Diabetic Cat Blogger’s Shocking Week Plus Buddhism For Pet Lovers


A Cat Blogger’s Shocking Week by Clyde, a cat and a blogger.

Let me begin on a positive note because I can.


clyde_quote_look up


It all began with the full moon madness last week.  One minute, I’m lobbying for sexiest man cat alive and the next thing I know I’m flopping on the floor like a freshly caught trout.

Yes, I am a diabetic cat and we can go into seizure from hypoglycemia. I had a mild episode in the spring. It’s a shock and scary for the cat and the humans. Being prepared is a must if you have a diabetic cat. There can be a variety of symptoms to be aware of.  A cat may have one or more symptoms  in varying degrees while some hypoglycemic cats may appear symptom free.
That’s why it’s so important to test the blood glucose levels regularly.  I strongly suggest keeping a source of glucose on hand for emergencies. Corn syrup or maple syrup are good choices.

Hypoglycemia Symptoms in Feline Diabetes

  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased hunger
  • Blurred vision
  • Disorientation and confusion
  • Yowling
  • Low energy
  • Unsteady gait
  • Anxiety, restlessness.
  • Tremor/shivering
  • Loss of consciousness

Layla had just fallen asleep and woke up to me yowling loudly, limp and unable to walk. She knew the symptoms and knew the drill. There is no time to lose.  Adrenalin works better coffee but she was still groggy. Cats need to up their glucose levels fast and the best way is with a sugar syrup, rubbed on the gums. I was able to lick it straight off her finger and it revived me almost instantly. Layla added a tsp. of syrup into some soft food. Then the next thing is to test the blood and if the blood sugar (glucose) is still low, keep feeding syrup and a high carb food like kibble.

As soon as I stabilized, Layla tested my blood glucose again which was low but not critical. I ate some more and gradually bounced back.  It’s best to test the blood every hour so until the blood sugar is normal and then closely monitor for symptoms over the following few days.

I’m feeling pretty good but have lost some weight and a vet visit is in my near future.

There is never a dull moment at our house but last week Layla got some bad news about her mom who lives in Canada. She hadn’t been able to get a hold of her and found out she had been moved unbeknownst to Layla into an assisted living facility. Can we say epic family drama? Layla finally tracked down her mom in a hospital. So she was mentally dealing with two near deaths. A mountain of mini-dramas capped the week from hell which makes me eternally grateful to be a cat.  Cats are very Zen about life and death.

A lovely oasis of calm was reading Buddhism For Cat Lovers: Supporting our Closest Companions through Life and Death

Image result for buddhism for pet lovers

by David Michie, the author of David sent Layla an early PDF before the book was published. Buddhism For Pet Lovers (available now Amazon) is a wise and insightful blending of pets and Buddhism from life to death and beyond. The Buddhist view is that pets who come into our lives, aren’t here by chance. There is a reason and I couldn’t agree more. If you’ve ever had a special relationship with a cat, you’ll understand what I mean.

David is Buddhist meditation teacher in Australia and has a delightful and insightful blog  You’ll love his recent post about how he came to write it. Merlin whispered in my ear about the pic of David as a child with his Siamese cat is too adorable.

I’ll leave you with some purrfect advice. Get offline and into nature. May your week unfold smoothly with pockets of joy and oodles of treats. You can see Domino doing meowga on Instagram. Odin and Nou Nou are at summer camp Click to scroll through all our pics and posts.

Love and black cat purrrrrrrs,


FTC disclaimer. This is not a sponsored post nor are there any affiliate links.


