Top 10 Tips For Finding Lost Cats

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Cats have a way of finding us when we least expect it. Some are luckier than others and find what they’re looking for. Last Friday, a cat swirled around the legs of my husband and his two friends as they smoking cigars on the porch of the office. They admired the beautiful cat but I’m the one who received the call from hubby, “What should I do. It won’t go home.”

I arrived with food which the cat ate but not ravenously. It looked healthy enough and wore a collar but with no ID. He sneezed and I thought, better to leave him over night. I made a bed under a lawn chair and decided if he was still there in the morning, we’d bring him to the vet a block away. Sure enough, there he was and off he went to be scanned for a microchip. Nothing. This would have had a quick happy ending by simply having a microchip. The vet said his sniffles were a virus and that he was a young neutered Bengal. All the shelters were full so you can guess the rest.

Bengal Boy or B.B. (he refuses to tell me his name) is contagious and isolated in our kitchen and dining room. He’s still snuffly but not as congested and is eating, napping and playing happily. He has none of the fear or anxiety of a lost or abandoned cat and it remains to be seen whether he’s cat #6 in our household. I’ve done everything possible to find his guardians. It appears they don’t want to find him. For others who are terrified at the thought of a missing cat, I suggest being prepared. All cats, even if they don’t go outdoors need identification, ideally a microchip. You never know when the opportunity to escape can occur. Again, all cats benefit from training; at the very least learning to respond to the “come” command.

Of the many cats I’ve known over the years, I’ve lost four. Two never returned. I know the heartbreak of looking for and missing a beloved cat. My cat Coco (Merlin’s sister) went missing many years ago in Toronto. I canvassed the neighborhood, put up posters and felt her presence nearby. I kept looking and calling but she was stuck up a tree, so high up I couldn’t see her and she refused to make a sound. Finally, after being in said tree for two days and two nights, someone called me from the flyer who said he’d seen her. A neighbor found the longest ladder I’d ever seen and since the fire department didn’t rescue cats, I put my fear of heights on hold and climbed up and down the tree, dangling Coco from my outstretched arm to avoid being shredded. A small crowd cheered. Coco went on to other adventures but neither she nor Merlin ever climbed another tree.

Cats have a natural homing instinct which in some cases have guided cats to travel hundreds of miles back to their home. Depending on the situation the results can differ. A shy indoor cats tend not to travel far. While an adventurous indoor/outdoor cat is more likely to roam. A  fearful cat may not trust their inner compass and get confused.

When I moved to my last home in Canada, Merlin escaped into the woods as soon as the movers left. Exhausted after a long day, I had no choice but to go looking for him. I knocked on neighbor’s doors and before long I had the entire street looking for him. Merlin returned at bedtime nonplussed as ever. “See mom, I wanted you to meet the neighbors and make new friends.” He never got lost again.

Top 10 Tips For Finding Lost Cats

1) Not all missing cats are lost or want to be found. Cats are notorious for hiding in impossible places. Before you assume kitty is missing, make a thorough search indoors, around the porch and garage armed with a flashlight and treats. This is when the cat training pays off. If a cat is injured, trapped or hyper stressed, they may not respond to a command but it improves the odds.  Yes, some cats leave home for whatever reason and don’t want to be found. Try anyway. The stats for lost cats returning home without intervention are about 2%. The odds are improved by having a microchip.

2) Don’t waste time. If you know your cat is missing, grab your cellphone with a photo of your cat uploaded, flashlight and treats and head out. Wear comfortable clothes and soft-soled shoes. Don’t panic. Breathe, try to be calm and think like a cat. If you were a cat where would you go? Begin around your house and spread out to the immediate neighbors on all sides. Where does your cat normally head? What is the most likely escape route? What are their favorite bushes or hiding spots? Crouch low under porches, scan high on roof lines and tree branches. Could something have recently happened to spook them? Construction or a new neighbor’s cat or dog? Or has anything happened recently in your home to upset them; like the chemicals from getting your carpets cleaned or bringing out suitcases for a trip?

3) While you’re searching, knocking on neighbor’s doors, asking pedestrians, showing the photo, you will be trespassing in neighboring gardens. This is no time to be shy. To save time, multi-task during the search: call your vet, all the other local vets and shelters and leave a missing cat report.

