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After a crazy busy week and stir crazy kitties, we got a break in the weather yesterday. For those of us living in colder climes, winter is wearing thin. Scroll down to the end for the goodies. An especially squirrelly Odin said, “The sun is finally out. Come on mom, there are trees to climb and places to go!”


In a flash, he does his crazy tree sprinting, up down, up down and up to pause at the view. Cats claws are uniquely curved inward to grip the bark of a tree. The climb up is an easy, elegant ballet while the trip down is awkward at best.  But what goes up must come down.


Cats shimmy down until they’re close enough to reverse and jump down. The bare branches, bark and tabby stripes created this art of camouflage.



Are you ready for spring?


It’s that time again when BlogPaws the premiere online community for pet bloggers is holding nominations for their Nose-to-Nose Awards Awards by readers. That means you. We’d love a nom or two. You can nominate as many blogs as you like in 12 categories but nominations close 3:00 pm EST Friday, March 8, 2013. Remember to support your non-kitty friends too.

To make it easy peasy to nominate us you’ll need our details.

Name of blog: Cat Wisdom 101

Name of owner: Layla Morgan Wilde

Website URL:

Email: info@catwisdom

These are direct links for our wish list. Thank-you for the incredible support in the past year as we’ve doubled our readership! We’re excited and working hard to launch our fresh new look before spring. Alas, not in time for a Best Blog Design unless we pull a rabbit out of the many hats we wear 😉

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