The Sexiest Man Cat Alive


Before you think my handsome, black catness has gone to my head, you should know I did not come up with the title. The culprit is the humom and as editor, she gets final say on such things. It all started with a photo of me and some full moon craziness. Layla thought I looked impossibly debonair. I have to admit, I’m not too shabby for a senior dude. You might even say sexy, but never mind the sexy schmexy business. Sexiest Man Cat Alive ?  I think we’d need a contest first. If we held a contest, leave it to my bro, Odin to muscle in and try to win. You can see a video of him prancing like a fool in the sidebar from our Instagram feed (not visible on mobile devices). My predecessor and furbro angel Merlin, could easily have claimed the sexiest man cat title. In his younger days, his vet  always called him a sexy beast. Even at the same age as me, 17, he still had “it”.

sexiest man cat Merlin

Enough about sexy man cats. More importantly, my role as an advocate for black cat adoption is what counts. I say all you need is love and a black cat.  

Now, if you want to see sexy, my great, great, great uncle Liam was even painted by famous artist Louis Wain. Oh, he’d make the ladies faint dead away.

sexiest man cat alive

That’s where I get my brooding good looks. Seriously, am I not a work of art?


My moment of family shame.  A not so distant cousin dared to be the sexiest man cat meowdel in the ’70s but failed miserably.  The horror of lounge pajamas. Can you imagine he wasn’t even neutered? Thank the cat gods, we know better now spay/neuter saves lives.  

sexiest man cat alive

I apologize for the previous flashback to my less than purrfect family tree. What can I say, Black Cats Tell All. To remove the lingering odor of tiger stripes polyester, I hope this artistic watercolor of moi will prevent unsubscribes. Have a blue skies week. Check out all our bonus fun on Facebook and Instagram @CatWisdom101 and our amazing black cat community @BlackCatsofIG. If posting on IG and you’d like us to like it, tag us and please use our hashtag #blackcatstellall And do tell us if you cat could be the Sexiest Man Cat Alive.

Big black cat love and purrs,


(my other fur sibs are fine and lurking in the shadows this week)


The Incredible Tater Pol: A Lucky Three-Legged Black Cat


The Incredible Tater Pol: A Lucky Three-Legged Black Cat.


Photo credit: Justin Jones

When I interviewed Dr. Jan Pol, the veterinarian, and star of the #1 show on Nat Geo Wild, The Incredible Dr. Pol, he told me about Tater. Who knew that conversation would change the life a three-legged black cat and countless other black cats? The interview was in March and Dr. Pol who moves at the speed of a racehorse, hopped on the kitty bandwagon and our black cat awareness cause.  Who better to advocate for black cat adoption than the incredible Tater Pol who turned misfortune into luck?

No one knows where Tater came from but he was rescued from animal trap with a badly mangled leg. Dr. Pol saved his life by amputating his leg. Tater recovered but the odds of finding a home for a black, three-legged cat were slim. The Pol Veterinary clinic already had one office cat and Tater slipped into his role as #2 office cat #2 but not for long. The day after our post, Tater had his own Instagram account @TaterPol and an episode featuring Tater began filming in May.

The #2 cat is now #1. Office cat Tater can add TV star and black cat advocate to his resume. He will also make his publishing debut in our book. You’ll be able to see Tater on the job (and off) in Black Cats Tell All: True Tales and Inspiring Images, our nonprofit book featuring over 100 incredible black cats from around the world to be published on August, 9, 2017.

Check out Tater’s debut on the next episode HOOKED ON A FELINE, AIRING SATURDAY, JUL 8 at 9 P.M. ET. Watch a clip from the episode including kitty cuteness

It’s a thrill to see Tater’s handsome black face fill the screen on the Nat Geo website. And validating to see the Incredible Dr. Pol team add more cats to their programming. Good job, Tater.

Life, Liberty and the PURRsuit of Happiness

july 4th_pets_cats

Life, Liberty and the PURRsuit of Happiness by Clyde

life, liberty purrsuit of happiness

As cats, we relish our freedom but most of all our happiness. I’m happy to share some fab vintage cat from July 1899. It’s almost 4th of July and I can tell you one thing not making me happy. The loud boom boom of fireworks. Some went off yesterday already. Humans are insufferably impatient. Here are some more July 4th safety tips. 

There is so much going on I’m purring to tell you. Delightful news but we’re in a royal tizzy. Hold on for another couple of days, will you?

