Rare Blue Moon Caturday

It’s a full moon, a rare blue moon today making this blue moon Caturday catastic or not. Thank Cod for Caturday!


Have you or your cats been more squirrelly this week?  I know we’ll be glad to get to the other side of Mercury Retrograde in a few days. Delays, missed communication, lost emails, computer crashes and general wonkiness frayed our nerves.  You do not want to know what happened during our film shoot for our Kickstarter video.  I expected tech issues and delays but it was beyond the pale. One day I might find it funny.  I thought it best to be cautious and wait until after Memorial Day for the black cat anthology launch. It’ll be worth the wait!

To make up for delayed posts, we’re making up for it today. Humor saves the day. A funny cat video will make up for the worst day, no? Studies show viewing funny cat videos not only lowers stress but increases productivity. Hell yeah, bring it on. When I’m super stressed, I like low-key humor like Maru who clearly was a Zen master in her last life. This is her latest video and the box-loving Japanese kitty finds not all boxes fit.

Whenever I want to find any weirdly cute cat stuff, I find it in Japan. They call it kawaii and while it’s not my style but I find it mesmerizing. Strapya-World Squishie Squishies are guaranteed stress busters. And what cellphone doesn’t need this latest accessory?

Niconico Nekomura Cat Pounce Series Desktop Smartphone Stand (Gray Tabby Cat) - Click Image to Close


Our vintage cat caption contest from last Wednesday has a sweet winner. Purrs of congrats to Da Tabbies o Trout. They are one of the most original cat bloggers with a funny style all their own.funny_vintage_cat_Caption_contest

Our latest Caption Cartoon is in honor of kitten season.  Please spay and neuter. Having litters of unwanted kittens is no laughing matter. We’ve come a long since this image was taken 100 years ago. I’m old enough to remember when it was considered desirable for cats to have one litter before getting spayed. Our cat mom might disagree. In fact, early spaying prevents breast cancer in cats. This caption begs from something satirical and snarky. Have fun and we’ll announce the winner next Wednesday.


If you missed Merlin’s wedding to Nellie, a lovely Siamese formerly known as the cat from hell, click for details and pics of the furry nuptials

We celebrated with free readings. Thanks for wonderful feedback, especially the private messages. It’s always an honor to get to know our readers more deeply. All the readings were for women which is fine with me. Women cat lovers are my tribe. We’re booked for readings until July. If you’d like one, email us info@catwisdom101.com. The rates are the same as our cat consult rates listed under the Consulting tab. Mini-numerology yearly cycles are $20.00


Our blog hopping has slowed to a crawl, so if you have any must-read news TAG @catwisdom101 on social and we’ll pop by.

25 thoughts on “Rare Blue Moon Caturday”

  1. Love the caption by Tabbies of Trout Town! Mercury in Retrograde is the cause for all this internal chaos?! Is it that easy?! I’ve been blaming certain people and issues driving me mad lately!

  2. I am so very happy that Mercury is now going forward again. This transit was tough on the computer. We had issues with it from day one and to top it off, my television died. The best thing was Nellie and Merlin!
    Great post on the Blue Moon!
    Nellie’s Mom

  3. I always know when there’s a full moon by my cat’s activities. Yesterday someone came to visit and though my cats usually hide when visitors come this time they were busy running all over the house.

  4. Thank you for the reading. Hit the nail on the head. I say I’m not a follower of that, astrology, etc. It always is so true though, I’ll have to become a believer. It’s funny how cats can be comfortable in a box so small, mine try it all the time! Thanks for the Blue Moon update. I usually keep up, would have missed it if not for you, many thanks.
    Purrs, Hugs and Love
    Connie Marie

  5. Gotta love those Tabbies o’ Trout Towne!

    This post explains why TW has been crying over nothing all week. anytime someone glances on her the wrong way, it sets her off and there she goes.

    Caption: The Milk Bar closes in 10 minutes. Drink up but leave your tips in the litter box.

  6. Wow, so interesting to know the history of the blue moon. It does sound odd, considering today is the 21st. But it is a fact, and thank you for that.

    I am so happy Merlin married Nellie.

    1. And those cell phone cat-a-cessories! Must have!

      (Is cat-a-cessories already a word?) If not, it should be.

      1. It isn’t really a word… But I think it should be.

        I typed

        cat-a-cessories… and got results for

        ”Did you mean: cat-accessories ”

  7. My human says this has been a crazy Mercury Retrograde – some people she knows don’t believe in astrology, but they have been complaining about all the stuff going wrong in the past few weeks. She’s just kept her mouth shut.

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