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100 Siamese Cat Names & Numerology Naming Tips

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There is much power in a name. I curated 100 Siamese cat names befitting these mystical cats. And learn my tips for finding the right name including numerology.

The inspiration is from various cultures, celestial and mythological references inspired by their silky fur and vocal talents.

Beloved Meezers

“Meezer” is a cute and affectionate slang term for Siamese cats. It’s believed to have originated from the combination of the words “me” and “Siamese.”

Most of the names are gender neutral but some more feminine and others more masculine.

Scroll down for tips for choosing a name including numerology. Check out the archive for more cat-naming article I wrote.

100 Siamese Cat Names. Some exotic. Some Familiar.

1. Akra (Greek for “summit” or “peak”)

2. Altair: Named after the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, symbolizing the Siamese cat’s captivating presence

3. Amara: Sanskrit name meaning “immortal” or “eternal,” signifying the timeless beauty of Siamese cats

4. Ankur (Sanskrit for “seedling” or “beginning”)

5. Anubis (Egyptian god of the afterlife, with a jackal head)

6. Araceli: Spanish name meaning “altar of the sky,” evoking celestial imagery

7. Aria: Meaning “air” or “melody” in Italian, reflecting the Siamese cat’s graceful movements and vocal nature

8. Arya: Sanskrit name meaning “noble” or “honorable,” befitting the Siamese’s regal demeanor

9. Aurora – Inspired by the mesmerizing northern lights, reflecting the cat’s captivating allure

10. Azura: Inspired by the color azure, representing the clear blue skies and the mesmerizing blue eyes of Siamese cats

11. Azuria (For their azure blue eyes)

12. Biscuit – Reflecting the warm and beige tones of cookies

13. Blue: Perfect for a Siamese cat with striking blue eyes, reminiscent of the clear sky or deep ocean

14. Calypso: Inspired by Greek mythology, representing the cat’s enchanting and captivating nature

15. Cassiopeia: Named after the queen in Greek mythology known for her beauty, representing the striking appearance of Siamese cats

16. Cayenne: Inspired by the spicy red pepper, ideal for a fiery and spirited Siamese

17. Celeste: French name meaning “heavenly” or “celestial”

18. Celestia – Inspired by the celestial realm, symbolizing the cat’s otherworldly beauty

19. Circe – Conjuring images of mystical powers and ancient wisdom

20. Curry: A name that evokes warmth and exotic flavors, just like your Siamese companion

21. Echo – Reflecting the cat’s tendency to vocalize and communicate

22. Elara: Derived from Greek mythology, named after one of Zeus’s lovers, reflecting the Siamese cat’s allure and charm

23. Elio: Derived from the Greek god of the sun, Helios, representing the warmth and vitality of Siamese cats

24. Elixir: Symbolizing a magical potion, perfect for a Siamese cat that brings joy and healing

25. Enigma – Reflecting the cat’s enigmatic personality and captivating charm

26. Esme: Derived from Old French, meaning “beloved” or “esteemed,” capturing the affectionate and cherished bond with a Siamese cat

27. Falhok (Thai for “silk” or “satin,” fitting their fur)

28. Gaia: Greek goddess of the Earth, representing nature’s beauty

29. Grey Girl: Reflecting the cat’s sleek and elegant grey fur, reminiscent of moonlit nights and mystical shadows

30. Hermes – Named after the Greek god of transitions and boundaries, symbolizing the cat’s agility and adaptability

31. Indira: Sanskrit name meaning “beauty” or “splendid,” fitting for the Siamese cat’s elegant appearance

32. Izumi: Japanese name meaning “fountain” or “spring,” reflecting the Siamese cat’s lively and energetic personality

33. Jahan: Persian name meaning “world” or “universe,” symbolizing the vast and mysterious nature of Siamese cats

34. Jasmine: Symbolizing grace and beauty, this name suits the elegant Siamese cat

35. Kaiyo: Japanese name meaning “forgiveness,” reflecting the forgiving and affectionate nature of Siamese cats

36. Kai: Meaning “sea” in Thai, it’s a nod to the Siamese cat’s Southeast Asian origins

37. Kaida: Meaning “little dragon” in Japanese, symbolizing strength and elegance

38. Kaizen (Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the better”)

39. Kaliyah: Derived from Sanskrit, meaning “blossoming,” symbolizing the Siamese cat’s beauty and elegance

40. Kaz (Diminutive of Kazimir, meaning “destroyer of peace”)

41. Kimoko (Japanese for “celestial child”)

42. Koji (Japanese for “navigator”)

43. Korat (Named after the Thai province, home to the Korat cat breed)

44. Lavender – Inspired by the fragrant herb known for its calming properties, perfect for a Siamese cat’s serene demeanor

