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Cat Saturday Magazine

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Welcome to our first edition of Cat Saturday in our new home. Special warm furry purrs to you. Let’s jump right in, shall we? Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Merlin and you can read my bio in the sidebar category under my name. First off, we dumped our pet parent, Layla, off as editor. We might let her write sometimes but Cat Saturday belongs to us cats. We’ll be taking turns writing, but since I’m the eldest, I get to go first.

New & Mews

You can see our Cat Saturday archives in the “cats” category at The Boomer Muse. UPDATE: the archives are no longer available. The last post was about the film shoot with Jackson Galaxy of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell for The Daily Show. The segment is airing next week but we don’t know the exact date. Stay tuned. It was a lot of fun to shoot and no doubt, Layla will be hiding under the couch from embarrassment. Ha ha. They asked the silliest questions and everything will be edited to make the humans look very, very stupid. I refused to cooperate, so Odin my young whippersnapper bro took the lead for his shot at stardom. He does have a certain charisma but Odin, don’t quit your day job.

Here in the wilds of Westchester County Noo Yawk, it’s been hotter than a six peckered alley cat. The entire fur gang goes out early in the morning for our daily walks and early evening after the sun goes orange. Shade is our best friend; that and a cool bowl of water. Hot or not, Odin and Gris Gris are hellbent on racing outside and twice Odin escaped without his harness and leash. He ran like a cheetah up a tree, back down, streaked across the lawn to another tree, up and down teasing Layla all the while, so excited, his tail poofed up as fat as raccoon! The heat finally stopped him and he plopped down panting. All you pet parents out there. Please keep your fur kids cool and hydrated this summer indoors and outdoors.

I’m happy to report since the incidents, Odin’s training resumed and he obeys the sit/stay command at the front door. He’s gotten the come command indoors down pat but outdoors not so much. He’s obsessed with trees and the flying things that perch in them. Fortunately, he doesn’t go up too high but he’s never met a tree he didn’t like.













We’ll be posting other photos exclusively at our Facebook fan page and other photos of us are featured every Sunday at The Conscious Cat. Update: that feature was short-lived.

On a less buoyant note, I’m not happy to report about my old feral porch pal Domino. He’s had a couple of burst abscesses on his leg causing him to limp for the past month. A round of antibiotics helped but several attempts to trap him so our vet (who makes house calls) can check him out, failed. We have a drop trap now and will do another round of Operation Domino next week. He’s pretty chipper all things considered and eager for all of our daily kitty meet and greet. He’s chosen this chair on the porch as his #1 summer bed.













His biggest joy is hanging in the herb garden with Odin by the catnip. He introduced Odin to it and between the two of them have chewed the plant to a nub. Time to visit the garden center.

Gris Gris is more interested in bushes and trees than catnip, but has the wisdom to not climb trees except to sharpen his claws. I’ve never seen Domino go up a tree or go after a bird. We don’t call him the “Refrigerator” for nothing. Healing purrs welcome.

gris gris-cats-garden-catwisdom101






Gris Gris loves exploring every nook and cranny and unlike Odin, comes when he’s called. He’s a mysterious dude with a dark past, and even though we hang out together, I still don’t know what makes him tick. When we’re out patrolling the property he guides me like a seeing-eye dog, I mean cat because my vision isn’t what it used to be. Damn you glaucoma! And no, I’ve never needed to wear a harness, thank-you very much. These days, Layla and hubby watch me like a hawk in case I wander, but I’m fine. Merlin-cat-garden-catwisdom101-grass Don’t I look fine?

Not bad for 16 and a half, eh?

Here I am with Odin, trying to talk some sense into that wild boy. He’s not having any of it. See his tail poofy with excitement? No good can come of it.









Gris Gris had some kind of psychological breakthrough this week. He’s quietly intense, always coiled and ready to sprint. Must have been from all his years living in his previous home as a basement mouser. He’s in seventh heaven now living the best of the indoor/outdoor world. He’s no lap cat or cuddle bunny but this week he jumped up on Layla’s desk for the first time madly kissing and headbutting her. She thought the love was for her but soon realized it was for the ham and cheese sandwich by the keyboard. A little bribe and he’s been hers ever since. Just like butter in her hands. All squirmy showing her his belly and all. Just as well he’s racing across the keyboard cuz I’m expecting him to write next week’s Cat Saturday!

Merlin, over and out.

Gris Gris-cat-portrait-catwisdom101













  • Myrna Klein

    Purrs & Con’cat’ulations on a wonderful ‘Caturday’ Mag…Great reading about your adventures and all that at 16-1/2 yrs old (MY AGE too) – we are classed as “Senior Catizens’ by me Huma catsitters…Keep up the good work – look forward to relaxing and reading the next issue…Meows of love from Miss Phoebe (Ragdoll) xx

  • Marg

    Great post for the brand new blog all about those wonderful cats.
    We sure are sending tons of healing purrs to Dom. Poor thing. But we had a kitty here that had an abscess on his leg for months and it finally healed up. Dom’s leg will probably heal. Hope you can catch him.
    That Odin does enjoy life, that is for sure. Good for him.

  • Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

    Oh Merlin! What a delightful cat tail you weave! You have such a wonderful way with words and I can understand why you got first dibs at writing! We love your comments about pouffy racoon tails and going outside! Zoey has to wear a harness outside too… she is a crafty one and not to be trusted, even with our fenced in yard and the militant watchful eye of the humans. The humans can get a bit distracted and have far from perfect eyesight as they are now practially senior citizens in their 50’s!!! Rolz is our outdoor champion and zips around the perimiter like an Olympic athelete, lest he miss a blessed second of anything!

    We are already hooked on Cat Saturday – count us in as one of your many fans sure to follow! Have a great week and we look forward to your cat antics next Saturday!

    Meows from Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Jazz, Harley and the resident humans…

    • boomermuse

      How lovely to hear from the Zee and Zoey gang and look forward to hearing more about your crafty one. We like smart cats here.

  • [email protected]

    I am actually a “dog” person…but I do love cats too…and I particularly love your photos….especially the one of the kitty at the table : ) Glad to have discovered your Cat-Mag – I’ll be back! : )

  • Ingrid King

    What a wonderful premiere issue of Cat Saturday Magazine! The photos are spectacular.

    Allegra and Ruby are blushing. Nobody has ever called them hot before.

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