 18 is considered a very auspicious and lucky number associated with success and good fortune.  The reason is that when 18 is pronounced 幺八 (yāo bā) n Mandarin. it strongly resembles the words “going to prosper”. Also considered lucky is adding up 1+8=9. Nine has the same pronunciation with 久 Jiu, meaning everlasting. Nine lives anyone?
Are you seeing the # 18 pop up repeatedly at random times or places?  A door, the time i.e. 8:18, a license plate? It could be your guardian angels sending you a message of hope.
We all know black cats are lucky. Whaaaaat? You’re not sure? Read our book Black Cats Tell All. This is the Amazon affiliate link   but if you’re not a fan of Amazon you can purchase at Barnes & Noble or if you’re feeling lucky, enter our giveaway. More good news below! I will randomly select from comments from this post. The winner will receive a copy of our book purrsonally signed my Layla and me, bookmark, catnip and who knows what else. This was our last winner @arlingtonanimalclinic. Monica is a vet with ten cats and posted a bunch of pics on Instagram. I’m serious about keeping our special stash of ‘nip locked up. One of her cats found it and stashed it away for her private paradise!



To be honest, as a nonprofit fundraising project it does not make us happy to give Amazon a lion’s share of the profit. Of the $19.99 price, we only make about $2.00 for the print version. It’s a bit higher for Barnes & Noble. If we sell via other platforms it reflects in our Amazon rankings but who cares? It would be nice to sell strongly on all platforms but we’d I’d rather be able to donate more money.


Yes, it’s more convenient not to worry about the hassle of packing up books and shipping but have decided to sell BLACK CATS TELL ALL at our SHOP. For 24.95 we will offer a limited amount of autographed copies to our U.S. readers with a book mark and free catnip (while quantities last. This catnip is not available for sale) plus FREE shipping.




How do I feel about turning 18 this week? Very, very lucky indeed. My dear fursibs gave me a card. Odin’s and Domino’s cold is getting better but Nou Nou vomited on the electronic TV thingy so the remote won’t work. It’s always something. Stay well and thank you!


Much love and black velvet purrs,


I wonder if the catty card means I have to aim for the Guinness record for oldest cat?





We are honoring Martin Luther King Day as we always do, feline style. This recent post from Raw Story sums up our views. Our fave quote is: Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.’, ‘I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.’, and ‘Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.’


2018 Pet Holiday & Event Calendar For Cat Lovers

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2018 Pet Holiday & Event Calendar For Cat Lovers is our gift to you for 365 days of purrs to celebrate cats. Instead of the usual list of holidays, we’re sharing a fun infographic. There are some new holidays both silly and practical plus dates of new cat events slated for 2018. Infographics tend to be super long, so to make printing easier for side by side views, this one is divided in two.

We have a very full plate this week of nursing cats and humans with colds. It’s an excellent time to hibernate and savor what Scandinavians call hygge.  If you live in a cold climate it’s the feel good warm coziness of snuggling with your cat under covers. Check back soon for an update. Be well dear friends. Here’s an old picture of coziness with young Odin and Merlin.





100 Years of New Year’s Eve Cheer With Cats

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100 Years of New Year’s Eve Cheer With Cats by Layla Morgan Wilde.

Happy New Year  or New Year 2018. It was a rough year of ups and downs but 2017 will always be a special year since it’s the year we published our first book Black Cats Tell All: True Tales And Inspiring Images.

We’re happy to say farewell to 2017 and ready to welcome a fresh new year and yes, a new book! Before we say hello or goodbye, thanks for being here. May the new year bring you an abundance of purrs.  We hope this odd assortment of new year’s greetings old and our new creations bring cheer.

Much love and best fishes,

Layla, Clyde, Domino, Odin & Nou Nou


This very royal black cat actually dates back to 1896!


We come across cat graffiti everywhere.


Some World War I cheer from black cats with a dash of the 21st century.


And no matter what language you speak, black cats bring good luck.  Bonne Annee to our our French speaking friends.




We drink a toast to you but please keep all alcohol away from cats. It’s toxic but you know that from our regular dispensing of cat wisdom.



Not only are we celebrating a New Year but it’s a super full moon. Let’s hope your cats aren’t going wild like these kitties. How about you? How are you celebrating?