45. Leo: For the regal Siamese with a lion-like presence

46. Leocadia: Derived from Greek, meaning “bright” or “clear,” mirroring the sparkling blue eyes of Siamese cats

47. Lilou: French name meaning “small and dainty,” befitting a petite Siamese

48. Lotus: A serene and delicate name, reminiscent of the revered flower

49. Lumos: A spell from the wizarding world, invoking light and brilliance

50. Lumina: Latin for “light,” representing the Siamese cat’s luminous and radiant presence


51. Luna – Evoking the mystique of the moon, perfect for a Siamese cat’s mysterious nature

52. Mayari (Filipino mythological moon goddess)

53. Merlin – Conjuring images of magical prowess and wisdom

54. Miko: Japanese name meaning “beautiful child,” reflecting the delicate and captivating nature of Siamese cats

55. Minerva – Named after the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, reflecting the cat’s intelligence and cunning nature

56. Minky: is often associated with softness, comfort, and warmth. Some people also connect it to the texture of plush fabrics

57. Mocha: Inspired by the rich coffee color of seal and chocolate point Siamese cats

58. Mochi – A sweet Japanese treat

59. Mystic – Evoking the aura of mystery and intrigue surrounding Siamese cats

60. Nalini: A Sanskrit name meaning “lotus,” representing purity and beauty

61. Navi: Derived from Navajo, meaning “the sun,” representing the warmth and radiance exuded by Siamese cats

62. Naviya: Sanskrit name meaning “new,” signifying the Siamese cat’s playful and inquisitive nature

63. Nebula – Evoking the cosmic beauty and ethereal presence of Siamese cats

64. Nimbus – Inspired by the fluffy clouds, reflecting the cat’s ethereal beauty

65. Nova: Latin for “new,” representing a Siamese kitten’s fresh beginnings

66. Nyx: Greek goddess of the night, symbolizing the mysterious and enchanting allure of Siamese cats

67. Orion (The prominent constellation and hunter)

68. Pandora: From Greek mythology, symbolizing curiosity and adventure

69. Phoenix – Symbolizing resilience and rebirth, perfect for a Siamese cat’s spirited nature

70. Prince: Fit for the royal demeanor of your Siamese feline

71. Princess: A name that celebrates your Siamese cat’s grace and poise

72. Qing (Chinese for “azure” or “blue-green”)

73. Sabeen: Arabic name meaning “morning breeze,” evoking the gentle and soothing presence of Siamese cats

74. Sapphire: Reflecting the gemstone’s deep blue hue, perfect for those mesmerizing Siamese eyes

75. Seraphina: Meaning “fiery ones” in Hebrew, highlighting the cat’s lively and affectionate demeanor

76. Seren: Welsh name meaning “star,” evoking celestial imagery

77. Soren: Of Scandinavian origin, meaning “stern” or “severe,” contrasting the Siamese cat’s affectionate and sociable demeanor

78. Sphinx: Inspired by the mythical creature, fitting for a Siamese cat with riddles in its eyes

79. Spellbound – Reflecting the mesmerizing effect Siamese cats often have on their admirers

80. Stardust – Reflecting the cat’s enchanting presence, like shimmering particles in the night sky

81. Surya: Sanskrit name for the sun, signifying warmth and radiance, akin to the Siamese cat’s sunny disposition

82. Taji: Swahili name meaning “crown,” highlighting the Siamese cat’s regal bearing and graceful demeanor

83. Toffee: For cats with toffee colored points ”

84. Tamsin: Of Cornish origin, meaning “twin,” reflecting the Siamese cat’s close bond with its human companions

85. Tango – Symbolizing the cat’s graceful movements and agility

86. Thalia: Greek name meaning “blooming” or “to flourish,” embodying the vibrant energy and playful spirit of Siamese cats

87. Thalassa: Derived from Greek mythology, meaning “sea,” reflecting the Siamese cat’s blue eyes

88. Vashti: Persian name meaning “beautiful,” emphasizing the cat’s stunning appearance

89. Veda (Sanskrit for “knowledge,” reflecting their intelligence)

90. Whisper – Capturing the gentle and quiet demeanor of Siamese cats

91. Willow – Inspired by the graceful and flexible nature of willow trees, reflecting the cat’s lithe physique

92. Xanadu (A fabled paradise, fit for a royal Siamese)

93. Yara: Derived from Brazilian folklore, representing the Siamese cat’s agility and grace, akin to a small forest spirit

