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Astro-Kitty:The Cancerian Cat

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The sign of Cancer is from June 22 to July 22 is ruled by the moon, it’s element is water and it’s symbol, the crab. For sixteen years I shared my life with the sweetest Cancerian Siamese cat, but like all the zodiac signs there are two sides to their purrsonality. Cancerian kitties like other the water signs Pisces and Scorpio are sensitive and intuitive.

All cats have mystical side to them but a Cancer knows what you’re thinking before you do and will be purring up a storm if it’s about food or treats. They love good food but watch the catnip before the full moon, or you’ll have crazy cat on your hands. That’s the flip side of the sign. Just as the moon has many phases, crab cats’ mood can change on a dime. One minute, they’re cuddly lovebugs, the next minute, they’re off with a swish of their tails to sulk.

They will know the instant if there are plans for a vacation or a trip to the vet. Don’t try to hide it. Talk to them calmly about what’s happening in detail. They’re super psychic sponges and will mirror your anxiety, so stay calm. They hate change more than other cats. A cat sitter would preferable to boarding and mobile vet who makes house calls ideal.

The best way to make them less moody and more happy is giving them consistency. These homebodies want the same schedule in the same cozy house forever. Home is everything to them. They are the least likely to roam or seek adventure down the block. They like soft blankets, cozy baskets where they can hide like crabs under their shell when things get too hectic or noisy.







There’s a certain roundness about them even if not overweight. Their digestion can be sensitive, so watch their diet. All cats benefit from probiotics for their digestion for but especially Cancerians. Place their food and water in a quiet, private area. Ruled by water, they love drinking fountains, water faucets, the whoosh of a toilet. They will even tolerate baths.

Creatures of the night, they love skulking and meowing under a moonlit night or a safer choice, sitting by a window. Nurturing and maternal, they are especially fertile. All the more reason to keep them spayed/neutered and indoors at night.

Usually sweet and good-natured, they tend to be conflict avoidant, good with kids, the ill and the elderly. Being as sensitive as they are, don’t you dare laugh at them. They can be clingy and will lash out or be crabby if not treated well. These soulful crab cats if socialized early will be affectionate companions for many moons.


  • Lia

    My cancer-kitty definitely holds a lot of these traits! – But I think her being a tortoiseshell changes some of her characteristics/personality traits a little. She’s VERY feisty and will pretend like she will fight you, does not like children or strangers, nor is she kind and affectionate to anyone but me and my boyfriend whom she loves dearly and very loyally. Pretty much all my friends hate her, but to me she is the sweetest little bundle of crazy and I love her to death.

  • Timmy Tomcat

    My Catness you have nailed me 100%. I love sameness and hop up to lay against Dads leg every night he is home. I am not round but all are amazed at my weight of 14.5# that is solid Timmy, MOL. Conflict is no fun and I keep the peace around the house as much as I can with 6 other furs.
    Thank Mew
    Timmy Tomcat

  • Bernadette

    I’m now absolutely certain that my Namir was a Cancer! Sensitive, intuitive, inviting everyone into his home, extremely affectionate, and very slender but always with a graceful curve to his body. He did absolutely adore it when I began working at home.

  • Penelope

    Hmm. That is really interesting. My Hairy slobbery sister Bob is a Cancer and she is all of those things! She is pretty sweet most of the time, but boy she can get crabby!

  • Abby

    Abby is a crab kitty and believe me the split second personality changes make me think she is possessed sometimes. SHE does not like to be tease AT ALL and she will let you know if she thinks you are laughing at her.


  • meowmeowmans

    We’ve always adopted our cats from shelters when they were adults, so we don’t know when they were born. But I’d have to say that parts of this description fit Moosey pretty well. And Angel Graphite, too. Especially the vacation and psychic sponge parts!

  • Tamago

    What a fun to learn about the crab cat! My boys are not cancerian but one of them loves the same cozy home and doesn’t seek adventure. But he never tolerates baths…definitely not crab cat 🙂

  • Sparkle

    I’m a Cancerian kitty, born June 24, and you left one thing out about our physicality: you know how many Cancer women are either big busted or flat chested? Cancer kitties are either rounded and cuddly, OR angular and not-cuddly… like me! Even as a fluffy Somali, I pretty much don’t have curves except when I curve my tail!

    • boomermuse

      That’s a good point. It’s true about what you say about human Cancerians but it’s been my experience most Cancerian cats do have moon-like roundness. In your case, you are on the cup of Gemini which might explain the angularity. Ultimately it’s the rising sign/ascendant that determines physical appearance and we only cover sun signs(for now).

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