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Meowloween Halloween Caturday

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Happy Meowloween Halloween! I hope this finds you and your kitties safely enjoying the fun and treats. What a festive, fun but wild week. Thank-you and welcome to our new subscribers!


In case you missed our big news, scroll down for the highlights.

The week began with some hocus pocus at Mondays With Merlin our resident wizard. He is the poster boy for crying wolf. Every time he’s at death’s door, he rallies, forcing us to eat some crow. We couldn’t wait for our scheduled mobile vet visit in November I whisked him a feline specialist on Monday morning. Two kinds of antibiotics later, he’s bounced back a hair but his days of pulling rabbits out of his hat are over. The test results were a mixed bag. Some good, some bad and as always it’s tricky finding the balance of treatment with determining quality of life.

Merlin is loving his new prescription food and does not need any appetite stimulant. His gait is more tottery than ever but he is mobile and enjoying limited garden time (his fave). In lieu of the hot sun, we’ve set up a heater with a soft pillow for his fragile old bones in a sunny bathroom which is a hit. So for now, he’s having more good days than bad days. Our vet feels he has a little more quality time left but hey, he’s already used up more than nine lives so it’s all good. Thank-you for all your kind comments and messages.

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  • Our biggest news of the week and year, is the announcement of our new venture and brand extension.

  • Cat Wisdom 101 is launching a series of cruises geared for pet lovers. The first one is Cat Film Fest at Sea, the first cat film/video/art/pop culture cruise in the Caribbean. We set sail just in time for Halloween 2016! Find out more at Cat Film Fest at Sea. Cat Film Fest at Sea

  • For a breath of fresh air, we have a fab giveaway for a kit of 4 eco-friendly pet odor and stain remover products from Skout’s Honor. There will be 3 winners, but hurry to enter. This giveaway ends in 3 days! Click now on the link to enter Skout’s Honor Giveaway.

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If you didn’t get enough Halloween treats for your cats, get some for free by simply posting a pic of your cat. You’re invited to join the Acatemy at Meow Mix. We’ve joined for their fun and factual info. Check out our post about it

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We can’t wait to see all your Halloween pics. Thanks for posting your gorgeous black cat photos. Post your pics on our Cat Wisdom 101 Facebook page. Instructions at the top.
Happy Meowloween Halloween from Layla, Merlin, Domino, Odin and Nou Nou. Yeah, we’re channeling our ancient Egyptian ancestors. We’ll be posting other Howleween pics on social and at our other blog Boomer Muse

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