Black Cat Appreciation Day

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

black cat appreciation day-black cats-humor.2

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. For too long black cats have been shunned, persecuted and overlooked. They are least likely color to be adopted from a shelter. Let’s change that and celebrate the beauty, joy and mystery of black cats. Black is beautiful. Spread the word. Consider adopting a black cat. We’re posting lots of black cat images today at our Facebook Page. If you don’t already like us please do. If you have a black cat, please post their photos on our Facebook page

To celebrate, we’re added a new black cat image to our Etsy shop which benefits the ASPCA. It’s the most unusual cat art I’ve created combining photography with antique Asian art and a quote by Edgar Allen Poe. It’s an homage to writers and I’d love feedback since it’s something new for me. It’s on SALE for 10.00 off.


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