We are celebrating making a difference in the lives of black cats and will continue to advocate for all less adoptable shelter cats.

happy 2018_catwisdom101


What? You’d like to see more feline vintage NEW YEAR luck and wishes? Click and visit our New Year’s post from last year plus explain the real meaning behind Auld Lang Syne.


Secret Santa Catmas And Wildly Festive Cat Art

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Secret Santa Catmas And Wildly Festive Cat Art



Merry, merry everyone. I’ll be blogging at the behest of Clyde our feline editor and his fursibs today.  Enjoy our annual Secret Santa Catmas or Christmas extravaganza. It’s loaded with lots of pics and few words since who has time to read. Thank you friends, readers (new and old) and cat lovers every where. This year our cat community grew to include cat lovers from Indiana to India and Italy to Iran. I don’t mean subscribers alone but individuals I’ve enjoyed extensive Dms, emails or Skype calls with. 

In the spirit of the season of peace and goodwill, I salute you dear cat lovers  for being open-minded and open-hearted. We are a very diverse bunch and often the only thing we share in common is our love of cats. That is enough for me.

And now for something completely different. I enjoyed creating a wildly diverse Christmas cat art and cards collection this year. As always, you won’t find these anywhere else. They are my shareable gift to you! They include antique photos, vintage illustrations and contemporary photography all digitally enhanced and layered.


Every decade brings cultural touchstones like the Mad Men inspired card with an ashtray or the Cat Santa from England with a French flag during WWII.  Many of you may not be in the mood to celebrate. It’s been a brutal year and while I never use more than mild profanity online, it felt appropriate to drop the F-word in a vintage card no less.

Christmas Interior_tree-Vintage


Big thanks go out to our Secret Santa, Buckwheat and cat mom Amanda. Her gray and white DSH Buckwheat blogs  but more frequently found at his Facebook page 

The annual cat blogger event is organized with much love and care by Paula, cat mom blogger at Sweet Purrfections Every year is different. This year, Clyde who rarely comes downstairs was curious about the Secret Santa parcel. Odin was his usual curious self while Domino and Nou Nou seemed more interested in napping.
































This deserves a caption. Do I dare ask which card is your favorite?


Weird, Wild Yule Cat Black Cat Vintage Holiday Cards

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Happy Winter Solstice and bright blessings for Yule.

black cat Yule

To celebrate the longest and darkest night of the year, I’ve created a new collection of vintage black cat cards with a modern twist. Yule has Germanic, Anglo Saxon and Nordic roots which developed into Christmas as we know it with Christmas trees, Father Christmas turned Santa, gift-giving and feasts. The Nordic countries especially Norway and Iceland with long, dark winters  developed some weird and wild traditions involving the mythical Jólaköttur or Yule Cat Children are told at a young age to work hard or the giant cat will eat them. This is an extreme example of coal in their stocking or getting on Santa’s naughty list. Our own one-eyed cat, Odin tells all about other Yule traditions including the surprising truth about Santa.

Will your cats get special treats or not?



Most of the cards with black cats date from Victoria to Edwardian England and are not the least bit monstrous.


























These chat noir cuties are from France.

christmas-Black_cat French



If you’re celebrating Yule…

yule cat


And because not everyone celebrates Christmas or Yule, we wish you a merry everything. See you soon with our non-black cat but dark holiday card selection.

Love, light & Purrs,

Layla, Clyde, Domino, Odin and Nou Nou

happy everything


Have you entered our Big GIVEAWAY yet? Sorry this one is only on Instagram


Stanley_featured_black _cat

Meet Stanley Mini-panther Design Muse

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Meet Stanley Mini-panther Design Muse by Clyde, feline editor.


It’s no secret as a working cat, I like to feature other working cats like last week’s veterinarian clinic assistant Whisper or fellow book contributor and blogger Rosie. Even couch potato cats have a purpose, but today I’m keen to focus on creative muses. Our featured cat is Stanley, a design muse and product tester from Chicago. His dad Jeff designed the clever and practical multi-purpose Cat Case with Stanley’s help.  Naturally,  Stanley did a good job and they’ve surpassed their goal on their Pet-friendly Bookcase & Cat tree Kickstarter campaign

You humans know a good thing when you see it. But don’t dillydally. Thursday, Dec. 21 is your last chance to get an early pre-order or grab some other purrfect perk.

