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How To Appreciate Black Cats on National Black Cat Appreciation Day

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When I first blogged about Black Cat Appreciation Day 10 years!? ago it wasn’t an official holiday yet.

Eventually interest grew and what started as a grassroots memorial to a sister and her beloved black cat, Wayne Morris and his Facebook group Black Cat Appreciation blew up to over 200K members. There are dozens of other black cat appreciation groups including my woefully neglected Black Cats Tell All fb group. Somebody, please take it over. Email me for permission and you have my blessing to promote black cat love and appreciation there.

For the past few years, Black Cat Appreciation Day became an official holiday but it’s always been our cup of tea.

black cat appreciation day-

I’m not sure when it evolved into National and even International Black Cat Appreciation Day but it’s all good. The awareness and love has translated into more black cat adoptions, the need is still there. Many shelters are offering reduced adoption fees this week for black cats.

If you know anyone who is interested, let them know. They might be surprised who chooses them.

This black cat I met years ago has long been adopted but every shelter has a few charming characters.


black cat appreciation day-

Yes of course you can and should tell a black cat how fabulous a black cat is and how much you appreciate them.

Black Cat Appreciation Day

How can you appreciate black cats today?

If you are lucky to be owned by a house panther, spend some extra time today. Talk to them. Listen. Stroke their fur. Notice if anything is different or off. Are they due for a wellness vet visit? Give them their favorite treat and tell them how much you truly appreciate them.

BUT there are so many black cats who need love, appreciation and a home. If you can’t adopt, can you volunteer at a shelter?


There are may feral black cats who may not want a home with humans but do need regular feeding, fresh water and shelter from the elements. Can you help your local community cats group to TNR? Not sure what you can do? Find out options and excellent RESOURCES from Alley Cat Allies.

Not everyone wants to do hands on rescue but perhaps you can volunteer to care for a colony by feeding, collecting supplies, building cat shelters and any number of ways or skill sets.

I still volunteer not hands on the way I used to but with advice, coordinating rescues with Alley Cat Allies.

For black cats, the biggest way we can appreciate them is with awareness.

Spread the word. Dispel the myths.

There are a million ways. By talking, sharing on social media by wearing the message…it’s as easy as ABC Adopt Black Cats.Adopt Black Cats











Support our black cat awareness cause at my Meow Magic Shop. To show our appreciation and Black Cat Love To The Moon and Back EVERYTHING from original art, t-shirts, mugs, tote bags and more is on sale today and tomorrow with CODE: BCAD at check out.undefined

And my Black Cats Tell All book continues to spread black cat love and awareness worldwide. It’s on sale too!

Can you share other ways to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day? Tell me in the comments.


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