4) When you return home, leave food and water outside your door. Fearful cats will often slink out after dark. Go outside one last time to check and call their name before bedtime. You need to get your rest. Leaving no stone unturned to find your cat takes energy. In the quiet darkness, try to communicate with your cat. Imagine their face, call their name and connect heart to heart. Try to tune into where they might be. It may be a feeling, an image or sound. Reassure them that you will help get them home.

5) If you haven’t already made a missing cat poster, make one.  This where having millions of photos of your cat comes in handy. Pick a large close-up showing details of the face and another photo showing the entire body, ideally standing up.  If you’re not computer savvy, you can glue a photo on a piece of paper and use a marker by hand and print a stack of copies. If you are using a computer, use the largest font size possible for visibility at a distance. Color photos on neon bright paper show well use plastic page covers in case of rain. Include: your cat’s name, description, any special identifying marks or collar, when last seen and where, your phone and e-mail but for security reasons not your name, address or amount of reward in case you are offering one. I also like adding a strip of contact info at the bottom which several people can easily tear off.

6) Enlist family and friends to help post flyers and spread the word. Have push pins, tape and staple gun depending on the surface. The best posting spots include street intersection poles, local bulletin boards at grocery stores, library, laundromat and community center.

7) Post missing cats reports at online at Craigslist, local online newspapers like Patch etc. Use social networking like Facebook and Twitter.

8) Visit all you local shelters even if say they don’t have a cat of your description.

9) If you’ve recently moved, extend your search to your old neighborhood.

10) Persevere! Cats have returned weeks and months later. Keep networking, and asking neighbors if they’ve noticed anything. Keep your flyers or posters  fresh with a “Still Missing” header.

I hope you never lose a cat, but just in case, be prepared and make a copy of this list.

Do you know this Bengal boy? Let me know if you’ve seen him.bengal-cat-male


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  1. Last Sunday nite my 6 year old cat, Guntai went out and didn’t come home until today, Thursday. He has no collar to identify him. He’s a country cat and most cat in my place has no collar. I am so very sad. I raised him since small and he can actually understand me…instead of meowing i will talk to him and he’ll know what I am saying. i am sure many out there will say the same of their loved one. I picture Guntai to have a long long life and now he’s nowhere to be found. where i live we don’t have any animal shelter and the animal awareness like in your country is something to be envied. I dearly hope that God will protect and guide Guntai home. I pray that he is not hurt. I love you Guntai. I tell you that many times. Please come home.

  2. hello
    before 4 days my cat went out and didnt return, before she went alot of times and always she camed back but this time she didnt!!! :( since four days im waiting her pls help

  3. OMG – I was searching for something entirely different when I chanced upon this page and read the very good advise here. Then I saw the photo and I nearly fainted. That looks like my Tarzan!!! He went missing from our home in Granbury, TX just before the full moon in September 2011. Where was this cat found??? Is he my Tar-cat? Could it be??? I can’t tell from this blog where this article originated, but that cat looks exactly like my baby. Oh, I have missed him!

  4. Thank you! I just found my cat after she escaped yesterday morning. I’m shocked the coyotes didn’t get to her first. I’ve been searching non-stop and finally in the dark saw two eyes reflect the light from the flashlight. I thought it was probably a skunk, but it was her! She’s 10 years old, has always been an indoors only cat, has no hunting skills (can’t even kill a bug indoors), and is scared of almost everything. She definitely used at least one life, probably several. She’s very hungry and has some burrs, but otherwise appears none the worse for the adventure :-)

  5. Ugi went missing last July during that nasty summer. He couldn’t take it indoors apparently. I saw him nearly 24 hours after he escaped, but he bolted from me, after moving in my direction. Probably his way of showing he didn’t want to be indoors. He has nasal polyps it seems and that makes his breathing difficult. Anyway by the grace of God I got him back 34 days later! Skin and bones, patches of hair missing. Was found at least 10 miles from where he jumped ship.
    Ugi went missing again yesterday. Do I need anymore? Everyone around me said his returning was a miracle. I, although a believer, am a bit more skeptical. But I need another one of Jesus’ miracles now. I can’t take the thought of losing him after all we’ve been through. Too much. And forget all that psychic nonsense. It’ll accomplish nothing, and perhaps even hurt you. Trust in God.

    • Good heavens, it seems that most of the contributors to this thread have a series of issues they need to resolve. First, attempts to contact a missing cat via psychic means is at best harmless nonsense, and no doubt makes the human feel marvellous. The idea that some non-existant supernatural entity called a god – choose any number of names fron history – will help, is equally laughable, but again harmless nonsense, if it makes the human (like the cat, a member of an animal species) feel better.

