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#CatVidFest 2014 with Lil BUB + More!

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#catvidfest 2014

Next week is proving to be kitty hashtag heaven. #CatVidFest on August 14th celebrates the best in cat videos. It’s the third year of the Internet Cat Video Festival held at the Walker Center in Minneapolis with a special appearance this year by Lil BUB and her dude, Mike Bridavsky. You can also meet the awesome Lil BUB in Chicago on Sept. 6, 2014 with proceeds to benefit Tree House Humane Society and Chicago Cat Rescue.

The cat video festival was an instant success with Henri le Chat Noir winning the 2012 prestigious Golden Kitty Award. Last year, Grumpy Cat took the honor but who will win this year? Your guess is as good as mine. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be revealed at the end of the night, along with a special Achievement Award to be announced.

All the nominations can be viewed here.

LilBUB and Mike Bridavsky
LIL BUB and Mike Bridavsky

Next week is #kittenweek. Post your cute kitten pics at Facebook/Tidycats Kitten season continues in full force and shelters everywhere are brimming with kittens.

If you know of any kittens needing to be adopted please post pics with links at our Cat Wisdom 101 Facebook page We’d especially would love to see black cats since these are the least popular color of cats adopted in shelters. Crazy but true.

I found this pic from my Blogpaws album of Ollie Davidson, Director of Programs, Digital Director at Tree House Humane Society with #CatVidfest finalist Alana Grelyak of Catinthefridge and CATastrophes the Animalist web series. It seems like everyone I know will be there and I wish I could be there.

#catvidfest #kittenweek #adorableadoptables


Our #AdorableAdoptables focus this coming week will be black cats and kittens in honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17. We might as well get the ball rolling early.

Just two of the many black beauties available for adoption. Whitey and Lorna have been waiting over two years at the NewRochelleHumaneSociety.org

Please cross post and share.

Black cat Appreciation day

#adorableadoptables black #cats


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