Hot Cats. Cool Caturday!

We’re having another heat wave in New York. It suits us fine if no work is required other than pretending to be at spa (scroll down). The only work we ask of you is to vote for us. We are Pettie Award Finalists for Best Cat Blog.

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Voting ends at the end of the month and you can vote once daily here Thank-you! If we win we’ll donate the $1000 prize to the sanctuary kitties at Brigid’s Crossing.

Merlin has rallied for the time being. His appetite is suddenly ravenous and his will to live gut wrenching. He announces, “I am here, pay attention!” at the top of his lungs like clockwork. Some days are better than others and some nights are blessedly quiet. Most nights though are punctuated by a bellows call to snuggle, be fed and soothed.

Here we are lolling on the porch on a hot day in a quiet moment.


I sprayed Feliway as an experiment on his favorite litter box he’d been missing. He madly sniffed where I’d sprayed and deemed it okay until Gris Gris used it, and now we’re back at square one in the litter box blues. For now, he’s using the other one nearby which he’ll use if kept clean from the “other’s” scents. What I find interesting is he is a cat who has never had litter box issues and happily shared one litter box with his sister for many years.

A friend of mine who is a geriatric social worker and I often compare notes at how similar cognitive issues are between humans and geriatric cats. Sleep for me these days is a luxury.

Gris Gris could care less if you vote for us but then again he isn’t an attention whore. He’s mellowed beautifully from the skittish basement cat of his former life. His confidence has grown leaps and bounds and his painful past a distant dream. He holds his own and defends his favorite spot:the foot of the bed where he gets his nightly brushing, the only time he enjoys major touching.

gris gris-napping-vote-pettie-award-cat-blog

Odin, actually all the cats love baking on the driveway. I’m sure it’s they think it’s feline version of a hot stone massage. I’d love one myself but if you see me rolling around the driveway, send for the guys in the white coats.

caturday-humor-hot stone- massage-cat

So, what are you doing this weekend?

14 thoughts on “Hot Cats. Cool Caturday!”

  1. I really feel for you with Merlin. Being present for every moment, whether joyful or sad, and exhausted from losing sleep, holds off all those fears that nibble at our edges. I remember making the same comparisons with my mother and others in the personal care home, and the cats who were in geriatric state at the time.

    Miss Moses loved baking on the bricks every single day. The thermonuclear heat and energy transfer was her preferred arthritis treatment.

  2. Austin never used to bother about sun puddles, but now he seeks them out. However, sun is quitebrare here at the moment!! Merlin has all our good thoughts as do you …. and our vote 🙂

  3. Sure glad Merlin is feeling a little better. That is terrific news. We have been lucky for the past few days and gotten some slightly cooler weather.
    Sorry you are having trouble commenting on our blog. What seems to be the trouble. I have tried it myself (using another email ) and could get it to work just fine. But sorry you are having trouble.

  4. Merlin we send all our purrs everyday and hope they help provide you comfort. We can only imagine how very scary it can be for you sometimes and we are so very very glad that you have the family that loves you so very much. We purr that whatever forces protect and guide us all will wrap you in their light and peace as you continue on your journey. All our love Skeeter and Izzy >^–^<

  5. LOL regarding Gris Gris! Zee is the same way – I don’t even think he has a clue he is up for a Pettie, but it is all Zoey can meow about…

    Love Odin’s roll on the hot driveway – it probably does feel really good!

    Have a great weekend and special hugs to Merlin!

  6. These final days and months with an old cat can be so heartbreaking, and yet, it’s also such a special time. I know you’re treasuing every moment while you can.

  7. aww, they are just the cutest. So glad Gris Gris is relaxing. Merin is adorable, and Odin, too. All your boys are. Ched says hi.

    I’ve voted several times and will vote most days this month.

    I love the sauna. They had one in the gym I went to on Spadina. It was the Jewish Y and is now the Jewish Centre there on Spadina. I got off the Spadina bus from the Globe on Front Street and then walked I think or took the Train to Aberdeen. Must have taken the train. Sometimes, I’d stopped at Burger King on the way back. Can’t believe I actually ate that. But after an hour on the bicycle and then time in the sauna, it seemed okay. And then I went on 4 hour rides on my bicycle on Yonge Street. Up to the highway and back.

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