Friday Fun, FurCodes Giveaway & Bonus

It’s Friday and time for fun! We have two winners for our World’s Best Cat Litter giveaway and a new giveaway from our friends at FurCodes (scroll down). Plus a art journal giveaway at our other blog The Boomer Muse.

Congratulations to Goodness Gracie, you have won prize pack #1 and congrats to Tessa Brinkman-Gilmartin, you’ve won prize pack #2!

1) Prize pack includes: one bag of World’s Best Cat Litter of your choice, a cat litter scoop, a kitty litter pad and a very cool, exclusive WBCL t-shirt.

2) Prize pack includes two bags of World’s Best Cat Litter of your choice of three kinds: clumping, clumping multiple cat or clumping lavender scented.

The entire Cat Wisdom 101 gang is enjoying the garden and it looks like an extra big raspberry harvest this year (at least until the birds begin feasting). Merlin is the official raspberry snooperviser. The rest of the gang would rather catch a scent more earthy…like rodent.


Odin, our official product tester has been hard at work!


FurCodes has designed some gorgeous new ID tags integrated with collars for dogs and we received a groovy one with peace signs to try out. FurCodes are the ultimate in smart pet ID tags for cat and dogs. All necessary pet info is available with a scan of a smartphone.

This collar was a little too big for Odin but fit big boy Domino purrfectly. A cat-sized collar is in the works but until then, FurCodes is offering our readers a chance to win three Furcodes of your choice: collar or ID tags for cats or dogs.


What we love is are the fun, new ID tag shapes and collar designs. Even if your cat is micro-chipped, we like the added security of wearing an ID collar when traveling to the vet. If traveling a greater distance, we recommend having a separate FurCode tag on the carrier. We recommend having FurCodes for every fur member of the family and included in an emergency evacuation kit.

To enter our FurCodes giveaway, simply leave a comment at this post anytime before 11:59 PM July 19, 2012. Three lucky winners will be announced on July 20. Good luck!


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32 thoughts on “Friday Fun, FurCodes Giveaway & Bonus”

  1. Awesome products……I was up to six kitties last weekend, thankfully got my two fosters adopted and in their new wonderful home. Getting another foster this weekend and hoping to find another fantastic home for him !

  2. What a great giveaway! I am so glad I found this blog! I have six furbabies & my neighbor and I take care of the outside feral cats as well!

  3. Concats winners! Great product testing yet again Odin.
    The id tags and collars sound great and we would luv to win some! Luvs and kitty kisses Skeeter and Izzy >^#^<

  4. Odin’s a great product tester! Congrats to the winners 🙂

    Am I alone in thinking collars can be dangerous for cats? I can’t see Austin wearing one now anyway, but have heard stories of them getting caught on things when the cat jumps 🙁

  5. D-2 says he can’t wait so he can see how good he looks in that beautiful collar. Jonquil and Emily say, “Forget the beauty products; send treats!”

  6. Raspberry…mmm sounds good! The ID collar looks great. Our kids don’t usually go outside, but it’s great when travelling to the vet or store!

  7. I love the idea. Both my kids are microchipped, but this would be an absolutely wonderful addition. I’m looking forward to winning!! :-))

  8. I’m very glad to see innovative products like this designed to keep cats safe who like spending time outside.

  9. Your boys are so cute in collars. Ours wouldn’t stand for it.

    And they never go outside.

    Major city life. Too many cars, skunks, coyotes, racoons, everything. We have a bird whistle in the house we use to keep them excited.

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