Rare Feline Book Plates & Writers And Their Cats on International Cat Day

We’re celebrating International Cat Day by sharing our rare collection of antique feline-themed bookplates. Plus we believe nothing beats a purring cat on your lap except reading a cat book with a cat purring on your lap. May I demonstrate, your truly, Clyde with a copy of Writers And Their Cats with you know who. The new book by Alison Nastasi showcases behind-the-scenes stories of 45 famous […]


Tommy: From Animal Cruelty Survivor to Sir Thomas Trueheart CatCon Star & Advocate

Tommy: from animal cruelty survivor to Sir Thomas Trueheart CatCon Star and advocate By Layla Morgan Wilde. One of the most inspiring cat tales I’ve ever come across is about Tommy a.ka. Sir Thomas Trueheart. Over the past year I’ve learned the inside scoop about him from my friend Connie Cunningham. Connie volunteers at Milo’s Sanctuary the rescue organization that saved his life and she manages […]


Cat Mom Birthday Portrait Fiasco With Matisse And Bob Ross

Welcome to a birthday edition of cat wisdom with feline editor Clyde. So, last night my mom Layla thought it would be fun to paint a portrait of me. It’s her birthday today so please indulge me. A friend of hers Leslie goes every month to a “paint your pet” event. Every month for the past year, Leslie kept asking and Layla was forever busy. I […]


Cute Cat Art From Around The Globe

Hello, cat lovers and a special welcome to all our new subscribers. We’re sharing something different from our usual Monday blog with Clyde: Cute Cat Art From Around The Globe. As many of you know, we have two Instagram communities @catwisdom101 and a feature account @blackcatsofIG where we feature followers daily. On Mondays we feature black cat art in a wide range of styles and […]

dog days of summer

Best Summer Cat Care Tips For Cats By Adventure Cat Odin

We’ve taken our own advice about summer cat care to heart. Hello, dear ones. It’s Adventure Cat Odin here today with the best summer cat care tips and bonus cat wisdom for you humans. My #1 tip is to not work too hard. Follow the photos on my adventures outdoors. Clyde, our hard-working editor agrees and is taking a break this week and wishes you […]

July 4th fireworks

Does Your Cat Hate July 4th Fireworks Or Not?

By Clyde, feline editor and author with quirky Independence Day/July 4th cat art and practical safety advice from a straight-shooting old black cat. You’d think a hard of hearing cat like me would not mind fireworks, but I hate them. They go off here and there in the neighborhood. KaBoom and startles me because my world is calm and quiet.  I’m vigilant at the top […]

catcafe lounge L.A cat cafe cats

We Visit The Cat Cafe Lounge in L.A. And Reveal How It’s Purrfectly Different

Have you ever dreamed of owning a cat cafe? Many cat lovers find the idea irresistible but it’s not all cute kitties and cappuccino. As cat cafes keep popping up in record numbers, there is a downside. We update our extensive cat cafe directory monthly and for the first time, we are noticing closures due to lack of customers or poor business practices. One cat […]


We Decode 5 Kinds Of Cat Dad Styles with Free Father’s Day Cards

We Decode 5 Kinds Of Cat Dad Styles by Layla Morgan Wilde. Cat moms move over. There are more cat loving men than ever and we embrace all men who adopt and care for cats. Any man who is a committed and loving care-giver deserves to celebrate Father’s Day whether their “baby” has two or four legs.  Over the years, we’ve noticed distinct differences from […]


Layla Morgan Wilde Tells All On The Purrrcast Podcast

 Layla Morgan Wilde Tells All On The Purrrcast Podcast   Full confession: I didn’t understand what podcasts were all about until last year. Then all of sudden, they seemed to be everywhere and I understood their charms.  I discovered the top three pet podcasts according to Oprah included The Purrrcast and found it cat lover catnip. So much so, I ended up interviewing Sara Iyer […]