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Funny Kitty Christmas Cards: Annus Horribilis 2020

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Funny Kitty Christmas Cards: Annus Horribilis 2020 by Layla Morgan Wilde

What a year! Every year since launching Cat Wisdom 101 I create and curate unique kitty Christmas cards. This year, the normal cute cards don’t cut it. I think this collection reflects the mood of this year. A year that will live on forever as annus horribilis. The saving grace is our love for cats. Enjoy this collection and tweet or Pin your favorites. There are a few PSA types with timely messages.

And I’ve included this year’s snail mail card at the end with my deepest feelings from the heart. Despite the awfulness of 2020, I feel optimistic for next summer and beyond in 2021. Stay safe and may purrs of delight surround you.

Let’s start with PSAs.

vintage styles cats christmas shopping

drink responsibly cat

And if that doesn’t convince you, remember to socialize remotely and not in person if possible.

pandemic christmas cats

It’s tempting to self-medicate from food, booze and drugs but be the person your cats look up to. At least not judge you too badly.

don't drink and drive psa cats

Odin was exceptionally naughty this year. You can see all the evidence in our Instagram video Reels.

naughty santa cat

I was feeling nostalgic for cats long gone like Merlin and found this old holiday card. Magic lives if we believe.

believe in magic cat

I had to include one vintage black cat card in honor of Clyde who celebrated his last Christmas last year.

vintage black cat with girl christmas card

The ornament I made for Clyde last year was hung on the tree with extra care this year. And this year’s card was based on a photo of Odin taken last year by the tree. So meta!

cat christmas tree card

Okay, just one more because we love you!

Who else feels like this? Surely the New Year will be better?

new year 2021 cat

Nou Nou and Odin are getting along again after a long bout of standoffishness. That’s the best gift I could ask for. The biggest takeaway from this year is appreciating the tiniest joys. Kiss your cats from me and Merry Christmas, happy Yule, Kwanzaa and however you choose to celebrate the holidaze.

xo, Layla, Odin, Nou Nou and the brightest angels cats this side of heaven.

purrfect christmas


















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