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What Your Cat Is Really Thinking: Intuitive Cat Communication 101

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What Your Cat Is Really Thinking: Intuitive Cat Communication 101 By Layla Morgan Wilde

If you’ve ever wondered what your cat is thinking, this post is for you. Since 2011, I’ve made it my mission to help cat lovers learn how to understand cats better. Our now classic post about 10 Easy Way To Communicate With Your Cat from 10 years ago still holds true or Catspeak Lesson #1 in Intuitive Feline Communication.

Cat Mom funny quote
If only cat communication could be this clear 😉


I’ve used everything from humor, science to woo woo to drive the message home. Imagery is something we all can relate to so I created some tongue-in-check images.

After all these years, I’ve seen more awareness for external help like pet psychics and professional animal communicators. I kept experimenting and learning from the pros until I became one myself.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting about the questions cat lovers ask me and felt it’s time to share the key intuitive intuitive cat communication 101 basics.


Odin is always asking a lot of questions.

Why is it easier to with connect with one cat than another?

Why can some people do it and not me?

Why don’t I trust the messages I get?

Why, why, why?

Why bother to even try?


intuitive cat communication

  1. Emotional Bonding: Use telepathic communication to understand your cat’s emotional state, providing comfort and reassurance during times of stress or illness.
  2. Health and Well-being: Through telepathy, you can detect potential health issues or discomfort your cat may be experiencing, enabling you to provide prompt care and attention. I’ve found this especially helpful for dental issues.
  3. Behavioral Understanding: Telepathic communication can help you understand the reasons behind certain behaviors, allowing for a more empathetic and effective. Understanding leads to happier cat and human families.
  4. Locating a Lost Cat (around the house or neighborhood) Scroll down to the end for my easy tips.


Before we explore further, let’s look at the traditional description of communicating with cats. By combining scientific behavioral approaches with intuition, I believe it’s the full package to understanding cats.

Animal communication is a fascinating field that explores the ways in which animals communicate with one another and with humans. Cats, as highly intelligent and expressive creatures, have their own unique ways of communicating. By understanding their body language, vocalizations, and behaviors, you can deepen your bond with your feline companion.

intuitive cat communication

  1. Non-Verbal Communication: a. Body Language: Cats communicate a wealth of information through their body postures, facial expressions, and tail movements. Learn to interpret their signals, such as a relaxed or tense body, upright or lowered tail, and direct or dilated eye contact. b. Vocalizations: Cats use various vocalizations, including meowing, purring, hissing, and growling, to express their needs, emotions, and intentions. Pay attention to the context and pitch of their vocalizations to understand their messages.
  2. Scent Communication: a. Pheromones: Cats have scent glands on different parts of their bodies. They use pheromones to mark territories, signal their availability for mating, and provide comfort. Familiarize yourself with the scents your cat leaves behind and how they use them to communicate.
  3. Behavioral Communication: a. Play Behavior: Play is a significant way cats communicate with humans and other animals. Observe their play style, which can vary from stalking and pouncing to gentle batting. Engage in interactive play to strengthen your bond. b. Grooming Behavior: Mutual grooming is a form of social bonding in cats. By grooming your cat or allowing them to groom you, you can communicate trust, affection, and belonging.


The biggest obstacle to receiving clear and accurate intuitive info is doubt. It clouds the process which is actually incredibly simple, if you trust and believe.


intuitive cat communication

As my cat Odin is getting older, I’m finding it easier to communicate with him, but I couldn’t help think about some of my other cats. I’ve loved all my cats but I’ve been able to communicate with some much more easily than others. And it has nothing to do with how many years I’ve known them, the age, gender, personality or any other factor. Ditto for communicating with cats that have died.

Two older cats I adopted Gris Gris and Radish clicked intuitively with me immediately on day one. Other cats like my soul cat Merlin started with a strong connection and deepened over 20 years. His sister Coco and I never clicked on the same level. Other cats I’ve known like Miss Mew and Lulu were lovely but remained inscrutable.

WHY? I don’t know definitely but I chalk it up to karma, soul contracts and perhaps astrological compatibility.

Psychic communication allows us to see the world through the eyes of our feline companions. It invites us to step into their world, feel what they feel, and understand their unique perspectives, leading to a bond built on compassion, empathy, and shared experiences.”

