My Cat’s Life: Book Giveaway Plus

The secret recipe for success of Chicken Soup For The Soul is simple. Did that alliteration wake up your tongue on this lazy Sunday? Seriously, the Chicken Soup franchise works because everyone knows it’s feel good stories served up in small nuggets, namely 101.

We’re giving away a copy of My Cat’s Life: 101 Stories about All the Ages and Stages of Our Feline Family Members in a random draw next Sunday. To enter to win simply leave a comment anytime at this post until 11:59 PM July20, 2012. Good luck!

My Cat's Life-chicken soup for the soul-giveaway

This book clearly demonstrates the human-cat bond from young kittens to old cats on their way to the Rainbow bridge and beyond. There’s something for everyone and one of the best in the Chicken Soup For The Soul cat series.

The human-cat bond is clearly demonstrated by the recently naughty Odin and his cat daddy.


Hubby was calling Odin to come inside and he always responds, but this time Odin thought he’d play a game. Combine a warm summer evening, two pet parents and a favorite neighbor’s garden and it’s game on! I’ve learned not to play his game. If we’re both calling and trailing him, he gets hyper-excited, dashes over hedges and darts under our feet, luring us closer and closer in a game of cat and mouse and guess who the mouse is? I usually indulge him for a while but this time, I backed off and after two minutes, Odin got the message and jumped up to scent-bond with his dad. “Here I am, what’s for dinner?”

Note: the flank rubbing and head butting or bunting leaves traces of pheromones, in this case, on hubby. We can’t smell the pheromones secreted from a cat’s scent glands. Our way of leaving our scent on them is by petting a cat. What appears as affectionate behavior is simply cat communication 101.

After Odin responds to our calls to come, he always rubs up against us to re-establish our bond when he’s been out of his territory. The rubbing or scent-bonding identifies us as part of his family. We pet him in return and all is well.


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35 thoughts on “My Cat’s Life: Book Giveaway Plus”

  1. Annie, my calico, will only “mark” myself and my daughter, while Mikey, the baby, will “claim” everyone as his own. Georgy and Bailey fall somewhere in between. They would all love for me to win this book— I read the Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover’s Soul and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope you and your furry ones have a great day!

  2. I like how you described the scent bonding. Re establishment as part of their family….yes that is a very apt way to put it. Abby repeatedly wants me to put my hand down so she can scent mark me. I am so conditioned to this when I present my hand to the others, they look at me like I’m an alien. Each cat his/her own way.

  3. Audrey says, “I like to leave my pheromones on mom when she’s in the bathroom. It’s the only time that my stinky brothers don’t get in the way! Plus mom will give me a hair band for me to scoot all around the floor!! Wheeeeee! I pick them up and carry them around like a kitten and hide them under the living room couch! hehehehe Please put my mom in for the drawing!!

  4. My first kitty, Leia, played that game with me too! And always when I was in a hurry. That’s a cute pic of you and Odin, Layla. I love books, so please enter me in the drawing. And thanks for coming to our Gotcha Day celebration. We were so happy you could make it!

  5. We have five CHICKEN SOUP books in our bookcase, but not this one. I can’t believe I never ran across this edition, I would have bought it for sure. It would be a welcome addition to our collection. I’m certain that my kitties are hoping to be able to leave their mark it too, while I’m trying to read it, of course!

  6. A good book is always a welcome addition at our house! Izzy sometimes likes to play the chase game at nigh too. We would probably be amazed if we could be sprayed with some kind of chemical like the luminol on CSI and have the pheromone markings show up. Luvs ya all really really much Skeeter and Izzy >^@@^< CSI…Cat Scene Investigators

  7. Uh, uh…we want to be included for this amazing prize draw. Sasa would love to hear me read this book to her. I like the photo of Odin rubbing on his cat daddy. Very affectionate.

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