Black Cat Awareness Month™ Grows: 9 Reasons to Adopt Black Cat

Black Cat Awareness Month™ is catching on by far larger cat-centric news outlets than us so we’re thrilled. What would be more wonderful is for Cat Wisdom 101 to be recognized for launching the initiative last year. In any case, it’s heartening to know the #BlackCatAwarenessMonth hashtag on Instagram has grown because of our efforts. The message is spreading and I hope next year it becomes more mainstream and formalized the way National Cat Day is. We’re holding a contest every Monday here and on Instagram

black cat awareness month contest

Speaking of cat holidays, it’s Global Cat Day today and I have mixed feelings about the name change. The holiday used to be Feral Cat Day and founded by Alley Cat Allies. For as long as I’ve been blogging I’ve supported the cause and remain an advisor for their Feral Friends Network. I still advocate for community cats and I’m happy the concern for community cats has gone global. I think the remarkable work and viral videos by the CatMan of Aleppo helped solidify interest about feral and orphaned cats worldwide.

When I see flashy new branding website and campaign only to get emailed regularly to donate, donate, donate in a very corporate way, I get nervous.

We don’t need to sign pledges, give email addresses, follow groups on social media to make a difference. It starts at home in our city, town, state or province and learning about local laws and legislation concerning all cats and their welfare. Good advice and resources I find helpful are The Mayor’s Alliance for Animals community cats and the law. 

There are TNR groups in just about every community. Your local shelter may have a group or know of a resource to help you trap, feed and provide shelter for feral cats.



And now I hand today’s blog over to our feline blogger Clyde who is working double-time this month as a black cat ambassador.

Holy whiskers! It’s Clyde and while this is all very exciting, I’d like to remind everyone that this time last year I was in a shelter. In a cage with no inkling that I would be adopted, let alone become, a blogger, author, and spokescat for only black cats but an advocate for senior pet adoption and special needs cats. Not too shabby for someone pushing 18 with diabetes and kidney disease. Oh, and if you’ve got something to say, speak up, I’m going deaf. That said, I’m feeling pretty, pretty good. My message is about never giving up hope and doing one good thing every day if you can. And I know you can.

We’ve whipped up a wee infographic about 9 reasons to adopt a black cat. I think #9 is the secret reason. Personally, my list would be:

1) Black Cats are purrfect 2) Black cats are better than catnip 3) Black cats are the same as any other color in the dark. 4) Did I mention black cats are purrfect? 5) Black cats are the new black. Layla made that quote up years ago. 6) No other color of cat looks like black velvet. 7) Black goes with any style and is always in style. 8) Many black cats have exotic, cool names (present company excluded). 9. This isn’t official but Layla whispered to me that I’m very smart. Superior intelligence. In fact, she says she has never met a stupid black cat.  Merlin’s  Siamese sister I heard was the dumb blonde of cats. Lovely, sweet and an airhead. If you have a black cat who is as dumb as a doorpost, please enter our contest. I’d like to meet this rare creature.

We’re in an Autumn Halloweenish mood and would like to share a trio from our book. In the book, they all have a full page but to condense space we made a collage.

The witch wizard, Ledges from @BlackCat_trails He’s a true adventure cat who enjoys camping and kayaking but doesn’t mind posing for trick or treat. Dexter is in a mellow harvest mood.

From Budapest is a male super meowdel, Leopold @Kata_ivan with his giant pumpkin. Are you buying a pumpkin for your cat and will you make kitty designs?

Happy Black Cat Awareness Month!

Love Clyde and Layla

If you love cats, do share :-)

7 thoughts on “Black Cat Awareness Month™ Grows: 9 Reasons to Adopt Black Cat”

  1. Our petcretary loves all colours of kitties…and the black kitties she has known were super feline rascals and so fun and lovable!
    Pipo is as dark as they come in meezer mode, but…well, seal point isn’t black, MOL! Though my socks seem black…

    The only reason we have all been meezers in this furmily is because petcretary doens’t seem to have allergy issues with us:)

  2. I love my feral cats! They get all of my love and attention, just like my inside cats. And one inside and one outside cat are black, so you know I believe that black is beautiful!

  3. We are also Feral Cat defenders and protectors! All Cats, All Colors Matter!!!!
    The misconceptions about ALL cats still persist today and Black cats always have that Luck stigma attached to them too. SIGH…….We just keep spreading the word and educating anywhere and everywhere we can. One bit at a time….. frustratingly slow but still spreading the word. We try to donate to others whenever we can but most of our money stays close to home to help the “locals”.
    Luvs and thanks to you guys for all that you do for cats!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  4. We all love black cats here, and we always advocate for the ferals of all colors. In fact, this evening my human was giving some photo tips to a world traveler who photographs ferals where ever she goes. She wants to do a book… but she needs better photos.

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