94. Zale (Greek for “surge of the sea,” reflecting their vocal range)

95. Zena: Variation of “Xena,” meaning “hospitable” in Greek

96. Zeus: The Greek god of the sky and thunder. He was the first god and king of gods on Mount Olympus

97. Zenith: Referring to the highest point, reflecting the Siamese cat’s regal posture and lofty presence

98. Zephyr (A light, melodious breeze)

99. Zephyrine: Feminine form of Zephyr, embodying the cat’s delicate yet spirited nature

100. Zori: Japanese name meaning “radiance” or “sunrise”

Naming Tips

Choosing the perfect name for your new fur baby whether a kitten or an adult is an exciting process. It’s especially important to give a suitable name for a shelter pet who needs a new name. The shelter may not know what their previous name was.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you in selecting a cat name:

  1. Don’t Rush: Take your time. Your new kitten doesn’t need a name right away. Enjoy the process and get to know your pet. Eventually, the right name will come to you. It’s like a special gift or sixth sense that often accompanies adopting a new kitten.
  2. Get to Know Their Personality: Spend time bonding with your kitten. Observe their behavior and interactions with the world. Is your kitten aloof and shy? Consider sweet and gentle names like “Blush” or “Bambi.” If they’re full of energy, names like “Rascal” or “Bizzy” might suit them better.
  3. Find Inspiration in Their Appearance: Your kitten’s appearance and breed can inspire their name. Consider their color, pattern, and physical features.
  4. Choose Something They Can Grow Into: Think about the longevity of the name. Some names are perfect for tiny kittens but may seem odd as your cat grows up. Imagine calling a 17-pound cat “Nermal” (like Garfield’s nemesis). Consider how the name will fit as they mature.
  5. Keep It Short and Sweet: Opt for names with two syllables or less. Short names are easier for your cat to learn and recognize. Names that end with a vowel sound tend to stand out when you call them.
  6. Consider Personal Significance: If a name has special meaning to you, go for it! Just be prepared to use an abbreviated version for everyday use if it’s too long.

Remember, your cat’s name will become a cherished part of their identity, so choose something that resonates with you and captures their unique essence! And remember, you will likely glean nicknames from the name.

For more inspiration, explore mythology, literature, or even pop culture to find that magical name that feels just right.

The Secret Sauce of Using Numerology

Choosing a cat’s name using numerology can add an extra layer of meaning and energy to your feline companion. Numerology is the study of energy and vibrations associated with numbers, and each single-digit number holds its own unique characteristics. Here’s how you can name your pet using numerology:

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the ancient practice of assigning meanings to numbers. Each number has a unique vibrational energy connected to letters of the alphabet that influences the name associated with it.

The core numerological values for humans differ from those of pets. Humans have personal growth and spiritual goals, while pets focus on temperament and instinctual behavior.

Calculate the Destiny Number

The Destiny Number is derived from the letters in your pet’s name. Each letter corresponds to a numeric value.

A Pythagorean numerology chart typically assigns numerical values to letters based on their position in the alphabet.

The basic Pythagorean numerology chart:

1 A J S

2 B K T

3 C L U

4 D M V

5 E N W

6 F O X

7 G P Y

8 H Q Z

9 I R

In this chart, each letter is assigned a number from 1 to 9 based on its position in the alphabet. For example, the letter A is assigned the number 1, B is 2, and so on. If a name or word contains multiple letters, you would add up the corresponding numbers to get the overall numerical value.

Add up the values until you get a single-digit number.

Example: Nyx




They add up to 18. Double digit numbers are always reduced to single digits. 1+8=9. So Nyx is a 9. A spiritually evolved old soul.

Destiny Numbers


Each single-digit number has a unique meaning:

Number 1 (Sun): Represents independence, leadership, and individualistic spirit.

Number 2 (Moon): Symbolizes harmony, cooperation, and sensitivity.

Number 3(Jupiter): Associated with creativity, communication, and social interactions.

Number 4 (Uranus): Signifies stability, practicality, and groundedness.

Number 5 (Mercury): Represents adaptability, curiosity, and versatility.

Number 6 (Venus): Linked to love, nurturing, and balance.

Number 7 (Neptune): Associated with intuition, spirituality, and introspection.

Number 8 (Saturn): Symbolizes authority, ambition, and material success.

Number 9 (Mars): Signifies passion, humanitarianism, and transformation.

Choose a Name with the Desired Energy:

Based on the Destiny Number, select a name that aligns with the traits you want your pet to exhibit.

For example, if you want a confident and outgoing cat, consider names associated with Number 1 (Sun).

I’ve found number 5 cats to be more skittish, easily bored or nervous.

