Answer Your Cat’s Question Day Goes International

[clickToTweet tweet=”It’s Answer Your Cats Question Day. Really and my #cats did a Q. & A.. What would your cat ask? @catwisdom101″ quote=”It’s Answer Your Cats Question Day. Really and my #cats did a Q. & A.. What would your cat ask? @catwisdom101″ theme=”style4″] Answer Your Cat’s Question Day is in Q. A. format with our cats.

The first answer is: Yes, there is a real holiday called National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day. And yes, the world is officially cat crazy. So crazy the holiday has gone international.

Our cats have reluctantly agreed to ask one question each. I have agreed against my better judgement to answer them honestly. Our foster girl Nou Nou is participating for the first time.

Merlin: What is the purpose of life?

Answer: Finding and sharing joy.

answer your cats question day

Odin: Why can’t I have opposable thumbs?

Answer: You weren’t born that way. Perhaps in your next life.

national answer your cats question day

Domino: When is dinner?

Answer: When the sun goes down.


Nou Nou: Why can’t all cats in shelters find homes?

Answer: Fate, karma, human ignorance and selfishness.

shelter-cats-answer your cats question day

May all your cats’ questions be answered with the love and the reverence they deserve. Okay, and humor because as far as cats are concerned the joke is on us. Also they mentioned they want their real Divine status back with back pay and no cheap, rhinestone tiaras thank-you very much.

28 thoughts on “Answer Your Cat’s Question Day Goes International”

  1. Important questions, all answered from the heart. My Molly wants to know what the Rainbow Bridge is and if she’ll see her brother and sisters there someday? I told her yes, but hopefully not too soon..

    1. No time soon I hope. Your book’s illustrations show the way to the bride beautifully.

  2. Purrs to Yoda too!!!!
    My crew haven’t asked the questions yet but I know I’ll be in fur it when I get home!!!!

    Maybe one day we can say every animal has a loving home, plenty of food and water,medical care, shelter and love.
    Luvs to all
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  3. guys….we had questionz a plentee, de food serviss gurl failed mor N miserablee on de answerz & cattle iz still free roamin…….


  4. Aww, adorable answers. Merlin is so handsome, Odin is such a cute devil, Dom Dom is a doll and Nou Nou, too.

    Ched asks, ”Why can’t I eat fish?”
    ”Because I say so.”

    Mao asks, ”Why aren’t people perfect?”
    ”Because they’re not cats”.

  5. Yoda’s most important question is, will I be healthy again.Hopefully soon I can tell him he will be. We’re a sad, anxious household.
    I’m going to say our other cats most pressing question is When is dinner?
    They know, but still bug me all the time,except when we’re napping.

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