I hope your week is off to a good start whether you’re celebrating Independence Day or not. Who is having a BBQ today or tomorrow? Throw on an extra steak for me. Odin caught a chipmunk and baby bunny for the grill but the huMan made Odin release them. The stinker deserves a vegan hotdog.

Yes, it’s all about pleasure and happiness for him. Summer is his favorite season. He’s in and out in the garden ALL day. Domino, a creature of habit spends a chunk of each day in the same wicker chair on the porch. Apparently, he’s done that for years. Nou Nou is the opposite. She has no interest to venture outdoors and has no favorite chair. She rotates between about a dozen different places but only in three rooms. I’m far more circumscribed and only nap in two places. I rarely see her or Domino except at the chow station. Odin is the only one who comes up to my domain on the third floor and we kiss hello which is as friendly as I’m going to get with him. It could be worse. Much worse. There is much to be grateful for.

live, liberty pursuit happiness

I’m loving this festive black cat magazine for July 1898 although it’s not my favorite of the four I’m sharing today.


black cat_july_1897

This is two years later and it’s nice and modern. The story titles aren’t half bad. You can’t copyright a title, so if you’re a writer, go ahead and use them. I think Sir Straggle could be a fine tale about a cat and who wouldn’t be curious about a traveling cabin. Is that some kind of Edwardian Winnebago?

Black cat_July_1899

July 1908 is a tad dreary.Doesn’t it look more suitable for autumn? Oh and look at the price. Ten cents up from a nickel. Can you get anything for a nickel these days? The Fate of Sultan. It must be about one of my Bombay relatives.

Love and purrs,

Clyde, Domino, Odin & Nou Nou and the humom, Layla



Keep Cats Safe As They Rule The World This Summer


Keep Cats Safe As They Rule The World This Summer by Clyde. Yes, I am a cat.


We’ve revised our Summer Safety Guide for Cats for 2017

because you can never be too safe when preparing to rule the world. Our guide has practical tips for everything from under the sun, literally! Personally, I have zero interest in hiking, pool parties or picnics unlike my predecessor mentor, Merlin

cat picnic

but summer fun can be fraught with dangers you need to know about. Odin, like many cats is all about me, me, me and mine. Everything belongs to him and that includes poison ivy, bees, ticks, the wild turkey he chased the other day and the baby blue jay. Layla saved the fledgling but not before the blue jay’s family gave Odin a loud nose bomb chorus of NIMBY. Odin of course did not listen because…


he believes cats rule the world. A cute cat meme went viral recently but it’s nothing new. The cat coughing up a hairball  (or is it playing ball with Australia?) went viral on Reddit over three years ago.  I played with the meme because I’m a cat and it’s my feline prerogative.


And then an artist from Russia who loves New York, sent us a kitty map he’d made. Maybe cats need to be the peace bridge between Russia and the U.S.? Thank you Serghei Pakhomov. He makes brilliant sculptures out of pasta and old watches.  He’s cat lover and you can see more of his quirky humor, art and cat on Facebook.


That’s the kind of week it’s been. And we might actually have our book on Amazon this week barring a cold war or more stranger-than-fiction madness.  What a long strange trip it’s been and one you’ll read about in a memoir.  Don’t worry, I won’t be writing it. I’m working on another project. Top secret for now.

Much love,


and my comrades in paws, Domino, Odin and Nou Nou who has a secret life and fellow one-eyed boyfriend on Instagram. Who knew? What’s weirder is the first two accounts who liked the pic at blackcats_of_the_house_cimbala happen to be featured in our book. The dashing Leopold from @kata.ivan and the supermeowdel @Toothlesstheblack.cat are two of the 100 amazing black cats featured.




Some Cats Go To The Prom


Some Cats Go To The Prom by Clyde and friends

(scroll down to enter our vintage black cat art “Finish This Sentence”.

The conversation at our house recently went down like this:

Clyde: I heard that some cats go to the prom.

Domino: Cats prom? Over my dead body.

Odin: Pawty pooper. I’d love to go to the prom. It’s a thing on Instagram but I don’t have a date.

