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Top Black Adventure Cats Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day

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Top Black Adventure Cats Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day by Layla Morgan Wilde

Black Cat Appreciation Day is a favorite cat holiday since I began blogging here in 2011. This year, I’d like to share some amazing black adventure cats from around the world. Since our Black Cats Tell All book was published, I’ve noticed an uptick in black cats in my @blackcatsofig community on Instagram. Specifically, black cats who enjoyt the great outdoors. They are leash and harness trained and enjoy everything from a walk in the park to rugged hiking, camping and even kayaking.

We’ve had an adventure of our own when Isaias stormed into town, leaving up with no power, water or Internet for nearly a week. It was a challenge to keep our cats cool but I took my own advice from my Summer Cat Care Guide (free to subscribers until the end of September). We’re still cleaning up the mess but trying to enjoy the dog days of August or as it’s often called, Dogust. Thanks for understanding our absence and have another post ready you won’t want to miss later this week!

The ideal gift to celebrate is this one. It remains the only black cat book to dispel negative myths while being wildly entertaining. Also, if you haven’t posted a review, that would help the cause.

For Last Year’s Black Cat Appreciation Day celebration, Clyde was still alive embracing his inner adventure cat full throttle. It was the best summer and autumn of his life and I dedicate Black Cat Appreciation Day in his memory. He is buried not far from his favorite look out point. Odin, pictured in the distance often stops by his and Domino’s graves.

black adventure cat Clyde

Slowly, year by year, the image of black cats has improved but there is room for improvement. Just the other day, a friend shopping at Petco stopped to see the adoptable cats. She was disheartened to see a teenager afraid of a black cat thinking it was unlucky. Sigh. The work of rebranding black cats as fabulously adoptable continues.

Let’s make some headway with these beauties, shall we?

  1. From Northern Wisconsin, is a trio of sisters led by Ledges, the quintessential adventure cat @blackcattrails Ledges, Lenroot and Mays are featured in my book having adventures camping and kayaking.


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2) From Australia, is Nathan the famous swimming cat. She now has a sister named Winnie who happily joins her on their adventures on land and sea. @nathan_thebeachcat


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3) From the mountains of Norway, live Pixie and Bamse, Norwegian Forest Cat siblings @TheCabinKitties It’s a joy to see them in their natural habitat.



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4) From Kitsilano, B.C. Canada is Shuri Minerva who is no stranger to paddleboards and kayaks @bc_shuri_adventurecat



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5) From Finland, the sleek panther, Dali, named after the artist was made for adventure in any season@dalitheblackadventurecat Let’s go! The stunning Lake Saima.



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6) From the Bay area in California is Kimi who shares her adventures with two dogs. This was taken after a four month quarantine in a motel. Can’t you smell the freedom? Their family was displaced and could use help. A GoFundMe is on their page



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7) From upstate New York is the experienced adventure cat Sirius @siriusblack.adventurecat who lives with two black brofurs and a Bengal. You don’t have to scale mountains to be an adventure cat. Adventure can be right outside your front door.


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8) From Petaluma, California is the coolest kitty, Cash @cashmeowtside who loves exploring the outdoors with his black dog bro, Moose. It’s clear cats can enjoy camping adventures as much as dogs.

9) From Northern Ireland is adventure cat Mila who enjoys hiking in the most picturesque scenery as much as cuddling. @irish_adventure_kitty

How are you celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day? There’s lots of fun going on also on Instagram at our @blackcatsofig Instagram stories and under the hashtag #blackcatappreciationday. Ironically, the founder of the holiday is on Facebook but not Instagram.


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