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Rainbow Bridge Wisdom Of Dreams: How To Think Out of The Box

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Rainbow Bridge Wisdom Of Dreams: How To Think Out of The Box by Layla Morgan Wilde

Friday Flashback features my Siamese siblings, Merlin and Coco. Merlin remains omnipresent with his deep paw prints on Cat Wisdom 101. His sister Coco graced my first blog Boomer Muse and sadly died 4 months after launching this blog. This is a rare appearance from Miss Coco who always thought out of the box. It’s the most natural thing in the world for cats. It’s something we all benefit from doing.

Humans tend to get stuck in ruts. Like all great metaphors, to think out of the box means expansive thinking. Not being boxed in or restricted, free to tap into our innate creativity for a fresh perspective.

How to think out of the box as inspired by cats.

  1. Day dream. Cats catnap with one eye open, relaxed but aware. Take a few minutes with no agenda to allow your mind to drift, to day dream. It’s in the intuitive void that great ideas and solutions to problems are found.
  2. Change your physiology. If you’re sitting, stand up. If you’re lying down, get up. Notice how cats will be grooming one minute, napping the next and swatting a fly. Move your body. Take a shower. Take a walk.
  3. Be spontaneous. Just when you think your cat is one way, they knock something off the shelf or other spontaneous action. Get down on the ground with your cat to see the world from their perspective. Look up and around the room with fresh eyes. You might be surprised what you’ve never noticed before.


This one is extra personal. Everyone has dreams. But they are more easily achieved by taking small steps. Any step towards a dream is a big deal.

With Merlin to inspire me, I’ve made a huge decision to travel. In fact, by the time you read this, I’ll be on a transatlantic sailing from Brooklyn to Southampton U.K. Alone. From there, it’s navigating the hellish Heathrow Airport to fly to Helsinki, Finland, the land of my ancestors and purpose of the journey. I’ve haven’t traveled alone since the pandemic and contracting Lyme again. It’s brought up every fear in my bones. With low energy and unpredictable symptoms, it’s difficult to plan an itinerary but after months of planning, I’m tossing logic out the window.

Be Brave. Be Bold.

I’m just doing it in my own way. Think Out Of The Box.

I’ll be away for a month and I’ll post when I can. Hopefully some live videos from God knows where. WIFI on Cunard is spotty at best so no promises. One of the reasons I’m going solo are the cats. Hubby who is not motivated to travel, is happily taking care of Odin and Nou Nou.

That’s it for now and if you haven’t seen yesterday’s post, check out my first NFT Purr For Peace.


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