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Think Out Of The Box

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think out of the box-quote-cat-art-cat wisdom 101Litter Box Tips

Cats like squeezing themselves into pretzel shapes and tiny spaces, except one: their litter box. If your cat is growing, change the size as needed. Large breed cats like Maine Coons need an extra large box. Think out of the box. You don’t need to buy an official litter box. We repurposed a large plastic storage container for Domino which he loves.

Cats like their litter box to stay in the same location. If you have a hankering for redecorating, or must move the litter for any reason. Plan in advance where the box will fit comfortably for both the cat and anyone one else in your household. Look for proper ventilation, away from busy traffic areas or noisy machines like washer/dryers or dishwashers.

I like using a “ghost” litter box for a few days until the transition. One in the new location and one in the old location. Once the cat is happily using the new box, the old one can be disposed of and the area sprayed with an odor-neutralizer.

If you’re interested in feng shui, don’t place the litter in the south west area home which is the “money area”. If you have no alternative location, keep the box clean and don’t use a covered box which compresses the bad chi of negative energy.

There are many methods of feng shui. To say it’s complicated is an understatement. After years of study, I’ve found the compass method to be the most accurate. This is a simplified version of the feng shui pie-chart I use. To get a sense of the area imagine an 8-spoked wheel is placed on top of a floor plan. In this case, the south east “piece of the money pie” is the bedroom. The other designated areas will be discussed in future posts.

feng shui-pie chart-floor plan-compass-cats


  • caren gittleman

    Hell if I know what direction Cody’s box faces!!! lol!!! Now give me something ELSE to worry about why don’t you? lol

    Ok I am wondering why my email subscriptions aren’t coming from you…I am wondering what is wrong. I have subscribed via email since I first signed up and for some reason I didn’t receive this 🙁

  • Cheysuli

    Umm… shouldn’t you keep the litter box clean no matter what area it’s in? I mean really. I have to use it you know. And get rid of Ichiro because he stinks in there…

  • Kathryn

    We have a giant size covered box and I bought the most useful thing ever! It is a CatMouse, an ionizer that hides even the most remote cat smell. It is a plug in and shaped like a large computer mouse. I put it on top of the box. Comes with another ionizer refill.

    I think the new food plan I implemented after your friend wrote that PDF about dry food causing diabetes – I think the new food plan is good. We had been giving them about 70 percent dry food, with only 4 cans = 2 each – of wet food a week, and some baby food and luncheon meat.

    Now, it is 2 cans 9 lives a day and baby food/luncheon meat twice a week – those seem to fill them up and the human food is at least pure meat – and only a tiny bit of dry food at night (so they don’t wake us, which they do, amyway).

    Nearly down to one 60 oz bag of dry food a month for the two, that is 1 oz dry food a day per cat plus one can wet food per cat and some human treats. and lots of belly rubs.

  • Ingrid King

    Even though I never considered using Feng Shui to determine where the litter box should go, litter box placement is so important. I always cringe when I go to someone’s home where the litter box is placed in some hideaway location. I like the term “ghost box” – I, too, recommend that approach when moving litter box location. Now I have a better term for it!

  • Fuzzy Tales

    We have four boxes on the go right now, just for the two of us. But usually it’s three, two in the basement and one on the upper level. Two are old giant, deep hooded boxes *without* the hoods, and two are large Rubbermaid containers (not the really deep ones).

    But though the mom used to have a couple of books on Feng Shui, she never thought about their placement beyond practicality. Interesting!

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