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The Meaning of Cat Lady Day Today

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The Meaning of Cat Lady Day Today by Layla Morgan Wilde

April 19 is Cat Lady Day but what does it really mean for cat ladies? I’m here to share new ways celebrate.


Yes, I’m a proud cat lady and have been my entire life. But I’m also a cat person, cat lover, cat mom and cat advocate. What does this all mean in 2024? Identifying as a cat lady means embracing and celebrating a deep connection with cats.

cat lady day today


It’s about finding joy, companionship, and fulfillment in the presence of feline companions, whether you have one cat or a whole clowder.


Being a cat lady is not just about owning cats; it’s about embodying traits such as compassion, empathy, and nurturing, as well as appreciating the unique bond between humans and cats.

I’ve explored this bond here since 2011. And I created some fun images for Cat Lady Day last year that you’re welcome to share. Plus new ones with a little help from ai and then regular editing.



Identifying as a cat lady is a statement of pride in one’s love for cats and a rejection of outdated stereotypes that may have once attached negative connotations to the term.

It’s about embracing the role of caregiver, advocate, and friend to our feline companions, and finding community among fellow cat lovers who share the same passion.

We’re not afraid or ashamed to wear cat ears or look silly. I’ve been to countless events wearing cat ears+.


cat lady day


The Evolution of the Cat Lady

As a lifelong cat lover and fervent advocate for our feline friends, I’ve witnessed the evolution of the term “crazy cat lady” from its stigma-laden origins to its modern-day celebration. Historically, the concept of a cat lady conjured images of recluses, eccentric spinsters, or even witches surrounded by a horde of cats. These stereotypes, rooted in societal misconceptions and often perpetuated by media portrayals, painted a narrow and disparaging picture of women who shared their lives with multiple cats.


crazy cat lady


However, as society has evolved, so too has our perception of cat ladies.Today, being a cat lady is not a mark of eccentricity, but rather a badge of honor proudly worn by individuals who cherish their feline companions.

modern cat lady

Yes, we’ve come a long way. In recent years, there has been a notable shift in how society perceives cat ladies. Instead of being viewed as solitary figures on the fringes of society, they are celebrated for their compassion, empathy, and unwavering dedication to their feline companions. Cat ladies come in all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles, united by their love for cats and dedication to their well-being.


Pop Culture’s Role in Reshaping Narratives

cat lady day poem

Pop culture has played a pivotal role in reshaping the narrative around cat ladies from debunking outdated stereotypes and celebrating the unique bond between women and their cats. Celebrities like cat lady Taylor Swift have elevated cat ladies to the epitome of cool.


The Power of Social Media

cat lady influencer


The rise of social media has provided a platform for cat ladies to connect, share their experiences, and challenge stereotypes. From Instagram influencers to YouTube vloggers, cat ladies are leveraging digital platforms to foster communities, advocate for cat welfare, and celebrate the joy of living with cats.

Even the act of me creating this blog post today is very different from a few years ago.

cat lady cartoon

Celebrating Progress and Looking Ahead

cat lady day card


Cat Lady Day serves as a reminder to honor and uplift these remarkable individuals who enrich our lives with their love for cats. And what cat doesn’t want more love?


As we commemorate Cat Lady Day, let’s celebrate the progress we’ve made in redefining the concept of a cat lady. Let’s continue to challenge stereotypes, embrace diversity, and champion the bond between women and their beloved feline companions. After all, being a cat lady isn’t just about the number of cats you have—it’s about the love, compassion, and joy they bring into your life.


Creative Ways to Celebrate Cat Lady Day

how to celebrate cat lady day


  1. **Host a Cat-Themed Movie Night:** Gather your fellow cat lovers and watch classic cat-centric films like “The Aristocats,” “Homeward Bound,” or “Keanu.” Serve cat-shaped treats and have a purr-fect time!


  1. **Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter:** Spend the day giving back to the feline community by volunteering at a nearby animal shelter. Help with tasks like cleaning, socializing with the cats, or even fostering a furry friend in need.


  1. **Organize a Cat Fashion Show:** Embrace your inner fashionista and dress up your feline friends in stylish outfits. Host a fun cat fashion show and invite your friends and family to admire the catwalk.

Get creative! This would make a fun cat lady birthday card.


  1. **Create a Cat-Inspired Art Project:** Channel your artistic side and create cat-themed artwork, such as paintings, sculptures, or even knitted or crocheted cat toys. Display your creations proudly or gift them to fellow cat lovers.

My cat Otto thinks he’s the king and larger than life. Ha, he’s right!

cat lady goals


  1. **Host a Cat Trivia Night:** Test your knowledge of all things feline by organizing a cat trivia night. Invite friends, neighbors, and cat enthusiasts to compete for fun prizes and bragging rights as the ultimate cat expert.


meow magic-cat lady t-shirts-mugs

SHOP for a new Cat Lady t-shirt or something fun from my shop. I’m horrible about promoting my shop but I did design 3 new cat lady items. They are for cat ladies of all kinds but maybe more classy, sassy and a bit badassy!

Sassy Sparkle Cat Lady T These aren’t real sequins but add a bit of rainbow colored sass.

Personally I like a simple, classic design on white like this elegant one with a hint of sass. A Touch of Cat Lady Class

Only one new mug but it’s for a magical cat lady. Know one? Cat Lady Magic Mug


What does being a cat lady mean to you?

Whatever you end up doing I wish you a very happy Cat Lady Day!

xo, Layla, Odin and Otto.

happy cat lady day card


  • Skeeter And Izzy

    To me being a Cat Lady means loving someone (yes I refer to Cats as Someone not something :)) more than you love yourself and being willing to put them first and give all to them if necessary.
    It is both an honor and privilege to be CALLED a Cat Lady but an even greater one to actually BE one.
    Luvs to all !
    Happy Cat Lady Day !
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang and the Blessed Little Angels >^..^^..^<~

  • Memories of Eric and Flynn

    Even though we no longer have cats I still consider myself a cat lady. When I was told the cancer had metastatisized and had 2-3 years we decided to do as much as we could in that time. It wouldn’t be fair to a rescue cat to keep leaving it and stressing it. If I had known I would still be here over 7 years later it might have been a different story. BTW I have to go for an extra scan tomorrow as the last one wasn’t so good. I really miss having cats to love and cuddle. Your illustrations are lovely.
    An airing cupboard is where the immersion heater is and we keep clean towels and items waiting to be ironed in it. Flynn found himself a good spot for a nap.

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