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The Power of Meow Book Review and Giveaway

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The Power of Meow
Merlin, chief cat book reviewer gives The Power of Meow a 4 Paws Up Rating.

Our cat book reviews return after an absence with a special treat and a personal note. We’re delighted to offer our dear readers (that’s you!) the chance to win copies of The Power of Meow, the third installment of the enchanting fictional series by David Michie about the Dalai Lama’s cat and universal life lessons.

For the past three years, we’ve celebrated, reviewed and cheered for one of my all time favorite cat books and feline characters. Set in the crisp, fresh pine-scented air of the Himalayas, the love affair began with the The Dalai Lama’s Cat (our review/author interview) about a Himalayan cat who narrates the story of her life from a gutter in New Delhi to the top of the world, literally. HHC (Hir Holiness’ Cat) winds up sharing in the Dalai Lama’s living quarters in Dharamsala, in northern India, becoming a beloved celebrity cat with free rein to wander from gourmet kitchens, cafes, a yoga studio to catnip fields, enjoying adventures with locals, tourists and spiritual seekers of every stripe.

The second book, The Art Of Purring (our review/author interview) continues the quest of human and feline transformation with a surprising, humorous and heartfelt ending. The Power of Meow, the latest (and hopefully not the last) picks up with the pace with serious spiritual instruction, resistant students (human and feline), epic drama and comic relief. Enlightenment is on everyone’s mind or at least mindfulness but HHC proves that not even having the Dalai Lama as a purrsonal meditation teacher guarantees instant Nirvana.

Good fiction has the ability to transport the reader to another time and place. Memorable books offer a refuge from stress or a difficult time. A couple weeks ago I found myself facing the death of a dear rescue cat and the burnout of 24/7 cat care. The perfect escape arrived in the form of The Power of Meow. For someone who spends much of my waking hours online, my refuge is found in nature, meditation and books read late at night to decompress from the digital world. I prefer paper and ink books I can read in bed to e-books. The books that beg to be reread and become classics do more than offer the cheap trick of escapism; they provide a buffer of protection allowing the reader to learn, grow, transform and be stronger once facing reality again.

Over the course of several exhausting and daunting days I happily escaped into the world of HHC and the familiar characters like the Dalai Lama’s personal chef Mrs.Trinci imagining her delicacies, her daughter Serena, also a chef, at the popular Himalayan Book Cafe, the students at Downward Dog School of Yoga, and a mysterious new character. Human frailties and unfortunate incidents show that life in this idyllic, spiritual Mecca isn’t always serene. HHC, as beautiful and clever as she is, is far from perfect as she unravels mysteries while learning the ins and outs of meditation. For anyone who has wondered if meditation is easier on a Himalayan mountain, it’s no easier than in your own home.

Like all great masters, cats teach by example, by their pure catness of being aware and present in the moment. Many contented moments blurred the lines between fictional and real cats in what I call the Zen of healing reading. It’s not an accident that the hidden and not so hidden wisdom of Buddhism sparkle in the series. Author David Michie is a meditation teacher and author of numerous books on meditation, Buddhism and mindfulness. Like all gifted creatives, he makes the complicated and challenging appear simple and effortless.

I captured a series of photos of Merlin with The Power of Meow before Radish died and just before Merlin got deathly ill and is thankfully recovering. I’m grateful for the oasis of peace, wisdom and humor of HHC’s world while wading through the vicissitudes of life and death.

Power of Meow book review

This giveaway is on until 11:59 pm ET July 19, 2015 and open to Cat Wisdom 101 readers anywhere in the world. To enter, simply leave a comment of why you'd like to win. The three winners will be announced on July 19th. Good luck!

Visit David Michie visit his website and blog at for updates and exciting news of upcoming The Dalai Lama’s Cat Film. To get your paws on a copy of The Power of Meow right meow…

FTC disclaimer: We don’t accept fees for book reviews but did receive a review copy of The Power of Meow which did not influence our views.