All cats need a mancat cave to perch, scratch and get away from it all.  I must admit I’m impressed with Stanley and decided to feature him this week. In an interview I found out he’s a mini-panther rescue like me with golden eyes. He’s four years old. His favorite toy is a Yeowwww! Catnip Banana aka my favorite toy which I call the ‘nip nana. We both enjoy poultry and grain-free wet food. Hey, we could be soul brothers! Except his favorite treat is Purina Dental Life and mine is catnip.


He’s very athletic and often jumps from the floor to the top of the Cat Case. Stanley is a sun-worshiper who lays fully stretched out and he’s a love bug who takes turns sleeping in everyone’s bed in the house. The most curious and hence interesting thing about him is his accidental favorite toy. His cat dad takes the leftover furs from being brushed and rolls it into a ball. The first time it happened, Stanley grabbed it and started playing with it like a mouse. Now, whenever he’s brushed play with the furball for an hour and loves it.

Ha, the secret is out! Being groomed is a human-cat bonding experience. When a human rolls cat fur into a ball there is an intermingling of scent. Cats are all about communicating by scent and this again is a bonding time which gets reinforced each time.

My advice if you want to try this with your cats, make sure your human has clean hands but not chemical, soapy or sanitizer stinky but their natural scents. Mind you, if they’ve been making sushi, bring it on. They could always rub their hands together with a bit of catnip to release the scent before rolling the ball to. Get creative like Stanley and Jeff.

Stanley like all cats speak the truth and says, “I want other cats to back this project because this furniture is designed for me and my person. We share it and I think it brings us closer together to have space made for us both.”

Check out the Cat Case on Kickstarter to see a video of Stanley doing his thing.

Sigh, I wish I could be as athletic as him. My old mancat legs can’t jump that high anymore. Life is change and flexibility is everything. That’s why I love modular, movable products that can change as our life changes. Unless you live in a mansion, space is precious. It means many cats don’t get their special place to climb high safely because there isn’t enough room for cat furniture and human furniture. I’ll be frank: the crazy cat lady decor is so 2012. Now, we can get both get what we want. Double-purrpose is win win.


See Stanley in action on Facebook

As we near Christmas, we will post our annually curated, vintage and unusual holiday card series and another holiday post from me and my fursibs before next Monday. Until then, check out our big #blackcatsofIGPrizePawty giveaway on Instagram with four prize packs.

Peace, Love and light of the season,


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whisper's story

From Homeless Shelter Cat to Happy Vet Clinic Cat: Whisper’s Story

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From Homeless Shelter Cat to Happy Vet Clinic Cat: Whisper’s Story

We’re excited to share to a guest post by Dr.Brenda Eisenhauer DVM, a veterinarian based in Colorado. Her cat Whisper, is a working cat who survived a rough start and today advocates for feline dental health. It’s not because of her good teeth. In fact, she doesn’t have any. All of her teeth needed to be extracted, and she’s lucky to be free of a painless condition many cats silently suffer from, feline resorption lesions. 

There is more to Whisper’s story. Meet Dr. Brenda and Whisper.

Dr. Brenda reveals the dilemma all vets face: what happens when a special animal captures their heart. They can’t adopt them all.  In this case, it’s a second chance and unexpected life purpose.

Dr. Brenda DVM

I get the opportunity to meet a lot of cats! As both a private practice and shelter veterinarian I meet and treat hundreds and hundreds of cats a year. Through the years, I’ve been able to see the wide range of feline personalities and the quirks that make each cat unique.

I’ve also learned that when there is one cat, out of the thousands, that really stands out to me there is little chance that I can resist taking them home. Sometimes, I tell myself it’s just to foster them for a bit and get them out of the shelter. At least, that was the case with Whisper.

Let me introduce you Whisper at work. She takes her job seriously and those big green eyes don’t miss a thing.

Whisper's story the vet clinic cat

While I first met Whisper at the shelter, she is now a clinic cat at my animal hospital, Parkside Animal Health Center in Aurora, Colorado, where she handles a wide range of jobs. Not the least of which is acting as the official greeter to new clients and their pets. Whisper is 100% certain that every creature that walks through our doors is her friend. Whether that’s a 145lb mastiff, a litter of new kittens or a tortoise, Whisper knows that they can’t wait to meet her! And most of the time she is also 100% correct.

