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Shamanic Feline Messages or Purrs From The Rainbow Bridge

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Shamanic Feline Messages or Purrs From The Rainbow Bridge by Layla Morgan Wilde

August 28 is Rainbow Bridge Memorial Day. It’s a time to remember, honor and celebrate our beloved pets no longer with us. That is, no longer with us in physical form. As a shamanic practitioner, I know our pets are still around but in another form. They might be in an earthbound or ghost form. They might be in transition or already reincarnated to another life. Everything is energy and energy can not be created or destroyed but transformed.

Perhaps you’ve experienced an OTRB or over the Rainbow Bridge visitation, dream or message from your pet. Even if you haven’t, I hope there is a measure of comfort of knowing it’s possible.

There are many skilled animal communicators who can connect with the spirit of your deceased pets. I’ve worked with several in the past year and can recommend at least three. If interested, email me for their contact info.

When I chose the title: Purrs from the Rainbow I wasn’t trying to be cute. Just know when our cats who have passed want to communicate with us, they are happy. They are purring to be free of their physical bodies, of their illness, pain, disabilities, fear, anxiety and other earthly emotions.

They want you to know they are okay. Really. They loved unconditionally (mostly ;-)) on Earth and more so from the Great Beyond. They don’t hold grudges. They don’t blame you for what you did or didn’t do. No judgement. No guilt.

They want you to honor their memory and try their best to send healing purrs while grieving. Grieving is normal and natural but it’s hard to move on and feel fully live if you keep one foot in the grave. For anyone experiencing complicated or extended grief, there is help. There are pet loss therapists and counselors. For those more spiritually inclined, I suggest seeing a shaman for soul retrieval to address soul loss. More about understanding pet loss from a shamanic perspective here.

This is a very old graphic I made for one of my OTRB cats Gris Gris with a new twist.

I have mixed feelings about the cultural phenomena called the Rainbow Bridge. It’s gotten so cartoonish or something from a Disney movie when the roots are based in Norse mythology and a bridge called Bifröst

The Rainbow Bridge holiday and famous poetry is wrought with controversy over copyright issues of ownership. Who exactly created the holiday. Who wrote the original poem widely reproduced with endless graphics, photos and art work for sale.

I hadn’t Googled the poem in awhile and frankly shocked at how it’s being exploited for money. What the hell. Here’s one I made for free.

rainbow bridge poem


Those of you who know how I love to fall down rabbit holes of research and found a book Beautiful Joe in Paradise published in Canada in 1902 which explains the life a Rainbow Bridge kind of paradise for animals. It’s no longer copyright protected and available for sale on Amazon but you can read it and some of the prolific author’s other books for free at

I couldn’t resist editing the cover.


What’s remarkable is Margaret Marshall Saunders became famous for her book Beautiful Joe, the true story of an abused dog who had his ears and tails chopped off but rescued by a family in Ontario. The book, one of the the earliest written from a pet’s point of view earned international acclaim and the first book in Canada to sell over a million copies. By the late 1930’s the book had sold over 7 million copies worldwide.

It goes to show you the pet love is nothing new and is eternal.

Every so often an old Facebook memory pops up about a dead cat and I smile. I see them as a paw tap or purrs from the other side. Recently an old one of Merlin and me popped up. The best way I could honor his memory was to create this new graphic from the old.

How will you remember your beloved pets today. Remember they aren’t judging you but sending purrs of love.


  • Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

    Ah, yes, it is an unanswered question about the whereabouts of our departed furry ones. I too think they will be with us when we finally have a new Heaven and a new Earth. All will be well and beautiful! I love the little signs we recieve once in a while. For me, even hearing a particular piece of (classical) music will remind me of loved ones gone, but not ever forgotten, be they animal or human.

  • Nancy M. West

    With an aching heart, but full of gratitude for all the days our beloved pets are in our lives and in our memories…
    A beautiful post for remembrance day. Thank you Layla!

  • Skeeter And Izzy

    Thank you for the beautiful post!
    We don’t see the bridge as just for animals that had a human to love them but for all living creatures great and small. Everytime we see a rainbow we think of the peace and healing that each one receives when they cross that bridge into the beautiful light beyond. Every creature is meaningful and special if only to another of their own kind.
    I feel the connection to all of my babies and talk to them frequently. Each one is special and unique and deserving of memory and continued love always. My heart is made up completely of paw prints, hoof prints, little tiny feet prints and love.
    We do not need a “day” to celebrate the life, love and loss of the ones we love but it is nice to enlighten others along the way.
    Luvs to all and hugs from us to you for everyone who has lost someone they love.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang and the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  • meowmeowmans

    Thank you for this beautiful, thought-provoking, and comforting post, Layla. All of our pets who have left this world are most definitely always in our hearts. Purrs to you, dear pal.

  • Marjorie Dawson

    I don’t celebrate the 28th of August as the holiday as we know it recently was created the year Dash was killed. I grieve for my cats I don’t need a special day.

    I love the last graphic with Merlin. He was something special.

  • Roxanne Bonilla

    Hi Layla…can you please send me your recommended Animal Spiritual Communicator…I would very much like to communicate with Tobi Obito Uchia…my much loved and best friend…thank you for all your posts and everything you do…..I totally and have always appreciated you. Thank you Layla.

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