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Mancat Monday With Snow Cat Odin

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Adventure Cat Odin on snow patrol duty

Merlin and Nou Nou are sitting on the sidelines this week and not interested in Mancat Monday Adventures with Snow Cat Odin. They’re okay but prefer to hang out in a cozy, warm spot instead of going outside in the snow, like ME, SNOW CAT ODIN! And yes, there really is a website for cats like me, called Adventure Cats. Their motto is “living nine lives to the fullest”. Yes, yes, yes!

I am true to my Viking heritage name. Bold and daring, bravely going where no cat has gone before!

I love snow and boy, did we have a long wait for the white stuff. The big storm on the weekend dumped a few feet in some places like D.C.and Baltimore but we got off easy with only one or two feet in the NYC area. I go out every day rain or shine, sleet or snow no matter what. I’m a little OCD and go nuts without a lot of exercise. I’m supervised, not that I need any. Trust me, I’m not stupid and know when it’s raining you know what, to come back quick. What I usually do is go out, make my rounds (my turf includes about 6 properties and 5 acres), sniff every bush, climb every tree zoom back home to fuel up, warm up if need be and go out again. And again and again and again. I have my humans well trained to attend to my needs. Most of the time. They refuse to let me out in thunderstorms or blizzards. Spoil sports!
Anyway, there I was itching to get out on the full moon, looking out the window at those yummy, big flakes falling. I wanted to catch me some but nooooooo, I wasn’t allowed to go outside until it looked safe. Domino, who lived outside for seven years as a feral still loves going out but no longer likes snow. A quick 5-minute walkie and he trots back inside to the comfort of electric heating pads and cashmere pillows. He’s entitled to slow down since he’s a senior so I was the only one to enjoy the frozen wonderland. Yipee! This was taken last year and you can see he’d already lost his snow mojo.
funny Cats in snow winter

My first time is always a happy run out the door like in this short video. The snow was still falling but the winds had died down and I whined until I got my wish. I know I’m spoiled. ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM!

The next morning, the sun came out so bright I needed shades. Of course, I zoomed out but jumped on the railing first to get a better view of the lunar landscape. Wow, isn’t nature magical? But nature keeps changing day by day so enjoy what’s beautiful and if you’re not crazy about your weather: wait, it’ll change, sometimes as quickly as a swish of a cat’s tail.


Bye for now. It was fun hanging out with you. Stay warm or cool (my down under pals) safe and sound this week living, loving and purring loud!





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