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Keep Cats Safe As They Rule The World This Summer

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Keep Cats Safe As They Rule The World This Summer by Clyde. Yes, I am a cat.


We’ve revised our Summer Safety Guide for Cats for 2017

because you can never be too safe when preparing to rule the world. Our guide has practical tips for everything from under the sun, literally! Personally, I have zero interest in hiking, pool parties or picnics unlike my predecessor mentor, Merlin

cat picnic

but summer fun can be fraught with dangers you need to know about. Odin, like many cats is all about me, me, me and mine. Everything belongs to him and that includes poison ivy, bees, ticks, the wild turkey he chased the other day and the baby blue jay. Layla saved the fledgling but not before the blue jay’s family gave Odin a loud nose bomb chorus of NIMBY. Odin of course did not listen because…


he believes cats rule the world. A cute cat meme went viral recently but it’s nothing new. The cat coughing up a hairball (or is it playing ball with Australia?) went viral on Reddit over three years ago. I played with the meme because I’m a cat and it’s my feline prerogative.


And then an artist from Russia who loves New York, sent us a kitty map he’d made. Maybe cats need to be the peace bridge between Russia and the U.S.? Thank you Serghei Pakhomov. He makes brilliant sculptures out of pasta and old watches. He’s cat lover and you can see more of his quirky humor, art and cat on Facebook.


That’s the kind of week it’s been. And we might actually have our book on Amazon this week barring a cold war or more stranger-than-fiction madness. What a long strange trip it’s been and one you’ll read about in a memoir. Don’t worry, I won’t be writing it. I’m working on another project. Top secret for now.

Much love,


and my comrades in paws, Domino, Odin and Nou Nou who has a secret life and fellow one-eyed boyfriend on Instagram. Who knew? What’s weirder is the first two accounts who liked the pic at blackcats_of_the_house_cimbala happen to be featured in our book. The dashing Leopold from @kata.ivan and the supermeowdel are two of the 100 amazing black cats featured.




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