      Cats do leave or get lost. Some friends of mine moved with their 3 mongrel cats and the younger one was appalled at the new home, and when they were let out after about 3 weeks for the first time, he left, end-of-story. They ‘found’ him about 2 months later sat on the large gate-post of a farm about 20kms away. He had taken to living in a barn and the owners thought he didn’t look feral so they took him in. The cat completely ignored my friends, so they left him there. And because both of them work and have children, they didn’t have the luxury of wandering aimlessly around the area trying to find the cat, they had other thngs in their life that were more important.

      Yes cats are great, they are incredibly athletic, beautiful killing machines, a genetic masterpiece, but they aren’t human children, as many people on this site seem to believe.

  6. This article really gave me a start when I saw the photo as our 6 year old Bengal cat disappeared on a beautiful spring day just a month ago and he looks almost identical to BB. I have done all things suggested here but no sightings or word despite all our efforts. The rest of my family has been able to move on, but I still dream of him every night. I also find myself imagining the many terrible things that could have happened to him and find the lack of closure very difficult. I had another cat that went missing years ago but found him at a shelter in a neighbouring town after 2 months so I never want to lose hope—-but your estimate of only 2% of lost cats being found is discouraging. All our efforts to keep him an indoor cat failed due to his exceptional determination to get out on a regular basis. Our other cat has become much more affectionate since he’s been gone as she clearly misses him too. Thanks for all the posts, it was comforting to read that others have had similar difficulties dealing with loss of their pet.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your Bengal boy. They are very athletic and feel he jumped somewhere high and really wanted to stretch. Keep looking. Someone may have found him as I did and either wants to keep him or hasn’t seen your lost posters. If you’re dreaming about him means there’s a deep connection and you can communicate while awake and ask how he is and what’s around him. Email me for more info.

      • hey i let my cat outside while i went to go buy cat food…..for him…. i’ve let him out in the past but this time it’s like he’s disappeared…… i even gave him a bath yesterday, first time he’d let me… now i originally found him abandoned……but now i’m crazy to find him as as i had asked god in the past to bring me love and appeared this cat…..and i’ve let him outside before but now, i can’t find him and he hasen’t shown up….. what should i do…i have a deep caring for this cat and don’t want to lose it………i actually love this cat……please help me………..also god if your listening please help me!

        any ideas would help…

  7. My heart is breaking tonight. One week ago tonight my precious ran out the door and disappeared into the night. Since then I’ve spent almost every moment looking putting up posters offering a hundred dollar reward and generally annoying every neighbor. I look at them all with suspicion. I appreciate your 10 tips. What do you think of psychic help? Sounds pretty crazy, but that’s what I am. When I close my eyes I see him in my dreams.

      • Nothing. I’ve combed every inch of the woods, searching for what I hope not to find. Walked all nearby highways and plastered the area with posters offering a reward. Wish I knew whether to stop or keep on…. Thanks for asking. Advice?

      • How would one go about connecting with a psychic that has a good track record of finding lost pets? Sounds pretty crazy but I’m out of ideas.

  8. My cat (of nearly 4years) She’s missing. It’s been 3 days of her disappearance. A local male cat continuously came to intimate with her for 4 days and she was trying to escape from him. Early in the morning she meowed me to open the door as usual, I did and then she didn’t return. My parents believes someone took her away but she’ve got collar so I guess that’s not true. I can’t give up. I did all I can.. Tomorrow m going to spiritual powered person to know about her whereabouts (though its superstitious I don’t want to leave any chance to get her back. I can do nothing but weep! :(
    Jelicileprinssy recently posted…Cats VS Dogs Art Exhibit & Fab Friday Finds

  9. Hey I don’t know what to do, My cat has gone missing now for 2 weeks. Sh’es ran away before and came back, but not this time. WE recently got a puppy….which I think is the cause…..and I’ve put up posters and talked to eall my neighbors. She’s 8 years old now and a manx……any tips? please….anything….any tip of something to do….

  10. Omg I wrote before about losing my cat and today I found him stuck in the wall outside. We smashed it up for 2 hours. We are still not sure if he is injured but tomorrow he has a vet appointment. I hope he is ok

  11. I know how you feel. My cat Snowy has been missing for 2 days. I know that’s not a lot but it still hurts. I really hope he comes back. My cousins cat Whiskars died in a car crash 3 months ago. Him and my cat were really close.