I like to think Whisper is living the good life at our clinic. She has her own room complete with shelves to climb, comfortable beds and a variety of toys that she cycles through. Her soccer skills are getting really good! Whisper is very popular with our clients and I think some clients may be coming in just to see her!

Whisper also handles the important animal to animal consultations while wearing a very stylish bandana:

Whisper the cat with a dog

I like to believe that when a pet visits our clinic and sees Whisper living the good life it sets them a little at ease. The veterinary clinic can’t be so bad if there’s a cat with a bandana running the place, right?

But Whisper didn’t always live the high life.

When I first met Whisper at a shelter in Denver she was in rough shape. She came in with several other cats and had likely never received any veterinary care before. She had ear infections in both ears, corneal scarring (likely a result of past trauma), she was underweight and worst of all she had severe dental disease in her remaining teeth.

Whisper’s dental disease diagnosis is common. In fact, according to a report from Banfield, the diagnosis of dental disease beat out the diagnosis of “healthy pet”. That means there are more cats and dogs with dental disease than there are pets without, according to Banfield’s data!

Whisper’s dental disease had plenty of time to progress over the years. Just like in humans, dental disease starts with plaque then progresses to calculus. Calculus is a form of hardened plaque that is much harder to remove. Calculus also provides a rougher and tougher surface that is also ideal for further plaque and bacteria growth.

feline resorptive lesion
A bright red area a long the gumline is the first clue but only x-rays give the whole picture.

However, the real trouble starts when bacteria gets below the gumline. Bacteria can infect and damage soft tissues and bone in the mouth which eventually leads to teeth falling out. In some severe cases, the bone erodes and the actual shape of jaw can change as a result. As you can imagine, the whole process is quite painful. Even that is really only scraping the surface of how dental disease affects a cat- an infected mouth can impact a cat’s behavior and organ function as well.

Unfortunately, Whisper went through this complete cycle of dental disease and feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions (FORLs) several times over as she slowly lost tooth after tooth. But the problem doesn’t actually end there! Even after teeth have fallen out, they can leave behind partial roots. Roots are just what they sound like- they’re the part of the tooth that keeps everything rooted in the jawbone. These roots, if left behind, can cause a whole host of problems including more infections and a lot more pain.

Dental radiographs revealed that Whisper had retained roots in all four quadrants of her mouth. Not only did she have to have her remaining teeth extracted, Whisper had to have these roots removed from each part of her mouth! Ouch!

But even after Whisper’s dental extractions were complete, her troubles were not over! Whisper, like many cats, stopped eating after her dental surgery. Obviously not eating doesn’t help the healing process and if left unchecked can quickly become life-threatening.

I took Whisper home as a foster after completing her dental hoping that a less stressful environment would get her eating. The traditional approach is to offer cats every kind of stinky wet food there is. Nothing was too rich since the most important part was to get Whisper eating again. We offered Whisper all of the good stuff- what felt like every wet food on the market along with big portions of tuna and other feline delicacies. But Whisper would have none of it! At a loss, we decided to offer Whisper a bowl of dry food. With her usual style, Whisper casually walked over to the bowl and began eating as if to say “Teeth or no teeth I’ll eat what I want.

Whisper is healthy now and doesn’t have to deal with dental pain anymore. While this story has a happy ending and Whisper is now our Chief Dog Bed Tester she didn’t need to go through all those years of pain and discomfort.

Whisper's Story

The most important thing to keep in mind with dental disease: while it is the most common veterinary concern in cats and dogs it is also very manageable with regular exams. While dental cleanings can keep teeth healthy and decrease the risk of extraction, 20-60% of cats will still develop feline oral resorptive lesions (abbreviated FORLs) which will require removal. The exact cause of resorptive lesions is unknown, but the process causes the structure of a previously healthy tooth to erode over time. Resorptive lesions are painful and almost always require extraction. While frustrating to veterinarians and owners alike, resorptive lesions only increase the need for regular dental examinations.

 Cats are masters at hiding pain and illness.