– Dr. Allen M. Schoen, Veterinarian and Author of “Kindred Spirits: How the Remarkable Bond Between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way We Live”


As with any behavioral modification or training, it’s less confusing for a cat to have one person teaching them. This is especially true is a partner, spouse, parent or child is dismissive of any kind of animal communication.


intuitive cat communication

Practical Tips to Communicate with Your Cat:


Layla with a few sanctuary feline friends.


intuitive cat communication

  1. Respect Boundaries: a. Give them space: Allow your cat to approach you when they feel comfortable. Avoid forcing interactions or invading their personal space. b. Provide hiding spots: Cats often seek hiding spots when they feel overwhelmed or stressed. Offer cozy, safe areas for them to retreat to.
  2. Active Listening: a. Observe their body language: Pay attention to your cat’s posture, tail position, and facial expressions to understand their moods and emotions. b. Respond appropriately: React to your cat’s communication cues in a gentle and reassuring manner. For example, if they approach you with an upright tail and relaxed body, reciprocate with calm petting or gentle play.
  3. Establish Routine and Consistency: a. Cats thrive on routine, so establish a consistent feeding schedule, playtime, and grooming routine. b. Use consistent verbal cues: Cats can learn to associate certain words or phrases with specific actions or commands. Use clear and consistent verbal cues to establish communication patterns.
  4. Bonding Activities: a. Interactive play: Engage in regular play sessions using toys that simulate hunting behavior, such as feather wands or laser pointers. b. Positive reinforcement: Reward your cat’s desirable behavior with treats, praise, or gentle strokes to strengthen the bond between you.


It bears repeating: Cats reflect or mirror their human’s behavior. A stressed human = a stressed cat. The cat will exhibit stressed, nervous energy or internalize it.


cat communication quote


Exploring Intuitive or Psychic Communication with Your Cat: Unlocking the Telepathic Connection

intuitive cat communication

Defining Psychic Communication: Telepathy: Telepathy refers to the ability to transmit or receive thoughts, feelings, or information without using conventional communication methods such as speech or body language. It is believed to involve a subtle exchange of energy and intention between individuals.

Animal Telepathy: Animal telepathy implies the telepathic connection established with animals, allowing for the exchange of information and emotions at a deep, intuitive level. Since our focus here are cats, I prefer to call it Intuitive Cat Communication.

Your improve your chances of communicating by improving your intuition. Sorry, there are no shortcuts or magic pill. When we’re distracted by the Internet, our phones, work, kids and a million other things, our ability to get accurate intuitive info diminishes. The good news is our intuition is like a muscle that strengthens when we practice. There are many ways to meditate or be mindful. Choose the practice that works for you.

intuitive cat communication zen quote

  1. Practice Mindfulness and Presence:
    • Engage in regular mindfulness or meditation practices to quiet the mind and cultivate present-moment awareness.
    • Be fully present and attentive when interacting with your cat, focusing on the present moment rather than being preoccupied with thoughts or distractions.
  2. Trust Your Gut Feelings:
    • Pay attention to your intuitive impressions and gut feelings when communicating with your cat.
    • Trust the subtle signals and sensations that arise within you, even if they don’t seem logical or rational.
  3. Enhance Your Sensory Awareness:
    • Tune into your senses during interactions with your cat. Notice the subtle cues and energies around you.
    • Observe your cat’s body language, facial expressions, and energy, allowing your senses to pick up on nuances and deeper levels of communication.
  4. Practice Active Listening:
    • Actively listen to your cat’s vocalizations, observing their body language, and sensing their energy.
    • Be receptive and open to the messages they are conveying, both verbally and non-verbally.
  5. Deepen Your Bond:
    • Spend quality time bonding with your cat on a regular basis.
    • Engage in activities that promote trust, such as gentle grooming sessions, interactive play, or quiet moments of cuddling.
    • The stronger your bond with your cat, the more attuned you’ll become to their needs and emotions.
  6. Reflect and Journal:
    • Take time to reflect on your interactions with your cat.
    • After spending time with them, journal your thoughts, impressions, and any intuitive insights that came up during the interaction.
    • Reviewing your journal entries over time can help you identify patterns and strengthen your intuitive understanding of your cat.
  7. Trust the Process:
    • Developing intuition takes time and practice.
    • Trust that your intuition will grow and become more accurate as you continue to engage in intuitive communication with your cat.
    • Be patient with yourself and embrace the learning journey.
intuitive cat communication
Journaling provides concrete evidence of success to help build confidence and track progress.