Nou Nou: I’d go with you but someone asked me. Besides going with you would be going with a brofur.

Odin: Someone asked you and not me? I must be a real loser. This calls for action. Plus it’s International Box Day and I don’t have a new box.


Clyde: Now that looks a little desperate. Nice tie though.

Odin: Ya think. What about you? Do you have a date?

Clyde: As it happens I do but I’m not really the tuxedo type.  My date is more outdoorsy.  She likes camping, hiking in the woods and kayaking.

Odin: Wow, an adventure cat! She sounds like my type. Who is she and does she have a sister?

Clyde: She’s the amazing Ledges from @BlackCatTrails She has two, gorgeous black sisfurs, Lenroot and Mays but I don’t know if they’re available

Odin: Two! Oh my Cod. Maybe I could escort both and do some hunting and fishing after. I follow them on Instagram.

Clyde: Settle down. You’re on your own. I’m no matchmaker but take a look at us going to the prom adventure cat style. Isn’t Ledges lovely? Instead of a corsage, I gave her a flower crown and we’ll be dancing by the lake in the moonlight.

cats at prom

Odin: I’m so jealous. How did you manage to swing such a hot date?

Clyde: Well, I’m not bad to look at and I’ve been told I’m charming. Plus girl cats like a more experienced, ahem, man cat.

Odin: I’m all that so why don’t I have someone? I can’t believe even Nou Nou has a date. Who would want her? She’s a nervous Nellie with one eye and bad teeth. She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.

Nou Nou: I heard that! Aren’t you a sourpuss. You’re not exactly Mr. Purrfect yourself.

Odin: I’m sorry, Nou Nou. I didn’t mean to be catty. Who is the lucky fellow?

Nou Nou: He’s a dreamy panfur with one-eye. We make quite the pair. His name is Beric from @Blackcats_of_the_cimbala and he lives with two black fursibs Elvira and Poe. We share a lot in common. His sisfur Elvira was born in a hoarders house like me.  And Beric lost his eye to an untreated infection like me. We’re all friends on Instagram. You should hang out some time at @BlackCatsofIG

Odin: I thought that was just for black cats.

Clyde: It is mostly but we are not prejudiced against color. Anyway, Beric is a little younger and brings out the best in me. He’s taking me to breakfast at the Tiffany’s in NYC. What’s cooler than a black cat? A one-eyed black cat.

cat prom

Odin: Meowzy! I didn’t recognize you. You sure clean up nice.

Nou Nou: Thanks. It goes to show you can’t tell a book by its cover. Many cats are overlooked for adoption because they aren’t gorgeous on the surface. We’ve come a long way since our ancestors, but have a long way to go towards, peace, love and understanding.

Clyde:  Look what I found! It looks like me and Ledges. Maybe we knew each other from a past life. Did you know this summer is the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and events are happening right meow in San Francciso. Maybe we need to jump on a magic bus and go?


Nou Nou: I’m not the travelling kind but I do love to time travel. Look, I found distant relatives in Paris who owned a cat cafe.

Let’s play a game.  Since some of us have been catty. Wink Wink, let’s have our readers finish the gossip girls sentence.


Leave your comments of any kind and have groovy week!

Peace love and purrs,

Clyde, Domino, Odin, Nou Nou and their catspeak to English translator, Layla

And The Winners Are… Plus Worldwide Day of Giving

worldwide day of giving

And The Winners Are Plus Worldwide Day of Giving

We have two giveaway winners to announce and since this is the Worldwide Day of Giving we urge you to give back to someone in physical or emotional need today. It could be a money to a stranger, a donation to a shelter, or a kind deed. There are great tips for ideas for giving at their website. I love to give anonymously and will be sending extra prizes from our giveaways to random readers who took the time to enter.

