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Why is October Black Cat Awareness Month?

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Why is October Black Cat Awareness Month? By Layla Morgan Wilde

Why indeed! Hello everyone, I’m back from semi-retirement just to answer that question and celebrate a whole month of unique black cat content. Happy October. I swear one blink ago it was summer and boy so much has happened since founded Black Cat Awareness Month and every year an archive of new articles appear like Black Cat Awareness Month Grows: 9 Reasons to Adopt A Black Cat

Black Cat Superstitions: Past, Present And Future On Black Cat Day

Oooh, Halloween Art For Black Cat Awareness Month Magic!

As long as people are still asking why, I will continue to post but thankfully I’m not the only one. Every year the awareness grows and the prejudice towards black cats lessens.

This year, I’ve created some fun new black cat designs for our non-profit Meow Magic shop, clawed through the interwebs for things you’ve not seen before (promise!) but today is a teaser.

If you are on social media and posting about black cats please use the hashtag #BlackCatAwarenessMonth or #BCAM.

Be sure to subscribe to ad-free Cat Wisdom 101 for all the goodies and surprises this month.

When I set out to design a new BCAM banner, I wanted to create something something more inclusive. Loving, adopting and advocating for black cats is beyond age, gender, race, religion or any label.

The world has changed so much since last year. Before the war in Ukraine, before hurricane Ian, before one thing after another. I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel overseas this summer, the first time since before the pandemic and more or less content to be home safe and sound.

I’ve always said black cats look good with anyone, anywhere.

How are you feeling about black cats this year? Let’s make Black Cat Awareness Month the best one yet!

Much love,


P.S. and Happy Caturday! I can’t remember the last time I posted on a Saturday. I’ve blogged so long, before Caturday, I called it Cat Saturday. Seriously, search it for a chuckle. And do if you’re on Instagram, join the fun at @blackcatsofig

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