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A shocking one in six adults believe that Friday the 13th poses a greater risk of bad luck than black cats, broken mirrors and spilled salt. Friday the 13th is a the top of the list of our collective triskaidekaphobia. 

You’d think in our era of sophisticated tech, cutting-edge science that old superstitions would vanish but they don’t. Science has taught us that anything repeated frequently enough becomes true. Hello, fake news. Our brains want to make sense of the unknowable and believing even half-heartedly that saying certain words, not walking under ladders or carrying a lucky charm wards might ward off bad luck, we do it.

This is the second Friday the 13th this year and being so close to Halloween, it’s always good to be pre-emptive with our cats. It’s rare but when a psycho tortures and kills cats for fun, I’d rather not take any chances. Clyde says black cats are more likely to be targeted. I did a radio interview which will air tomorrow morning at 9 am on Pet Expert Radio and I realized how embedded black cat superstition is in our culture, and it’ll like take a few more generations to reverse it.

In the meantime, if you have the tiniest bit of fear around Friday the 13th, let’s turn it around with some charming old black cat luck starting with a lucky black cat poem. Clyde says he wrote it but I don’t believe it.

This old black cat has come to you,

Bearing my greetings and wishes true.

May Fortune may all your efforts bless,

With the best of good luck and happiness




Don’t have any lucky amulets? Here’s a lucky coin to print out and stick it in your wallet.


















The only thing better than one lucky black cat is 100 black cats and you can buy a copy of our book on sale at Barnes and Noble. Who knows when Amazon will offer a discount if at all. They say they are out of  stock but I didn’t want it for sale officially until a bunch of Amazon reviews are up by the 24th.

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Black Cats Tell All: True Tales And Inspiring Images is a big beautiful book and we priced it as low as possible. Amazon got the pre-order date wrong and there are third party vendors selling it already. Keep in mind if you do buy from an Amazon third party vendor, we make zero profit. What would be HUGELY appreciated are AMAZON reviews before Oct. 24.  I’m just beginning to get the word out so anything you can do to help will ultimately help cats.

Thank you and may your day be LUCKY!




12 thoughts on “Friday the 13th Lucky Cat Charms”

  1. We love black cats, and the superstitions have it all wrong. Our housepanther Gracie (and her angel sister, Zoe) have infused our lives with happiness, love and good fortune. Happy Friday the 13th to you!

  2. we decided to stay at home… but the haunted friday came to us anyway… glad it is over as soon as we pondered about the bad things what could happen, they actually came … weird LOL

  3. Hard to believe we’ve already gotten 13 days into October! Where does the time go? Think I’ll get on home soon, and hug all of the cats…black or otherwise…that I can find!

  4. My human forgot until yesterday that today is Friday the 13th! She doesn’t care much. It’s just another day around here. If we had a black cat, we would throw a party.

  5. Layla,
    our day is the luckiest as is every day because we know and love CATS!!!!!!! We are lucky and blessed to have cats in our lives.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

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