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Winter Storm Jonas Caturday

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Winter Storm Jonas Caturday has arrived pelting us with blizzard-like conditions and high winds. As long as the power doesn’t go out we’re happy to be snowed in. The cats as snug as bugs in rugs and the only one fool enough to want to go outside is Odin. This is one day he doesn’t get his wish. Maybe tomorrow once the sun is out and he can do his famous snow angels.

snow_storm_Jonas_cat Seriously, please keep your pets indoor if possible and if they need to be walked, leashed. If you are in tstorm_jonas_cat_snow he storm zone, stay home and if you must venture out, go slow. It’s takes nine times longer to come to a stop on an icy road than a dry one.





We had a few nice surprises this week but we never expected to win an award out of the blue. Our dear pal, the ginger and cream tabby Sammy from OneSpoiledCat bestowed the Blogger Recognition Award.


He and his mom Pam are simply one the kindest and most gracious blogger friends we’ve known since we began this blog 5 years ago. We can’t visit as often as we’d like but OneSpoiledCat remains a cherished favorite. They live in Virginia were walloped by the storm so we’re purring they stay safe. Stop by and say hi. They won the award from Musings of Puppy Doc, a blog by a cat lover physician nicknamed Puppy with a bold creative streak. Her soulful art and poetry about being a doctor wows and her cat Samantha is a charmer.

Our other surprise was finding out our Nou Nou’s furbro Pablo was finally adopted after almost two years. This brings a happy full circle ending for those rescued hoarder cats. In fact, so many cats were adopted recently, the shelter was almost empty! I believe in the power of social media sharing made a difference. It’s one of the reasons I keep blogging, every time I think of quitting which is much too often these days.

This is one several adoption graphics I made for Pablo who turned from fearful to fabulous. It was so long ago before the shelter changed their name to Humane Society of Westchester.



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  • ellen

    Congrats on the award!!!

    Goodness Odin, it is nice you have some spots of color or you would be lost out there! None of mine venture out but the ferals make snow tunnels when it is cold and the snow is high.They have a heated area, so doing their business aand eating and drinking is about as brave as they are.

    So glad Pablo found a home.. such a pretty baby I dont get why t took so long for his human to find him. An empty shelter is a good shelter.

    I hope today finds you well Merlin and also your kind humans. It is a busy day for me today and I shouldn’t be up talking to you this late, so shhhhh and have a good slumber !

  • meowmeowmans

    Odin, we’re glad you did not get to go outside yesterday. That was quite a storm! Today is lots better. Did Layla let you venture out in the sun?

    Hooray for Pablo! And congratulations on your well-deserved award from awesome Sammy and his awesome Mom! 🙂

  • Maggie

    Love the picture of Odin in the snow. That’s double great news about Pablo and the nearly empty shelter! I sure would be thrilled if all the cages and rooms at PAWS were empty… a dream come true.
    Meanwhile, today there was shoveling our driveway to get to PAWS for Sunday morning shelter cleaning.
    You graphic pieces are so effective and attention getting. They’ve got to be helping with adoptions.

  • Cathy Keisha

    Love the images of Odin in the snow, even if it isn’t this snow. Concats on the award. We’re digging out of almost 30 in. Cheers for Pablo. Sorry I can’t stop by more. This #10CK is stressing TW. MOL!

  • Katie Kat

    Concats on the award and Pablo finding hims furever home. Super good mewz!

    Glad Odin haz to stay inside… silly boy – you haz to wait til it stop snowing so Mom can makes a cat-igloo fur you… mol.

    Katie Kat.

  • Seville at Nerissa's Life

    The Blogger Recognition Award? LOVELY! Can’t think of a more deserving blogger, for sure. purrs


    PS. Stay warm and safe and out of harms way, my friends. That nasty storm is packing a wallop, for sure. MO– — USES!

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    Concats all the way around! Way cool award and the news about Pablo is furtastic!!
    We are in VA too. I think we had 14-15″ and some wind this evening causing some drifting. My feral gang is safe and snug in the basement and will stay there until at least Monday. The other girls have been laying in their cat trees and watching with great interest as the snow flies.
    We purr & pray for safety and protection for all living things in the path of the storm.
    Stay safe!
    Skeeter and Izzy & the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  • Kitties Blue

    Concats on the award and concats to Pablo. Sorry he had to wait so long for his happy ending. Stay warm and safe indoors. That’s what we are doing. Our Dad keeps going out to shovel and take photos, but Mom is staying in with us. When not napping we are sitting on the kitchen window ledge watching the crazy squirrels. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

    Wonderful award – we love Pam and Sammy too! And fantastic news regarding the full-circle of adoptions. You truly have made a difference in the lives of these kitties, so no matter what, you will always have that.

    Stay toasty warm and have a hot chocolate on us! Purrs from the Zee/Zoey kitties

  • Kathryn

    Congrats on the award! Pablo is so cute and I am so happy for him.

    Be safe. It’s dangerous out there. Well for you. In Boston, not today. Thank cat.
    Odin is so cute in the snow.

    Ched is asleep on the bed. Mao is asleep on my faux mink. Adorable black ears atop a brown faux fur coat.

    I will go to the gym today. Fix meals and … the usual.

    Our time in the storm will be coming. Last year was horrible, with 9 feet. Even by MTL standards, it was horrible. Thank cat I have two pair of Sorel boots (Caribou and Glace).

  • Flynn

    Congrats on your award from Sammy. He is a good friend of mine since we were both diagnosed with hyperthyroidism around the same time. Our mums often email on our progress.

  • easy rider

    Oh I hope tomorrow the sun will find you and all that snow will look like diamonds in the sun :o)
    I like Sammy’s blog very much, you can laugh and learn something about the bestest places of our world … so this award is a super special one… and made for you :o) Concats!!!

  • Sammy

    Thank you for your kind comments about me and Mom and ONESPOILEDCAT! You made my Mom’s eyes leak (but in a good way…haha). We are glad you accepted the award and also mentioned Dr. Phoebe who has a dy-no-mite blog of her own. We’re OK here in Virginia so far dealing with Jonas even though he’s still sending a lot more snow our way – we already have about 15″ and it will snow all day today too finally ending tonight. Hope you all stay warm and snug up there in NY and we’re sending WARM HUGS to all!

    Love, Sammy and Mom Pam

  • CATachresis

    We’ve been following the storm Jonas progress with great interest. So many blogging friends are within the area. It even made headline news on the BBC! Just hoping power stays on and you can keep nice and toasty warm. Odin has to be the most intrepid kitty in the CB!! xox

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