  12. Hello…just hoping for some advice as I’m freaking out. I just brought a 7 year old male ragdoll home from the RSPCA only four days ago. His previous owners were very neglectful and he had a long term double ear infection and flea infestation. He’s getting better but still not 100%. Apparently his previous owners kept him outside and didn’t really let him in, but of course I have kept him inside since bringing him home. He’s friendly but cautious and a very gentle boy. My fiancé opened the door and he bolted out and now we can’t find him, and I’m afraid that he doesn’t know us well enough to come back. In fact I’m sure he wouldn’t know where our house is and doesn’t consider it his home yet. I’ve looked all over our yard and some of the neighbors (it’s rather late at night so I didn’t go into everyone’s yard.) I’ve put his litter outside as well as some of his wet food, which he loves, to hopefully let him know where to come. Can you suggest anything else? I’m worried sick.

    • Hi again, not sure if you read your comments but just thought I’d post to let you know that I’ve found him. He was next door hiding and I opened a tin of salmon and that brought him running back!

        • I can’t tell you how happy, relieved, and thankful I was when I found him! I’m glad I found your website!! I will definitely start working on some training with him and I know he loves the outdoors so a lead/leash would be a great, safe option. I’ll have to read up on training a cat! Thanks again, Sarah

  13. Ahh this may clarify, I forgot most people have actual doors that lead to their basement. Mine are on hinges and swing unfortunately. I live across the street from a naval stadium which they are holding a game today. I’m worried about all these people and noise.

  14. I’m keeping the others locked in the bedroom since they discovered the window was broken as well and I’m scared I may have yet another missing cat if they go through it. I did a few sessions of going around and calling for him last night (7,9,11,1,3) with no luck. I don’t think he’s likely to meow back to my calls, but maybe hunger would change that. Thanks for the advise and here’s hoping he returns home soon!

  15. Hi there! Wednesday evening (11-13) when I returned home I was looking for one of my kitties when I noticed the basement window had broken. Since then I cannot find him anywhere. I have posted some flyers, talked with my immediate neighbors,visted the animal shelter each day, sent out an amber alert on I’m very worried because he has only gotten out once before, I noticed immediately and found him hiding under the ac unit. He’s neutered, very skittish, about 6 years old. Currently I have my other cats locked in a bedroom so that I can leave the broken window open in hopes that he may renter. Is that a good idea? Is there anything else I can do to try and find him? He has to be starving and freezing, I’m worried sick. Thank you

    • Hi Alison, since he’s done this before and if there are no sharp edges on the window, I’d keep it open but continue your search the basement and in the immediate area ( a few blocks) call loudly. I don’t think he’s wandered far. Not clear why the others need to be in the bedroom if the basement window is open? Let me know when he returns.
      Layla Morgan Wilde recently posted…Caturday Friends and Purrs Needed

  16. My indoor cat Gus was let outside last night after a friend came for a visit. He’s my one and only son, so loveable and we have a great bond. Immediately after reading your post I tried several of your ideas. It’s now after dark and I’ll give it another try for 5 minutes before bed. Thanks for the encouragement! I was also wondering if it’s possible we take our other cat outside and try for him to lead us to him if that would work or not?

    • Charlene, unless your other cat is leash-trained, I’d say no. Keeping calling loudly and look in every direction, up trees, down in crevices, everywhere. Look at his photo, focus on it and tune in, ask him what’s around him, a description of the location. Wait and see what pop up in your head. Tell Gus to stay calm and you’re trying to find him.
      Layla Morgan Wilde recently posted…The Elegance of the Cat: Book Giveaway

  17. I feel a lot better knowing there is people out there knowing how I’m feeling. My little girl Katrina went missing 3 weeks ago and I am absolutely devestated. We’ve been together for 10 years and I’m so saddened by her sudden dissapearance, just can’t understand it. I’ve put up posters, Ive done the old clothes thing, I’ve searched every corner of our neighbourhood. Will she come home by herself after all this time? She is incredibly shy and nervous and I cant imagine her allowing anybody to just pick her up and taking her out of her area. What am I gonna try next??? i refuse to give up hope!!!