It is important to remember that our cats can be suffering from severe dental pain but show very few outward signs until the damage is catastrophic. Whisper is no different. Even while suffering from what had to be immense pain, she was still friendly, outgoing and was still eating dry kibble at the shelter. Most owners mistakenly interpret these things as indicators that their cat is happy and healthy. However, it requires regular dental examinations and radiographs to diagnose and treat painful conditions that are hiding below the gumline.

If Whisper had been outside the care of the amazing shelter, her veterinary bill would have been extensive. There’s no doubt about that. Had her previous owner provided a few smaller dental procedures spread out over Whisper’s 10 years, it would have likely cost less than one major “everything must go” procedure. Waiting too long is costly in more ways than one’s wallet.

Whisper is now our greatest advocate for feline dental care and if her story helps just one cat avoid the years of dental pain that she went through then we’re positive that she would consider that a job well done.


Brenda Eisenhauer, DVM is a small animal veterinarian with 20 years of experience in shelter and private practice veterinary medicine as both a veterinary technician and a veterinarian. Brenda currently practices in Aurora, Colorado where she is the owner and veterinarian at Parkside Animal Health Center. Additionally, Brenda works with Denver shelter, The Dumb Friends League, where she has helped care for tens of thousands of homeless pets over the years. Follow on social

Editor’s note: The holiday season is a busy time of celebrations with hopefully no veterinary emergencies. January is an excellent time to schedule a vet wellness visit before February National Pet Dental Month

feline festival of light

Feline Festival Of Lights Featuring Rosie & Izzy

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Feline Festival Of Lights Featuring Rosie & Izzy.

Welcome to a holiday edition of Mancat Monday with Clyde and feline friends. Before I introduce you to our featured cats this week Rosie and Izzy, I have a few tidbits of other news.

It suddenly turned into a winter wonderland this weekend in New York. As an indoor-only cat, I have no interest gallivanting in the snow like my fursibs Odin and Domino. To tell you the truth, I have lived nearly 18 years without touching the white stuff and I’m not about to start now. My predecessor and OTRB mentor Merlin often said, Odin was more Siberian Husky than cat. Hmm, that might explain a few things. The snow was the damp, mushy kind that stiffens old bones like mine. While Odin enjoyed his usual revolving door of inside, outside, inside, outside, Domino favored the electric heating pad. Many of my fellow felines like Izzy enjoy a romp in the snow, but please let us cats decide. Not every feline is cut out to be an all-weather adventure cat.


Heartwarming NEWS

With so much bad news lately, (seriously, everyone we know is going through something) it was good to receive good news about Punchy, the cat who inspired Layla to take a leap into publishing. It’s actually a bit of a miracle. Speaking of miracles, Hanukkah, the Jewish 8-day festival of lights begins tomorrow at sunset.


Yes, that’s me wearing a yarmulke on my big, black head. The holiday celebrates the miracle of a day’s worth of oil lasting eight days in 165 BCE and re-dedication of Temple in Jerusalem. It’s why the menorah has eight arms to light one candle for each of the eight days of the festival. And for heaven’s sake, if you are lighting any candles for any reason, be careful. Cats and candles do not go to together like cream cheese and lox. Every year, we trot out our classic pic of young Odin demonstrating what not to do. More holiday safety tips for cats

play it safe-holiday pet hazards-hanukkah-cat-dreidel-quote

But I digress, as is my feline prerogative. Punchy is a very old, black feral patriarch of a colony in rural Iowa. He’s older than me and an important contributor to our Black Cats Tell All book. The colony dwindled down over the years to a handful thanks to TNR. Punchy’s longevity can be attributed to hardy black cat genes, but I say it’s the loving care of his humom, Ellen. When Layla first contacted Ellen about sharing Punchy’s story, he was already old and in snaggle-toothed decline. When the project dragged on for what felt like nine lives, Ellen was a steady shoulder to rely on. When others lost faith, she stayed true. Not to mention being a retweeting angel @tannawings. Layla hoped but never expected Punchy to survive the long, rough winter last year. Iowa winters are cold, but he did.  Last week Ellen filled us in on how he is doing and it turned into such a great story, I want devote an entire post to him before the New Year.

Rough times continue and what make our hearts lighter is receiving emails like this one.
my wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, priceless book arrived yesterday! I wanted to open it up and glance thru it but I didn’t. Tonight I will sit down with a cup of coffee and at least one cat on the couch with me and read it, and savor each story and picture and heartfelt word of love cover to cover like it deserves to be done, with great care and love. It is snowy here and this will be a wonderful time to devour the whole wonderful book!!! Thank you so very much for the gifts and for creating such a beautiful book that honors the beauty, grace, charm and wonder that is a black cat!!!!