We’re a little late with our monthly vintage black cat art for June but delighted to share these beauties from 1896 to 1901. Tell us your favorite. Will you be participating in some Worldwide Giving Day kindness of your own?

black cats tell all

The winner of our Adventure Cats book giveaway is Kerry and the winner of our Purrfect Pouch Giveaway is Ali. Congrats and look for an email from us requesting your shipping address.

day of giving


Cat Expert Reviews Purrfect Pouch Plus Giveaway

Cat Expert Reviews Purrfect Pouch Plus Giveaway by Layla Morgan Wilde


You may have seen it on TV and wondered if a Purrfect Pouch really is purrfect. I’ve reviewed hundreds of cat products over the years and will share my honest opinion.

The one thing I’ve learned about cats is that they rule. You can’t force a cat to do anything. At least not without being bitten or scratched. Many cats hate going to the vet because they hate carriers.

Now there is an alternative way to transport your cat to the vet, groomer or other short trip. The Purrfect Pouch is multi-purpose bag with unique features making it useful for comfortably restraining a cat for trimming claws, cleaning ears, pilling or dispensing meds. 

Purrfect pouch

I would have loved a Purrfect Pouch to carry our old cat Merlin around the house in the final year of his life. As mobility decreased from kidney disease, he still wanted to get around but the stairs proved difficult.

He demanded attention 24/7 and I often carried him in a makeshift carry-bag to make him feel secure and near me but I’d be hands free. 

Merlin is gone now and my remaining four cats have no issues getting into a carrier. Odin, our primary products tester reminded me of his #rule: Cats rule.

He was not in the mood to work.

Odin cat

Odin is a very active indoor outdoor cat and escape artist. He can escape out of almost any harness or carrier. He almost escaped from the Purrfect Pouch. Almost.

Purrfect pouch

He quickly taught me the most important thing you need to know about the Purrfect Pouch: Adjust the size of the neck opening for a snug but comfortable fit.

What you need to know about Purrfect Pouch.

  • The neck opening has an adjustable Velcro strip. The opening as is works for a large cat or one with a thick neck. Most cats will need to adjust the size. DO NOT leave the house until it fits.
  • If your cat can poke their front paw out, the opening is too big.
  • There is a small Velcro slit large enough for a paw and part of the leg to groom or trimming claws.
  • There is a zipper at the bottom extending the entire length. When open, it’s easy to slide the pouch over the head of the cat and through the collar.
  • For cats who love bags and boxes like Odin, you can hold it open and they they may walk right inside.
  • ***Once a cat is zipped in they can not escape. Do not leave your cat unsupervised.
  • Some cats will pee or poo in a carrier. If that’s happened with your cat, I recommend placing an a small towel or absorbent  puppy pad prior to using.
  • Most cats love the snug security of the pouch but to reinforce a positive experience, give an appropriate treat if they are responding well inside and another treat once they are released.
  • The Purrfect Pouch is ideal for indoor only cats to safely enjoy fresh air in the garden or park.
  • Cats used to travel like adventure cats can use the Purrfect Pouch longer but always respect the comfort level and time limit of the cat.
  • There are some cats who hate containment of any kind. Never force a cat into this or any enclosed space. Those cats may need behavioral training to achieve a positive response.
  • If using the shoulder strap while carrying a heavy cat, support with one hand on the bottom.

What I love about Purrfect Pouch

  • Small, light and portable.
  • Packs flat for easy storage or travel.
  • You can keep one in your car or bag as an emergency a carrier. Great for cat rescue groups.
  • The handle doubles as a shoulder strap
  • The fabric is strong puncture-proof polyester
  • Water resistant
  • Sturdy construction that’s GUARANTEED
  • Easy to clean with a wet cloth or machine wash
  • Two colors: Teal green or black.


Our eldest cat Clyde wasn’t inclined to work either not even with bribes of catnip. But your cats don’t need to do anything to win. They just need you.

Enter our Purrfect Pouch Giveaway for a chance to win a double prize pack of TWO Purrfect Pouches right meow by simply leaving a comment. Tell us why you’d like to win a Purrfect Pouch.

