While Mom’s Away, The Cats Will Play

It’s special holiday edition of Mondays With Merlin in honor of the Chinese New Year. It’s the year of the black or water dragon, but isn’t every year the year of the cat? Someone in a big black car whisked Layla away this morning and you know what they say: when mom’s away the cats will play.

while the cat's away...quote-cat wisdom 101

Odin: Yippee, no training today!

Merlin: What’s this I smell? Has Mystery Miss been here again?

Odin: Be stilll my beating heart.

Merlin: Just kidding. Happy new year!

maneko neko cats-dragon new year-2012-cat wisdom 101

The Chinese new year lasts from the new moon (today) until the full moon. Layla will be writing soon about feng shui for cats. feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of living in harmony with the energies around you in any environment. In our case, she’ll be focusing on tips for living more harmoniously in the home and garden since that’s where most cats live. She’s been practicing the art since 1995 and thinks it helps create balance in our lives. I feel pretty balanced, so maybe it works.

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