What also warms my heart and I hope yours is sharing some more black cat love.

Meet Rosie, who is frankly, my type. A little older with adorable crumpled ears and some meat on her bones. And what a tale she has to tell. She survived the streets of Chicago in the winter and it’s one of my favorite stories in the book. She shares a home with her humom, blogger Kristin Avery and a dog named Ruby. For the month of December they are posting 31 Ways to Celebrate The Holidays By Helping Animals at The Daily Pip. Their must-read post today Hospice Foster Care For Shelter Pets. Go there now. I mean it. You can come back here later or another time. It’s a great story.

It’s about a misunderstood black cat named Cleo who got a second chance just like me. We’re hoping and purring a bunch of shelter pets like us get a second chance over the holidays. Even pets who aren’t in palliative care really appreciate a short break in a real home away from the stresses of shelter life. Sometimes a foster situation lasts for a few days or weeks but sometimes, longer.  When Layla fostered Nou Nou over the holidays she expected it to be for three weeks, tops. That was three years ago and Layla ended up adopting her.  No matter how long you end up fostering a shelter pet, it will be their best gift ever. No, it will be the best gift you give each other. I should know. Last year I faced the prospect of being alone in a shelter cage for the holidays. Little miracles can happen when you say, yes.

Meet Izzy, our featured Hanukkah cat.

feline festival of lights

We first “met” Izzy as a calendar submission. He’s a Jewish kitty who lives with his humom in Colorado and while none of his photos fit our theme or format, I thought he was perfect for our festival of lights feature. There are many beliefs and traditions celebrated in December but they all share one thing in common: the light from candles.

In our book, there is no mention of it, but the owners of the cats are: Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Pagan, Wiccan and atheist. What unites us (our love of cats) is far stronger than our differences. It’s with that in mind, I wish you brightest blessings and a Happy Hanukkah.

Much love, joy and light,

Clyde, Domino, Odin, Nou Nou and our editor humom, Layla

If you feel like doing some nonprofit shopping, we have two calendars. 20% off today. Includes affiliate links.  Check back for a bigger sale this week. AND we have a few new mug designs that are 60% off today only! 


New Black Cats Tell All Color 2018 Calendar 60% Off

Posted 4 CommentsPosted in Cats, Feline Fine Art, Holidays

New Black Cats Tell All Color 2018 Calendar 60% off. Today only! There will be other sales but no guarantee they will arrive before Christmas. This one has a windows theme of cats looking out of windows or the view of their world from South Africa to Norway and stops in the U.S. The back of the calendar includes bonus kitty pics NOT in the calendar. Actually with all the tech issues and revisions (hello, Mercury retrograde), I ended up including 24 or 25 cats. Don’t ask. It’s really fun and different is all I can say.

To preview the calendar inside out, click on the photo. Note: the images are low resolution. Apparently, people steal on Zazzle, well everywhere online which is why I’m religious about watermarks. I’m required to mention there are affiliate links to earn a few extra pennies for cats in need.

Windows To Black Cats Of the World 2018 Calendar
And our entirely different black and white calendar is also on sale
We have a few other items but use the discount code to create your own custom products. I’ve bought all kinds of cards and they turned out great. Happy shopping!

60% Off Greeting Cards, Invitations, Photocards & More – Use code: ZAZZLEDEAL60 – Starts: 12/05/2017 Expires: 12/07/2017 11:59 PM PST

Black cat calendar

The New York Cat Film Festival Sneak Peek

Posted 17 CommentsPosted in Black Cats Tell All Monday, Cats, Feline Fine Art, Feline Funnies, Reviews & interviews, Shelter Cats

We interrupt our normal Monday blog schedule with Clyde and his feline friends for a sneak peek about the furry, fabulous New York Cat Film Festival 

At long last, a real film festival about cats is coming to New York on Dec. 9. This is not about cat videos but actual films from fictional shorts to documentaries featuring cats from around the globe. As a serious film buff married to a filmmaker and cat lover, I’m excited. Years ago, the NY Anthology Film Archive held the first NY Cat Art Film Festival in 2009 and ran until 2011. The reel included art house, vintage, black and white films which I loved, but there was a need for a feline film fest with a broader appeal.