If you’d rather buy one at a purrfect price visit PURRFECT POUCH

The Purrfect Pouch giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and on until 11:59, June 13, 2017. The winner will be selected randomly via randomizer.com and announced on June 14, 2017. The winner will be notified by email to request their shipping address. If there is no reply within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.

Speaking for all of us at Cat Wisdom 101, Odin apologizes for being lazy and wishes you good luck! These beauties are blooming in our garden now.

Purrfect dayFTC disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We received Purrfect Pouch samples and financial compensation. At Cat Wisdom 101 we value our readers and only share content we believe is useful for cat lovers.

Adventure Cats Q & A Plus Book Giveaway




Ours cat don’t mind taking a break from our usual Monday post for this treat: Adventure Cats Q & A Plus Book Giveaway for Adventure Cats: Living Nine Lives To The Fullest.

When we discovered Adventure Cats on Instagram last year, we knew we’d found kindred spirits. For the past six years of blogging at CatWisdom 101 we’ve espoused the advantages of safe, healthy outdoors adventure activities from leash walking in your garden and beyond. Cats are sensory sponges but especially thrive when using their sense of smell  in nature. Odin, our adventure cat is super high energy and is not satisfied by regular interactive play or exercise. He craves the outdoors as much as any treat.

Adventure cats is a fast-growing grassroots movement celebrating the full potential of cats exploring the great outdoors and bonding with their humans.  Their Adventure Cats website is breathtaking look at cats who hike, go camping, sailing and kayaking like@BlackCatTrails, contributors to our book and our featured video today at our BlackCatsofIG Instagram account today.

Cats are moving into a lifestyle previously held by dogs and many cats enjoy their outdoors adventure as much as dogs, if not more!

That said, cats are not dogs and need proper prep for practical reasons. That means education and when Laura Moss, a journalist and co-founder of Adventure Cats announced she was writing a book, Adventure Cat :I reached out to her and she kindly gave a blurb or our book. It’s timely since our project was delayed, we’ve decided to expand it to over 100 black cats, including some amazing adventure cats.  At the time (October 2016) Adventure Cats interviewed me for my expertise and I happily share the updated Q. & A. with you today.

But first, if you’ve seen all the inspiring photos and videos of cats having the adventures of nine lifetimes, head over to Adventure Cat, look inside the book and purchase options. It is currently #1 on Amazon in cats.

Like to win a copy? You will even you don’t have an adventure cat. The photos and stories about real life adventure cats is a delight.

To enter, simply leave a comment at this post and our Adventure Cats will announce the winners next Monday.


FTC: disclaimer: this post is not sponsored and does not contain affiliate links. We received a review copy from the publisher which in no way influenced our views. We only share content we feel is of value to our readers.

Have an adventure filled week! Look for another fun giveaway this week and our blogoversery post! We’re on a blog hop and doing a shout for a Right Meow or Never a sassy southern mix of cat stuff, food, crafts , books, product reviews and grief support by a young mom and teacher.  It’s a lot but seems to work and I thought I was busy!

Memorial Day Purrs of Gratitude


Happy Memorial Day to our American readers. Today we remember and thank all the men, women, and animals for their service to protect our liberty and freedom.

As an ex-pat Canadian, U.S. resident with E.U. citizenship, I’ve been reflecting on world politics and the value of democracy. It’s easy to take for granted the freedom of living in a country with rights until they are removed. We live in a volatile world where anything is possible. Every citizen living in democracy needs to know they have the power to make a difference.

Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day. It began after the Civil War as a day to place wreaths on the graves of fallen soldiers. Wreaths and lowers are still placed by graves and public memorials but the holiday gradually changed to the unofficial kick-off to summer. That translates to family time, BBQs, beach and flip flop weather.  For some it means just another long weekend but remember, our rights and freedom aren’t free. They have cost all us dearly with lost military lives. They might be a family member, relative, friend or distant ancestor but we all know someone who made a sacrifice

We’re sharing a new graphic and few photos from past Memorial Day posts since the holiday always falls on Mondays.  Our Mancat Monday will resume next week. In the meantime, join us daily on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, meet our new admins at our BlackCatsoIg on Instagram. Tag us if you want us to see what you’re up to!