Leader Cat (Number 1):

This regal feline exudes confidence and authority, effortlessly commanding the attention of both humans and fellow felines alike. With a natural knack for leadership, they navigate their environment with unwavering determination, often paving the way for others to follow.

They need to be top cat.

Harmony Cat (Number 2):

Serene and diplomatic, the Harmony Cat is the easy going peacemaker of the feline world. Their gentle demeanor and innate ability to understand others make them the go-to mediator in any situation, ensuring that tranquility prevails wherever they roam. They do well with a multi-cat household.

Playful Cat (Number 3):

Bursting with boundless creative energy and an insatiable curiosity, the Playful Cat approaches life as one big adventure. Their infectious enthusiasm spreads joy to all those around them, turning even the most mundane moments into playful escapades.

Steadfast Cat (Number 4):

Grounded and reliable, the Steadfast Cat is the pillar of stability in any household. With a disciplined approach to life, these couch potatoes excel in maintaining order and structure, providing a sense of security to those in their care.

Adventurous Cat (Number 5):

Fearless and always on the lookout for excitement, the Adventurous Cat embodies the spirit of exploration. It’s go, go go! Whether scaling new heights or chasing shadows, they embrace every moment with gusto, inspiring awe in their fellow felines.

Nurturing Cat (Number 6):

Compassionate and nurturing, they are homebodies who dislike changes in their home or schedule.

They are the epitome of unconditional love. Their maternal instincts extend not only to their own offspring but also to other animals and even humans, making them a beloved caregiver to all.

Intuitive Cat (Number 7):

Enigmatic and deeply intuitive, the Mystic and Magical Cat dances to the rhythm of the unseen. With a profound connection to the mysterious forces of the universe, they possess an otherworldly wisdom that sets them apart from their peers.

Ambitious Cat (Number 8):

Driven by an insatiable thirst for success, the Ambitious Cat stops at nothing to achieve their goals. Their relentless determination whether hunting, strategizing to the top of the feline hierarchy, earning them admiration and respect from all who cross their path. Not good to mix with a #1 cat.

Free Spirit Cat (Number 9):

Independent and fiercely individualistic, the Free Spirit Cat marches to the beat of their own drum. Spiritually evolved and free by societal norms, they embrace their uniqueness wholeheartedly, inspiring others to embrace their own authenticity.


Consider the Pet’s Behavior and Instincts:

Remember that pets make decisions based on instinct, so focus on temperament and behavior when choosing a name.

Ensure the name resonates with your pet’s energy and enhances their well-being.

Remember, numerology is a fun and meaningful way to choose a name for your pet. Whether you’re analyzing an existing name or selecting a new one, consider the vibrational energy associated with each number.

For more inspiration, explore astrological cat names based on zodiac signs or elements, they can add an extra magical touch!


  • Ingrid Rickmar

    PIpo was namewd after a siamese cat that belonged to my aunt, many years before him.
    When we got our MInko, he was very dirty, flea covered and stinky. (We rescued him from a deplorable sutuation…)
    So I thought to call him stinky Minky. but that really wasn’t nice, (LOL), so we called him Minko instead.
    Groughco came to us as a seven year old, he was mostly not grouchy, in fact he was a sweet mentor to 3 kittens, and outlived two of them, sadly enough. We kept the name, because he already knew it, and he was born on Oct 2, the same as Groucho Marx, and also our oldest son.
    Simba was named after the lion in the movie, the Lion KIng. He was brave, and adventuresome, and knew no strangers.
    Suki was named after a kitty that my sister knew from her childhood…actually it was Suki Laila! Suki means beloved or Lily, and Laila means Dark and she sure a=was a dark sealpoint! (Beloved Dark Lily….she was a true Diva, and the only female kitty we had.)
    Toki came into the house, (as a teeny kitten), and hubby immediately exclaimed, Tom Kitten! (We were reading those Beatrix Potter stories to our boys back then), so we shortened it to Toki….later I Learned that in Korean it means Little Rabbit! LOL! He was NOT little in form or personality! LOL!

    If we ever get another cat we should consult you for a name, you’ve come up with some great ones!

  • Andrea

    My ebony OSH (basically a black Siamese) was named because my family has always liked Ancient Egyptian stories. Of course, it started with the cattery name of his mother then it was Nile’s Mereruka. Nile was the first cat my family had when we moved to an acreage and Mereruka was an Ancient Egyptian priest. I called him Ruka for short.

  • Amy Harlib

    Interesting list of names. Was hoping for more in the Thai language.

    The numerology/astrology aspects of naming are fascinating.


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