I’m thrilled someone has filled the gap. Tracie Hotchner is the founder and director of the NY Cat Film Festival™ (following in the footsteps of her NY Dog Film Festival™) and is an author and radio host/producer of CatChat of the acclaimed Radio Pet Lady Network

There is nothing like enjoying a big-screen film experience with a like-minded audience. And we all know how fun cat lovers are. The NY Cat Film Festival promises to inspire, educate and entertain. There are two separate programs beautifully curated by the fest founder Tracie Hotchner and if you’re in the NYC area it’s a must-see. If you’re not, watch for hit theaters around the country (alongside the NY Dog Film Festival™) in 2018.


I can’t imagine a better way to spend a December afternoon  – See one or both.  See you there.

PROGRAM 1“NOBODY OWNS A CAT”  (70 minutes) at 3:00 PM

Pure Fluff (5:00) Sean Skelton’s documentary sketch of a professional cat groomer, who shows how it’s done.

Winter Break (5:00) Rick Hamilton’s funny story of a preschool teacher who has only her cat for company during winter break.

Jetty Cats (56:00) Sheila O’Rourke’s sweeping overview of cats throughout human history, while exploring the contemporary debate about Trap-Neuter-Return as the best management for community cats by looking at a long-surviving feral cat colony on a seaside jetty in Southern California.

Amleto (2:00)  Jeff Malmberg’s visual “poem” to the morning ritual of a Tuscan cat.


PROGRAM #2 “LITTLE WORKS OF ART” (68 minutes) at 4:30

Rescue (2:00)  Filmmaker Lava Sheets’ self-portrait of the isolation and depression of being disabled, imagining the consoling thoughts of her devoted kitty, Apple Brown Betty.

Akamatsu the Cat (10:00) Ian Christopher Goodman’s documentary about life with a disabled kitty cat, Akamatsu, who was hit by a car and paralyzed but went on to live another 4 vibrant years with the use of a wheelchair.

Portrait of a Cat Fighter (4:00) Graceann Dorse’s mockumentary spoof gives a funny peek at what a New Jersey “cat fighting ring” run by mahjong-playing old ladies might look like.

Guardians of Recoleta (21:00) Blake & Adrienne Kuhre (who run their own non-profit cat rescue in Los Angeles) examined the community cats living in the iconic Buenos Aires Recoleta cemetery, and what became of the cats removed by well-meaning American rescuers.

Gus the Cat (5:00) Lisa Donato’s quirky film about Gus, who seems to think he is a cat and can hide his identity from others, although the people around him can see right through his mask.

Mittens from Kittens (4:00) Kim Best’s quirky documentary showing how one woman’s nuisance cat fur is another woman’s inspiration to spin and knit it into useful items.

Scaredy, the Cat (8:00) Markie Hancock’s heartwarming documentary about a very shy cat who avoids everyone where she was adopted – at the tennis courts in NYC’s Riverside park- except for a few choice people whom she eagerly greets.

Little Works of Art (13:00)Kim Best ‘s look at  Harold “Cat Man” Sims’ and his self-styled American Museum of the House Cat in Sylva, NC, which houses over 10,000 cat-related objects and honors cats as “little works of art.”  In addition, it supports Sims’ own no-kill, open space cat shelter and adoption efforts.

Tickets are only $15.00 and A portion of every ticket benefits the NYC Feral Cat Initiative (Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals) and one of our favorite nonprofits. For more info or to purchase, check out NY CAT FILM FESTIVAL TICKETS

NY Cat Film Festival

cyber meow monday sale

Cyber Meow Monday Half Price Sale

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Hello, cat lovers, it’s your feline host, Clyde with our last post before December.  Purrsonal cat news at the end. Are you all shopped out? I hope not because it you want to buy our calendar on sale, do it today. It’s our Cyber Meow Monday Half Price Sale. We added inspiring quotes and showcased a few of our book contributors but also some cool new cats from around the globe.

SALE UPDATE: We had discounts from 60% to 50%. On Tuesday it dropped to 30%. It will likely go up but don’t know when. I will update as soon as I hear. Meanwhile, if you like stickers and other products (not ours) they are 65% off today.

