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The Oldest Shelter Cat Rocks!

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Gray boy-NRHS

It’s Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month and the oldest cat at the shelter I volunteer is a fabulous 15. A frequent reason for older cats turning up at shelters is the death of their owner. That was the case for the strikingly handsome B.W. He’s a black and white tuxie and who knows what his initials stand for. I made up Barney Wondercat. Can you come up with something else? He’s sweet and easy going. When I first meet him six months ago, he hid and slept a lot, no doubt grieving his lost person, love and life. He’s adjusted to shelter life but don’t you think it’s time he got to enjoy his golden years? Please share. Can you come up with another name for B.W.?


Best news! The Popcorn Brothers were adopted. Cheddar and Butter the stunning flamepoint Siamese survivors of hoarding found a home. I’ve loved doing Reiki on their cashmere soft fur and must admit a pang of regret for not fostering them. Next to Gray Boy my original hoarder cat muse and inspiration, they were my favorites. I featured them on July 1. It took awhile to find a forever and I wish them blue skies ahead. Their many “brothers and sisters” are still waiting.

Siamese-Popcorn brothers -butter and cheddar

popcorn bros cats

To see B.W.’s profile on PetFinder where there is an option to share on Facebook or sponsor him, visit PetFinder.com

If you know anyone looking for some exceptional cats (yes, I know them all) in the NYC area, visit www.NewRochelleHumaneSociety.org


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