Happy Memorial Day from Layla, Clyde, Domino, Odin & Nou Nou



memorial day
Merlin on Memorial Day with the U.S. and POW-MIA flags


memorial day cat
Domino the cat celebrates Memorial Day


 meowmorial day
Odin the cat on Meowmorial Day

The New Cat Wisdom

The New Cat Wisdom by Clyde & friends.


Hello dear ones. Thanks for stopping by for your dose of cat wisdom or as I like to call it, catnip for your soul. After last week’s memorial post about Merlin, energies shifted in a profound and positive way. So much has happened that Mancat Monday or Mondays with Merlin doesn’t feel right anymore. But after six years, what can we call it? We’ve grown in wisdom but change is scary.

Can you help us decide on what feels better? I was studying an old book (we do loads of research) and Layla thought I looked good in profile. You know how I hate being photographed but Layla took a quick snap and made this graphic. She’s right about my cute profile and the description is what I’m all about. We’re creatures of the night (I won’t say night owls since they are birds!) and I’m thinking a Carpe Noctum  could be my new motto. It’s Latin for seize the night or the nocturnal version of Carpe Diem or seize the day. Cats tend the sleep most of the day so we do more snoozing than seizing. It’s a theme I’d like to explore as it relates to cats and humans.

new cat wisdom

While fiddling with the image, the red pops nicely but turquoise is our brand color so Layla changed it.  She thought how could we include Merlin and the others since this isn’t just my blog.  Goodness, I’m seeing double. Is this a better direction or too weird? The background could be lighter and cleaned up.  Thoughts?


Layla and I work together usually in bed with me on a pillow close enough to keep on eye on the keyboard. We converse verbally and non verbally and take plenty of breaks  since I demand round the clock of attention. I like being petted and brushed frequently. There is are two water bowls and a food bowl within hopping distance of either the bed or top the stairs on the third floor. I also partake meals on the second floor with fursibs, Domino, Odin and Nou Nou. What works best with my diabetes and kidney disease is being fed on demand. Demand is my middle name and it adds up 7 or 8 small meals a day 24/7. Fresh, no nasty kibble or dried leftovers thank you very much.

Tarot readings with clients are a regular part of our life and yes I do help. Sometimes Layla puts the phone on speaker and I add a comment or two, har har.


Naturally, we needed to  consult the cards for this week and I’m happy, no, thrilled the share two positive cards that may apply to you too! We’re already feeling a new flow and our “take three steps forward and two steps back” book project which involves more than just the book. Paws crossed the momentum continues.

Tarot_swords_catOf course that nosy ants in his pants ODIN has to chime in. Oh, he thinks he’s such a clever monkey. I don’t understand the attraction of running around outside (see him playing catch me if you can today on instagram) but you’ll never catch me climbing trees. I detest heights and the highest thing I’ll jump on is a bed.

So you see why we’re only blogging one or twice a week. It takes TIME to create good quality original content. This post alone took several photo shoots, research, editing, writing, cogitating, curating, coddling me, tweaking, SEO. Then posts are shared across social media.  We love engaging with readers and followers in comments, private messages, emails A LOT but mostly on Instagram these day. Sorry we’re slacking on Facebook.  Our three accounts on Instagram have taken much time to grow our amazing community, Layla is seeking ADMINS for our black cat group @BlackCatsofIG  We have two and seeking up to four more. If you know anyone who loves black cats, is familiar with Instagram and can devote a few minutes a day, email Layla info@catwisdom101.comThere are perks but no pay. Admins will be eligible for our generous affiliate program for our Black Cats Tell All nonprofit shop. That will open when the book is published. It’s all slow baby steps and I thank you for being here right meow.

Big black mancat purrs,

Your devoted Clyde and one-eyed Odin. Lazy Domino and Nou Nou are MIA but have made appearances on Instagram.  Layla sends her love.

new cat wisdom