This sale is only at our new Black Cats Tell All shop on Zazzle. Their discounts during the holiday season are too good too miss. Both our shops will be integrated  but until then, to buy the calendar, click on our affiliate discount link BlackCatsTellAll The code is ZCYBERMONDAY for 50% off!

If you feel like other shopping, click on the ad to shop with discounts already added.

Shop Cyber Monday on

I modeled for our new holiday card and other cards. I may have to ask for my own business card soon!

Layla bought a bunch of stuff but nothing for me. Hmmmf.

Sale details:
70% off select business cards
60% off postcards, greeting cards, photo blocks
50% off calendars, canvas, coasters, labels, magnets, posters, stickers
40% off binders, business cards, fleece blankets, hats, leggings, ornaments, paper napkins, pillows, rubber stamps, snow globes, stockings, tree skirts
25% off sitewide

The heavy duty shock-proof iPhone cases are 50% off today. This is ours but I wanted my face on it. Would you have your cat’s face on a phone case?


Gift Guides who featured our book:
Personally, I’m happy to supervise Layla packing up endless copies of books to contributors, supporters and media by hand. I offered to write notes but she said no. It will feel good to begin the new year with all the book loose ends tied up.

If you’re thinking of placing a wholesale bulk order (minimum 15 books) of our book for fundraisers or gifts, please order by Dec. 7  to assure delivery before the Dec. 25th.

Questions? Message us @catwisdom101. If you call Layla, you’re very likely going to hear me. She’s always on speaker and I always have something to say. Today it’s buy, buy, buy.
We’re all feeling winter sniffly and maybe it’s because we’re getting older, Odin and Domino are hardly spending time outdoors. This is a first. Even Merlin enjoyed going outdoors at age 21. Mind you wrapped in a blankie.
Hammock time is definitely over and Layla is in hibernation mode saying this is the last winter she wants to spend in New York.  Nou Nou’s eye responded to treatment until it didn’t. She’s a whack-a-mole of health issues but in good spirits. Her new thing is making biscuits on our dad’s chest at 5 am which happens to be my first breakfast hour. Ah, the joys of being a CKD diabetic kitty fed on demand.
Odin is finding new ways of amusing himself although Layla didn’t think it amusing when he jumped into a big box containing her mom’s ashes. Or playing slip and slide on the edge of the clawfoot tub while the human soak and watch Netflix. I, of course would never behave so foolishly.
Mood alert! A super full moon called the “Cold Full Moon” is on Dec. 3.  If you’re sensitive like us, you may already be feeling it. Best to chill and not take anyone too seriously.  Also, Mercury goes retrograde. (Good advice as always from Dark Pixie Astrology) on the same day but apparently the delays, mangled communication and tech woes have already started. That means the remainder of the holiday season will be taxing our patience more than usual.  Expect more travel delays and wonky everything. I’ll do a holiday tarot report in December.
Have a good week everyone,
Much love, Clyde 




Catv Wisdom 101 Holiday Gift Guide

Big Cat Wisdom Gifts From Small Packages

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Cat Wisdom 101 Holiday Gift Guide Big Cat Wisdom Gifts From Small Packages. Not your usual gift guide. We’re excited to share a 32-page magazine chock full of tips for navigating the holiday season madness, cat care tips, festive photo quotes, vintage cat art and actual things we love for cats or cat lovers to buy. If you prefer to scroll instead of flip, check out the Holiday Guide PDF

The holiday season looks busy with Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Back Tuesday sales. Oh dear, who wants to have a giant catnap for three weeks?

UPDATE New Calendar at our new Zazzle shop 60% off Sunday and we’ll post other discounts on Monday. Click on Blackstellall link and snag the deals while you can. New items added daily all through December. 




Dig in, I promise it’s worth the price of admission: FREE. If you have any questions about anything, leave a comment or message me.

Cat Wisdom 101 Holiday Gift Guide

I thought I’d have time to get our shop ready with both calendars but it’s been one of those weeks. It’ll be another day or two. I’m surrounded by boxes. A replacement order for our book arrived and a package arrived today containing some of my mom’s ashes, photos and clothing??? That’s what the label says. The big unopened box waiting for me Pandora-like. Ironically I’d written this post before the delivery. Good timing, mom.