    • Don’t give up. Cats return or are found months, sometimes years later. Keep canvassing the neighborhood, knocking on doors, asking if anyone has see her. Ask to check under porches, garages places where she might be stuck, look up tall tree branches. Don’t be shy about calling her name loudly, for 5 minutes a a time esp. near dusk and night. My sense is she’s not traveled far. Older females rarely do. Check every shelter esp kill shelters/vet clinics. Someone may have taken her in. Someone may have seen something. Email me privately and let me know other details, what was going on before she disappeared, her health etc.

  18. On Saturday around 5pm, my cat miley went missing. My uncle was over at my house, & miley got spooked and took off. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat.. So we didn’t think much of it until he never showed up the next morning. We started to get worried, we called for him all over the neighborhood, looked in backyards, looked in trees, put flyers up everywhere, we even go to the pound everyday… Miley is microchipped as well. We put food outside & his used litter box but still no sign. It’s day 5 that my baby has been missing and it’s taking a toll on me… He was just neutered about 2 weeks ago.. He’s such a sweet loving cat and he seemed to LOVE his home. I just don’t know why he won’t come back. We had a neighbor call us saying they spotted our cat in the nearby woods and I got there ASAP but I didn’t see him. It was such a heart breaking moment. I don’t know what else to do. I’m slowly giving up.

  19. My cat Romeo is a big car whose crate broke while walking to my car at my apartment complex. He’s been missing for 4 days now. I have looked every where. Neighbors have looked and I ask all the time if anyone has seen him. He’s been spotted by people but I go to where he’s been spotted and I never see him. I’m feeling discouraged. I actively look everyday and even pulled an all nighter looking for him. Still no luck. I have flyers everywhere.

  20. My cat has been missing for almost 3 months. She is an indoor cat, and this is her first time outside. I have made extensive contacts. But, now I’m concerned—she escaped about a month and a half after I moved, and you mentioned to extend my search to my old neighbor, I moved from out of state, and impossible to do. Why would you advise this?

    • I’m sorry to hear about your cat but happy you have not given up. Re: old neighborhood. if you can’t return, is there a neighbor or friend (perhaps a nearby school. Kids love helping) who can put up flyers? Send an updated flyer to your old vet, Animal Control, all the other local vets and shelters. If you are open to it, call an animal communicator. Keep me posted.
      Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom recently posted…So Many Cats Books, So Little Time

  21. My cat of 18 years Peanut went missing 2 nights ago and I’m a mess over it. I plan on trying some of these tips because I refuse to give up on her. Thank you.

  22. Great tips. I know all too well about the pain of losing a beloved cat. Our one indoor-outdoor orange cat was stolen by the same neighbors twice, yes, twice, when I was a kid (even though he always wore a collar and tags that mysteriously started coming off on their own…), and his brother, a black cat got stolen on Halloween only weeks after our neighbors had tried to steal our orange cat the first time. My one black cat has been missing for almost 8 years, and I don’t think I will ever really get beyond it. I feel like a mother with a lost child. His name was Neptune and he went missing (99% sure he was actually stolen) on Halloween in 2005 while wearing 2 collars, one red collar and one pinkish purple flea collar (one of his pages is here: He was super friendly and would follow anyone anywhere, and unfortunately, was indoor-outdoor. (I was still a kid at the time but had it been my choice he’d have been indoor-only like all of my current cats are) We looked everywhere, and this is a cat who ALWAYS came when I called him. All of my friends and family knew he was missing. We knocked door-to-door for as far as I could walk in either direction, walked the woods calling him, handed each person a flyer that answered their door or left one on their porch, gave the mail man one, even got a call from the town mayor asking if we’d found him, had a few nice neighbors up the street that even put out live traps to see if he was out at night if they could catch him. My mom drove me up to the local shelter and we left them a flyer and looked for him, we put up TONS of ads for him online (many of which I still go on and see if they are still there, and update them even now) , handed out flyers and put up posters in the hallways of our school and asked my teachers to keep an eye out, I put posters on telephone poles and checked and re-posted as any came down, and put posters up at all of the local stores on their bulletin boards. The only thing we didn’t do was make a sign to stick on the back window of our car, maybe it would have spread the word even farther. If he’d been microchipped, maybe the people who found or stole him would have given him back to his family. I walked our street and hiked the woods every day after school by myself for months and never found him. I never stopped looking, and I still find myself wishing that one day he’ll come home. But being a black cat on Halloween I don’t even know if he’s still alive..

