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Adopt Pablo Picasso at New Rochelle Humane Society

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Pablo, okay maybe his last name isn’t Picasso, but he is waiting for a forever home. He’ll be happy to take on any last name from Smith, Sanchez to Schwartz. You see he’s an artiste, a survivor who has lived plenty in his two short years. I remember spotting him in a crate at the New Rochelle Humane Society shortly after his rescue from a hoarder. Can you believe it’s been almost a year? Nou Nou, stares out with her one eye showing a hint of her future princess self. She’s still happy with us and OCD mad about playing and demolishing Bergan Turbo scratchers (video below). She’s on her second one in three months.

Pablo lurks in the back, an elegant tuxie teen with a patterned face Picasso would have loved. Shy gal Vanna is wary (but happily adopted). June feels so long ago. Imagine how it feels to the cats.

Pablo cat -new rochelle humane society Pablo Picasso cat

Pablo cat -new rochelle humane society

Pablo has come a long way from the anxious young boy who lived for six months in a cage, wild-eyed in fear. He graduated to the cage-free area and has made leaps in confidence. He looks like a tuxedo cat from a distance but up close, he’s a gorgeous charcoal grey. Pablo is a climber, favoring a top shelf and a snug, mid-level nest. He may never be a lap cat but who knows, he’s young and the right person will earn his trust eventually. Won’t you share his adoption graphic to shorten his wait? Thanks and scroll down to see Nou Nou in action.

NRHS-b & W-tuxie

This is Nou Nou’s nightly ritual. We play with wand toys like Neko flies, then she kills one catnip toy after another and/or does a few rounds on the Bergan. It’s a good thing she gets plenty of exercise since she has a porcine appetite. Do you think she’s getting plump?


  • Sammy

    Oh I hope Pablo gets his FOREVER soon – he’s a very pretty cat and it sounds like he’s come a long way to get to this point. As for Nou Nou – she’s NOT getting chubby – she looks healthy and super happy! YAY FOR YOU!!

    Hugs, Sammy and Mom

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    Pablo is indeed a masterpiece and we just know that there is an artistic soul out there that will find him and give him his furever home. We purr and pray for it to happen for all the ones in need.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  • maggie

    Nou Nou is a mighty huntress and looks perfect to me!
    Our Mickey Mouser has us trained to play – on schedule from 8 to 10pm every evening. He has killed many Go Cat Teaser wand toys.That little brush mouse is irresistible. That’s really the only toy he’s interested in, and there has to be a human at the other end.
    Wishing very good luck to Pablo!

  • da tabbies o trout towneq

    pablo….de best oh fishes two ewe buddy, whitefish, mackerull, herring & trout, that ya finds & iz IN….yur for evers a week frum two day sew yur new
    peepulz can claim tax dee ductionz !!! ♥♥♥ troo lee…we hope ya findz yur for everz veree soon ~

    and “N”…yur mewvie rocks, noe yur knot gettin plump & heerz two a grate
    day two everee one♥♥♥

  • The Island Cats

    Pablo is very handsome and we’re sure he’ll find a home real soon!

    We’re like Summer, we don’t destroy our big toys that fast…well, ‘cept my scratch lounger…I’m on my 4th one now! ~Wally

  • Sometimes Cats Herd You

    Pablo’s a good-looking guy! You know, we’re kind of like Summer, Binga and Boodie in that we don’t destroy toys much, except paper bags. Our yellow cardboard submarine is still in one piece, even. We always thought it was that we weren’t young, energetic cats like Pablo any more, but Summer sure is young. Maybe we’re just slackers.

  • Summer

    Pablo is a real cutie! Want to hear something unbelievable? We don’t destroy our toys! Oh, the nip bananas and such get ruined eventually, but the bigger toys like that Bergan Turbo will be here for years and still look (and play okay). Even Binga doesn’t kill toys.

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