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  • Shelley P

    It sounds like a great read! We all need some spiritual instruction and a good laugh at times and what better way to get it …..from a cat πŸ™‚ I think I would enjoy getting lost in this book.

  • Elaine Hutzelman

    I am so glad Merlin is recovering. I would love to read about the Dali Lama’s cat, as I’m sure there is a lot to learn from such a great mind.

  • Cindy

    I read The Dalai Lama’s Cat and LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I would love to be transported again! It feels so real, I love getting lost in this kind of book. Two things I love: Cats and books. Thanks!

  • Andrea

    Darn, I still haven’t read the second book yet. I’d like to win this one because I need some wisdom during these tumultuous times in my household.

  • Cary Hillman

    I’ve read one of the books and loved it. I never have enough to read and would love to have a copy of this one!

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful books! and what a fantastic and needed time for the arrival on your doorstep!!! We are so glad that Merlin is recovering. We send more love, purrs and prayers.
    The Power of Meow sounds like a wonderful continuation of HHC’s learning and growth.
    We are like you Layla, a real book is a treasure to be held and loved with each touch of the page.

    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  • Sue Bacon

    I have finished my first book about a hawk that telepathically bonds with a young girl. The hawk is kidnapped and my heroine much gather a handful of special people, find her hawk and save her world from ultimate evil… all within six projected books. I am researching my second book now. I feel I would benefit from having some humorous downtime and might learn some things that could be applied to my future books.

  • Velcro, Inky, Toots and Vicky

    I’ve never heard of these books but would be very interested in reading one.
    I’m off to the library to see if they are in circulation.

  • Sallly Swanson

    I really, really liked “The Dalai Lama’s Cat”. I will have to hurry and read “The Art of Purring” before I win David’s new book! I hope!!! Hope you all are doing better, Layla!
    Hugs and purrs!

  • Angel Ms. Phoebe's Mum & Fur sibs

    I have the first two books in my stack of ones to read that seems endless, but am going to make it my priority to read them as they have always sounded lovely and I could use getting lost in a good story myself these days of what have seemed like endless turn oh for me.
    I am as relieved as everyone else who is a Merlin fan, admirer, follower. If there ever were a cat who is a perfect example of one who could be described as a ‘Dalai Lama’ cat Merlin would be it. He is so zen like in his outlook on life despite all the obstacles that have come his way, he is still here not ready to make his final journey until he feels his need here is complete. That wisdom and strength, resilience and joy in nature are what I cannot help but admire and long to achieve in life myself, Merlin has a lot to teach us all. I envy this knowledgeable and wise bond of mom and son, pupil and feline teacher you have with him, what a gift he is to have in your life.

  • Kathryn

    I am so happy Merlin is recovering. I’ve been so worried about him, having ‘known’ him since about 2007, or whenever it was when we first ‘met.’ I think about that time.

    The book sounds delightful. I have to read them one of these days. I am so behind on my cat books.

  • Sammy

    Well I’d like to win the book to add to my collection of “when I’m down, or worried, or needing a cat fix” books. It sounds like it’s perfect. I know I will have some rough days ahead with Sammy and escapism with a “side order” of Zen s right up my alley!

    Hugs to Merlin………………and you…………..

    Pam and Sam

  • Dorothy

    This sounds like a wonderful book. Maybe it will help me become a better at meditating. I too often end up asleep. I may have to check out the first 2 books. I read out loud to destress. Both the cats and I enjoy it.

  • Judi Daly

    I have a picture of my Thunder meditating on my work computer–to help me with stress. I think cats are the original Buddhists. I would love to win the book.

  • Cherry City Kitties

    Oh we would love to win for our mom… she LOVES HHC and the Dali Lama (he just had a birthday!) and has been anxiously awaiting their further adventures and insights.! We’re crossing our paws!

  • Summer

    Can you believe my human has read NONE of these books?! She has wanted to, but they haven’t been available at the library here, which is criminal, considering how big a city we live in, and the size of the library system here. It’s not even available in the e-catalog! It would be nice to read at least one of these books, finally.

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