    Some additional tips: They do have sites for amber alerts for pets, to call local vets, shelters, pet stores, groomers, pet sitters, but I would go to all those places myself and put out a flyer. (and don’t forget to go back in a few weeks to a month to post a STILL missing poster if needed)
    If your pet does go outside, consider a pet tracker or GPS tag that goes on their collar. It won’t help if someone takes off their collar, but if they get lost it will definitely give you some peace of mind.
    For ownership purposes, tattooing a pet in addition to microchipping and keeping a collar on them gives you additional legal standing in court to get your pet returned to you, as they can’t say they didn’t know it had an owner.
    *Please get your pets microchipped and keep them inside. Be sure to take plenty of pictures of your pets in case you need them for identification.

    The best decision I ever made was to have all of our cats indoors-only and microchipped, as well as wearing collars with ID tags. But collars alone can easily be removed if someone steals a pet. I’m a big fan of microchips.

  23. great advice. my stella ran out an open door yesterday morning and i spent the whole day calling for her throughout the neighborhood. i was doubtful but i placed her litter box, food bowl and my smelly sweater outside at dusk. i also turned all the porch lights on and called for her every hour after dark. my husband thought it was useless but on the 4th time, she ran straight to me! she got lots of petting and i got lots of little licklicks!! so happy and thankful for the ideas.

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  25. Great advice! One of my shyest cats was running to the door to greet me one evening as I was coming in, and she kept running until she was outside. She freaked out, running around screaming. I paniced and chased her..that was a mistake. It made her more scared..then she disappeared. I looked all night with no luck. I looked our my window at 5am the next morning and saw her creeping by the house,meowing. I ran out and got her..I feel very lucky she came back home.
    It doesnt surprise me BB is not afraid at all or concerned he is lost. We have a Bengal at the shelter where I volunteer and she is the friendliest cat ever..she loves all visitors. She had 5 little kids all over her last weekend and it did not bother her at all!

  26. Very good advice. I haven’t lost any kitties, one of the many reasons mine stay indoors. But, I know how easy it is for them to slip out doors, too. We get rotocalls from online lost pet searchers. Don’t forget to use the power of the internet! I was adopted by a well cared for cat who for his own reasons wanted a new home. I never understood why someone didn’t come looking for him. But I couldn’t find the owners either.

  27. That is terrific advice. I have one disappear and never come back. I had one disappear and came back after three month. I nearly fainted when I saw her. Did you put an ad in the paper about BB?? He could have escaped out of a car that was out of town or in another town. The Bengal rescues is a good idea to contact.
    He sure is gorgeous.

  28. This is such a great post. I don’t think I have experienced a greater pain than when my beloved cat disappeared. I didn’t stop looking for her for many, many years, and only when it became obvious that she couldn’t still be alive (because so many years had passed), only then did I give up the hope that she would come home.

  29. We couldn’t agree more. We now are fostering a kitten that maybe “lost”….but after doing all the right things, no one has come forward to claim him. We are all microchipped and almost all of us wear collars….(some cats have figured out how to get them off). Thanks for the good advice. Have you contacted Bengal breeders in your area??? They might have an idea.

  30. I wish you well as you continue to not only mend BB back to health, but to find his owners. As you know, I am quite partial to the Bengal breed. If he indeed does become cat-mate #6, you will find your life will change dramatically (in a good way). While all cats have their own special charms and qualities, the Bengal is particularly special – extremely intelligent, athletic, loving, and talkative. Great advice on looking for a missing kitty and you know this is one story I want you to keep us updated on!!

  31. thank you. this is something that not enough of us (including myself) think of.

    someone must be just crazy with heartache about that Bengal beauty or sadly in this economy people who can no longer afford to care for their pets are letting them go. THAT I cannot comprehend for the life of me. I feel #6 will become a reality

  32. What a wonderful helpful post. I hope we never lose Milo and Alfie ~ but it’s important to know these things and you gave some tips we had not heard before (mobile phone pic and showing pedestrians the pic). Thank you ~ we will copy the page.
    Jan (the mom) xx

    Purrs from Milo and Alfie xx

  33. What a beautiful boy!

    I can’t imagine the heartbreak of having a cat go missing. I still remember the 15 minutes or so one day when I couldn’t find Allegra. Rationally, I knew she couldn’t have gotten out, but as time went by, my fear escalated into panic. She was sitting inside the kitchen cabinet the whole time, wondering what all the fuss was about.

  34. This is very helpful I wish SS had it when my son went missing many years ago. We spent days looking for him, putting out posters around the neighbourhood, calling the shelters and we are still sad at losing him because he had been with us since birth.

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