Remember, intuition is a personal and subjective experience. Each person has their own unique way of connecting intuitively with their cat. Be open-minded, trust yourself, and be willing to explore and experiment with different techniques to find what works best for you. The key is to cultivate a deep sense of connection, trust, and understanding between you and your cat, allowing intuition to enhance and enrich your communication with them.


pet psychic-intuitive cat communication

The following techniques can help you develop a stronger telepathic bond with your beloved pet.

Non-Verbal Cues: Cats primarily communicate non-verbally, relying on body language, facial expressions, and energy. Telepathic communication involves tuning in to these subtle cues and interpreting them on an intuitive level. b. Emotional Connection: Telepathic communication emphasizes the emotional aspect of the bond between you and your cat, enabling you to sense their feelings, desires, and needs.

Cultivating Awareness and Presence: a. Mindfulness Practice: Engage in regular mindfulness exercises to develop heightened awareness and presence. This can help you attune to your cat’s energy and thoughts more effectively. b. Quiet Reflection: Create a calm environment for quiet reflection, allowing yourself to connect with your cat on a deeper level. Find a peaceful space where you can focus on the present moment and your feline companion.

Visualization and Intention: a. Visualization Techniques: Visualize a telepathic connection with your cat, imagining a beam of energy or a mental link between you. This can facilitate the transmission and reception of information. b. Intention Setting: Set a clear intention to establish telepathic communication with your cat. State your desire to connect and understand them at a profound level.

Trusting Your Intuition: a. Listening to Your Gut Feelings: Pay attention to your intuitive impressions and gut feelings when interacting with your cat. Trust these subtle signals as potential forms of telepathic communication. b. Practice Patience: Developing telepathic communication takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself and your cat, allowing the connection to develop naturally.

Non-Verbal Exchange: a. Silent Communication: Engage in silent, focused interactions with your cat. Use soft eye contact (don’t stare. Cats think it’s aggressive, gentle touch, and a calm presence to establish a telepathic connection. b. Sending and Receiving Messages: Experiment with sending simple messages or images to your cat telepathically, such as the desire for them to come to you or a mental image of their favorite toy. Observe their responses and reactions.

Relax! Don’t try too hard. Your cat will appreciate any effort you make.



Tips To Locate Lost Cats ( Also my no-nonsense practical guide Top 10 Tips For Finding Lost Cats

Prepare Yourself:

  • Before attempting to locate a lost cat, take some time to ground and center yourself.
  • Find a quiet, calm space where you can focus your attention.
  • Take several deep breaths and clear your mind of distractions and preconceptions.
    1. Connect with the Cat:
      • Visualize the lost cat in your mind’s eye.
      • Use a photo or other object associated with the cat to help establish a connection.
      • Send loving and positive energy to the cat, projecting a sense of safety and comfort.
    2. Use Your Senses:
      • Pay attention to any images, words, or sensations that come to you as you connect with the cat.
      • Trust your intuition and allow yourself to receive information without judgement or analysis.
      • Focus on the emotions and feelings associated with the cat, rather than trying to interpret specific details.
    3. Ask for Assistance:
      • Request assistance from higher powers, such as spirit guides, angels, or ancestors.
      • Ask for their guidance and support in locating the lost cat.
      • Trust that the information and insights you receive are divinely guided and for the highest good.
    4. Take Action:
      • Follow any insights or intuitive nudges you receive regarding the cat’s location.
      • Use physical means, such as flyers or social media, to spread the word and enlist the help of others in the search.
      • Maintain a positive and hopeful attitude, projecting the energy of a successful reunion with the cat.

intuitive cat communication

Remember, intuitive cat communication is a skill that takes practice, patience, and an open mind. It is important to approach lost pet searches with sensitivity and compassion, focusing on the well-being of the animal. By connecting with the lost cat on a psychic level, you may receive insights and information that can assist in the search. However, it is important to also take practical measures, such as enlisting the help of others and utilizing physical search methods. By combining intuition with action, you can increase the chances of a successful reunion with the lost cat.

I’d love to hear in the comments about your experience communicating with your cats directly or via an animal communicator.


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    I always knew Flynn’s thoughts, and he mine. I know he comes to visit me at night sometimes. I sleep very poorly, about 2 hours a night. Sometimes I hear quiet footsteps coming towards the bedroom. I always say, “High Flynnie”, and when he visits I always have a good night’s sleep of 5 hours.

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