Top 10 Weather Emergency Tips For Pets

Given the projected weather forecast, I decided to get Friday’s post out early. We’re gearing up for a tropical storm in the NYC area this weekend and hope all of our readers and their pets stay safe.

With hurricane Irene bearing down on most the U.S. East Coast, many humans and their pets are in peril. We can’t control mother nature but we can be prepared for earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and other weather-related emergencies.

1) Prepare an emergency kit well in advance. Store it in an easily accessible location.

Include: First aid kit specifically for pets (store bought or assemble your own), one carrier per pet with bedding, towels, foil/space blanket, familiar toys, litter, scoop and small litter box, food in watertight containers, can opener, bottled water, unbreakable food and water bowls, all meds and prescriptions, copies of vet records and/or proof of ownership, natural stress remedies like Rescue Remedy, Spirit Essence’s “Storm Soother” or Feliway Comfort Zone spray, small plastic garbage bags for used litter and garbage, paper towels, plastic tarp, large plastic garbage bags, flashlight, extra batteries in sealed plastic bag.

2) If given orders to evacuate your home do not leave your pet. If you have no choice, leave “Pets Inside” stickers or notes on doors and windows with contact info. If you have evacuated with your pets, leave a note on the door saying “Evacuated with pets”. Have a buddy plan with your neighbors to check up on each other.

3) Many pets intuitively know change is in the wind and may hide or run away. Keep all pets in one room or part of the house where the doors and windows are secured.

4) In case you lose cell phone contact, keep a hard copy of important info with a waterproof cover including: vet contact info including emergency vets, animal control agencies like the Humane Society, ASPCA in your area and/or destination area.

5) Research in advance shelters and hotels which accept pets.

6) Keep your vehicle serviced and gassed up. If you are taking public transportation or other means, place as many needed items possible in a large wheeled suitcase with the pet carrier on top.

7) Place an of clothing like a worn T-shirt that smells of you, and place inside the carrier. The familiar scent will bring comfort to your pet especially if you are separated from them.

8) Even if you cat is micro-chipped, add a collar with ID and have harness with leash handy. Tape contact info of the pet(s) outside the carrier written on plastic with waterproof ink. Include: your tel. #, address, email, your vet’s info and a small identifying photo of each cat sealed in plastic.

9) Communicate verbally or non-verbally (telepathically) in a soothing tone, what is happening, that you’ll do your best to keep them safe and eventually home again.

10 Breath and stay as calm as possible yourself. Your pet will pick up on your mood and be more stressed. Meditate or pray.

12 thoughts on “Top 10 Weather Emergency Tips For Pets”

  1. Thank you so much for your advice, it is excellent! I hope we won’t have to evacuate. I’d rather ride it out, pray a little and keep the angels close by.

    We’ll be thinking of you and our friends in NY, too, along with everybody in Irene’s path.

    Julie & Tom

  2. Great advice Layla… I am far enough inland that I don’t have worries, but we had a Tornado of sorts over the city and nearby the other day… anything can happen…

    I just can’t imagine evacuating!! Yikes.!

    1. Mary, that’s good. Evacuation is such a scary thought. By writing about some tips, I wanted to create awareness for any emergency. When disaster strikes, people panic. By having a plan of your own in advance, it’s one less thing to worry about.

    2. I know it’s just awful having to do so. L be in your area so I’ll keep checking on you and pass it forward so they know your safe!!! Love you very much, Arlene

  3. Oh that is right The Blog Paws is going to get some of it. That is too bad. WE sure hope all of you get through it all right. Luckily it isn’t too strong and should lose some strength as it goes up. I have some good friends in NC and am really worried about them. Take care.

    1. Ditto. Plus so many of my blogging friends are at Blogpaws conference near D.C. I’m normally pretty stoic, but I’m bracing for this like the big storm that felled 100 year-old trees all over our property and lost power. The only good thing this time is we won’t freeze our butts.

  4. Great advice. Already bought water and a lot of canned food. Tacos refritos sans heating, but hey, it’s food. That tropical depression is here.

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