Saying Good-bye To Black Cat Claudette On Napping Day

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Saying Good-bye To Black Cat Claudette On Napping Day by feline editor Clyde. The words churned in my furry little black head but sputtered. I will share instead these edited words from our Saturday Instagram post and a little Zen wisdom. It is indeed Napping Day and I in need of a very long nap where I will dream of green fields and leaping from cloud to cloud with my dearly […]

Pet Sitters Week Feature: Ally McPets Owner Jill Rose Celebrates 25 Years as a Professional Pet Sitter

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Not all pet sitters are created equal or we wouldn’t have a litany of horror stories. Jill Rose would know, she has worked as a professional pet sitter her entire adult life and is celebrating her 25th year in business at Ally McPets in Southern California. After all these years Jill has seen it all from cats, dogs, parrots to iguanas but our focus today is on cats. Pet Sitters International is celebrating […]

March Vintage Cat Madness And Present Sadness

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Happy Mancat Monday with your friendly feline editor Clyde. Mind you, I’m feeling more bearish or lionish with the stormy weather. March arrived with the roar of a lion. Snow, sleet and a wicked wind knocked down massive tree limbs. Who knows if the Farmer’s Almanac is right about March coming in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. The only thing I know for sure is spring is coming […]

Black Panther Film A Leg Up For Black Cat Adoption?

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Black Panther Film A Leg Up For Black Cat Adoption? by Layla Morgan Wilde   The Black Panther block-buster film is reaping box office gold and perhaps a purrfectly unexpected bonus for black cats. We hope our nonprofit book Black Cats Tell All to raise awareness and shelter adoption rates for black cats will benefit. All post images via Instagram. The Daily Dot reports that one blogger on Tumblr (which has gone viral) recently posted about […]


The Truth About Amazing Narnia The Two-Faced Cat

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  The Truth About Amazing Narnia The Two-Faced Cat and Internet Sensation by Layla Morgan Wilde When a cat goes viral, the media often posts before fact-checking. That’s why you’ll see many pop culture news outlets doing copycat reporting. It takes time to research, write and edit a good story but it starts with getting the facts. We believe our readers deserve to know the truth and we love going the […]


Remembering Lola, Black Cats Tell All Book Contributor

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Remembering Lola, Black Cats Tell All Book Contributor by Clyde, feline editor. Well, dearest ones, a chapter has closed and a new one has begun. There has been much sadness with deaths and illness in our cat community, but love keeps us going. Love keeps us strong. It’s with a heavy heart to announce that Lola, a fellow Black Cats Tell All author has become Angel Lola. Her dad, Floyd informed […]


Valentines For Writers and Is Your Cat Your Valentine?

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Valentines For Writers and Is Your Cat Your Valentine? Updated for Valentine’s Day! You are loved by us. via GIPHY Oh my whiskers, our regular Monday post by our feline editor Clyde is instead a Valentine to you dear reader. Sit back and bathe in the love. There are vintage  free valentines, original art and words from the heart. If you’d like to create your own customized cards for any occasion […]


Oskar The Blind Cat In Memoriam

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Oskar The Blind Cat In Memoriam by Layla Morgan Wilde It’s with profound sadness to share a personal tribute to one-and-only Oskar the blind cat. May he rest in peace and may his memory be a blessing. To Oskar’s cat dad Mick, his cat mom Bethany, his human sisters Faye and Fern and to Oskar’s feline sidekick and best bro Klaus, we mourn with you.  I’d been planning to post a […]

February VIP Cat Holidays

February VIP Cat Holidays & Miracle Black Cat Marlena

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UPDATE: Marten @peculiar was won the Modern Cat contest. He will grace the cover of the Modern Cat Magazine Spring/summer 2018 issue. It’s February and we have some VIP or very important pet holidays this month. This is your feline editor Clyde in an especially passionate mood. I can’t wait to introduce you a very special black cat, Marlena and her four kittens. Their dad was clearly not black. But first, […]


Clyde The Cat Interviews Marten The Peculiar Panther

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UPDATE: Marten has won and will grace the spring/summer issue cover of Modern Cat Magazine. Hello, it’s your mancat Clyde with a special guest. As you may know, I’m a very discerning old cat and particular about what I write about.  When you get to my age not much impresses me but I’m thrilled to share news and an interview with a fellow black cat named Marten. He’s the front runner in […]


Happiness Hacks For Surviving Winter With Cats

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This post is divided into two sections by our feline editors Clyde and Odin. They agreed to repost our Answer Your Cat’s Question Day post. [clickToTweet tweet=”Happiness Hacks for #cats and cat lovers with cabin fever or winter blues. #mondaymotivation @catwisdom101″ quote=”Happiness Hacks for surviving winter blues or cabin fever for cats and cat lovers.” theme=”style1″] Odin: May I remind you that January is Take Your Pet For A Walk Month.  […]

lucky 18th bithday

Why 18 is a Lucky Number and Clyde’s 18th Cat Birthday Celebration

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  Oh hello, cat lovers, it’s your feline friend and host, Clyde with some furry good news. We’re celebrating all week because I’m turning 18 on January 18th in 2018. It’s a triple whammy of auspiciousness. I remain steadfast in my disdain for cameras but relented for a birthday portrait, ha! Frankly, given my health issues of CKD, diabetes, hearing loss and arthritis, it’s a miracle I’m still alive at age 18! Not […]