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5 Purrfect Halloween Safety Tips: All NEW

All New Halloween Cat Safety Guide With Shareable Graphics by Holistic Cat Expert, Layla Morgan Wilde. Revised Oct. 2018. In case you missed our rare weekend mega post, please take a peek Post Hurricane Help  This is a holistic approach to Halloween Safety Tips from personal and professional experience. Halloween can […]

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#AdorableAdoptable Aries Cat

Our Astro Kitty #AdorableAdoptable this month is an Aries Cat and he’s available today for a low adoption fee of $24.00! We’re always connecting with cat lovers everywhere. A recent favorite way is to direct message on Instagram. That’s how I connected with Christine, a volunteer at The Peter Zippi Fund […]

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Cat Behavior 101: Why Cats Do The Social Roll

Cat Behavior 101: Why Cats Do The Social Roll. We’ve all seen it. Cats walking nearby and suddenly flopping over on their back with a wriggle called the social roll, but why do they do it? Like all cat postures, there are subtle variations of meaning but whether it’s a human […]

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Are You Playing With Your Cat All Wrong?

Playing with your cat is one of the joys of living with felines. It’s a way to deepen the animal/human bond but important for their physical and emotional wellness as enrichment and exercise. More so for indoor-only cats.  All cats (even those who go outdoors) benefit from twice daily interactive […]

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From The Slow Blink Cat Kiss To The Love Cloud

Happy Mancat Monday! Love is in the air as Cat Love Month continues and we’ve been thinking about love and trust. Cats only love those they trust. Love and attachment bonds can only happen once trust is established. This post is new and revised from an original post from last […]

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Cat Fostering Forum

This week’s Shelter Volunteer Adventures is a little different. We’re turning this post into a cat fostering forum. If you have ever wondered about fostering a cat and have ANY question about what’s involved, leave your question in the comments. I will also reply to questions at our Facebook page […]

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Tara Hero Cat Partners With Holistic Cat Behaviorist Layla Morgan Wilde

What happens when a hero cat teams up with a cat behaviorist to do good? A superhero partnership to benefit cats and those who love them. We’re thrilled to announce that I, Layla Morgan Wilde is joining the Tara The Hero Cat team as their official cat behaviorist. The official […]

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Holistic Summer Guide To Safe and Happy Cats

  Holistic Summer Guide To Safe and Happy Cats By holistic cat behaviorist Layla Morgan Wilde Our summer safety guide for cats is REVISED FOR 2017. While dogs may enjoy playing Frisbie in the park, swimming in the lake and other summer fun, most cats have less fun and attention. […]

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Cat Lady Flashback Friday #FF

For Flashback Friday we’re going way back to the late ’80s when I was a young thing hanging out with some cats in the 1000-year-old ghost town Bussana Vecchia, Italy. Where ever I’ve traveled cats find me and it was inevitable I ended up making my living working with cats. […]

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Kittens, Kittens, Kittens! & When Bonded Cats Split Up

We’re taking a break from our usual Wednesday adoption spotlight on adult cats to focus on kittens. Last week at the shelter they mewed from every corner. Tabby kittens, tuxie, tortie and ginger kittens. Smoke blue, gray, bi-colored, male, female, shy, blind or bold, tiny fluff balls to young teens. […]

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Death of a Cat Muse & Meet #AdorableAdoptables Gilbert

We all know how important it is to spay/neuter our cats. Neutered males are less prone to spraying, roaming, being aggressive and of course eliminating unwanted pregnancies and their strong,smelly urine. The personality changes occur almost overnight like what happened to Gilbert, a new arrival at the shelter I volunteer […]

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Cat Shelter Notes & Meet the Popcorn Brothers

  This little gray boy is my muse and assistant at the New Rochelle Humane Society. I’ve blogged about him a few times since he was rescued over a month ago from hoarder hell. No name seems to stick. First called Gary then he and his cage mate became Joe […]

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