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Listen up, our mom Layla is away and won’t be online today. She’ll be back tomorrow to comment and visit you. In the meantime, we have something to ask which would make her very happy (okay, it would make all of us cats happy). We’re asking you to nominate Cat Wisdom 101 for a Readers’ Choice Award from for Best Website About Cats. Update: Thank-you for voting. We are proud finalists for Best Website About Cats.

readers choice wisdom 101

We work hard providing (hopefully) great content seven days a week to enlighten and entertain cat lovers everywhere because…





we love cats-valentine-cat wisdom 101

Nominations are only being accepted until February 15th, so hurry. Like all contests of this kind, it’s about numbers. We don’t expect to win against the big cats, but we’d be thrilled to be one of the five finalists.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 to nominate us. You can go straight to the Nomination Page where they will ask you to login via your Facebook or login. If you have other favorite cat websites, (you can nominate up to four others) but that’s entirely up to you.

1) Enter our Name: Cat Wisdom 101

2) Enter of URL:

3) Enter a comment why you like us. It can be 1 word or 101.

That’s it. You never know: David might beat Goliath! It’s up to you. Thank-you!

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