Cat Book Review Bloopers: 50 Ways To Wake Your Human

Cat Book Review Bloopers: 50 Ways To Wake Your Human by Layla Morgan Wilde and Odin

This is why cats rule. Let me preface this by saying I’ve reviewed over 200 cat books over the past 10 year.s  My cat Merlin was one of the first feline book reviewers and emulated the world over. He did a bang up job as did his cohorts but Odin is less literary. He does excellent cat product reviews but books? Phooey. This is what happened when we got the new book from cartoonist Scott Metzger. Enjoy the cat book review bloopers. I know Odin did. NOT!

ODIN! Look what came in the mail.

So what! It’s not addressed to me.

odin one-eyed cat

50 ways to wake your human cat cartoon book

But it’s funny. Be a good sport!

I’ll think about it.

cat with camera

To make it easier, I put a cozy blanket on the floor. What could go wrong?

odin cat with book

Okay then. How about a treat? Wow, look at your new Christmas cat collar. Isn’t it cute?

odin the cat and metzger-cartoons-jpg

And, it’s a wrap! I think Odin gave his stamp of approval.

din-metzger-stamp of approval

As soon as I put the camera away, he hopped on a nearby chair and posed beautifully. Of course he did just to make a point. You can never, ever make a cat do anything they don’t want to, even with treats. The Christmas collar was a bust too. Hope you enjoyed our cat book review bloopers.

odin cat with scott metzger cartoon book

If you know cats like Odin, you’ll love 50 Ways To Wake Up Your Human. See another pic of Odin with the book and his fave 2021 calendars here

Don’t listen to Odin. Grab a copy on sale for yourself and a friend. I guarantee there will be at least one cartoon you’ll love so much, you’ll want to frame it.  Many of the cartoons were created during quarantine and are a timely balm during these strange times. Also if you haven’t enjoyed Scott’s first book, you can buy the pair for double the laughs and save a few bucks for catnip. (Note: Amazon affiliate links). I love his licensed holiday greeting cards too! If you not a fan of Amazon and like supporting artists directly, check out the Scott Metzger website to purchase directly.

12 thoughts on “Cat Book Review Bloopers: 50 Ways To Wake Your Human”

  1. Merlin had his aristocratic style of reviewing and Odin has the modern rapid read pass by that technology and texting has taught us. MOL
    Great effort none the less! We adore Scott Metzger and his toons! A good laugh is the best cure for most of what might ail you.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang and the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  2. Anyone who has been owned by a kitty will love these! He really knows what cats are thinking…I think! MOL!

    Who doesn’t need a good giggle these days!

    Odin, you are such rascal! Tee-hee! Pipo hated camera sessions, too…but when the camera was gone…’hi there, I am your very own Pipo’:)

  3. Love the Scott Metzger cartoons! Odin makes a great reviewer in my opinion. I still miss Merlin, he has a special place in my heart

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