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Wild About New Canidae PURE Cat Treats

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Might we have a favorite new cat treat? Canidae a pioneer in the holistic pet food industry sent us some cat treats from their NEW Grain Free line. When it comes to cat treats, they are not all created equal and goodness knows we’ve tried our fair share. Just when you think there can’t be a yummy treat that’s good for your cat, there is.

canidae cat treats review

Odin takes his product testing seriously. It always begins with a good sniff. If intrigued, he takes it to the next step: pawing, exploring, more sniffing and then tasting. I like to feed our cats grain free food and treats and it’s good to know the Canidae Grain Free PURE Treats are low-cal plus gluten-free. Low cal is important when we live in a country where pet obesity is epidemic. But just because something is healthy and natural doesn’t always mean it passes the

Odin taste test

Canidae-grain free cat treats-chicken

What I liked best is the size of the heart-shaped treats. Some of my favorite treats are so big I have to break them in half. The size of the Canidae treats make them purrfect for training and at 1.5 calories I feel good about giving more than the usual one or two. I also love the window where you can see what you get. How many times have you bought treats and had no idea what size, shape, color or texture you were getting? Apparently Odin liked the window too. After gobbling several treats, he demanded more and left his mark.


I wasn’t surprised he liked the chicken since he’s a big chicken lover but he went kitty cray cray over the salmon treats.

Canidae- fresh cat treats

Odin can be a wild boy but he hasn’t completely lost his manners. He gives a hearty 4 Paws Up score for Canidae treats.


canidae-odin tested odin approved


We won’t be doing giveaways on Fridays anymore and will be doing them on other days BUT CANIDAE gives away free stuff every Friday in their weekly Facebook sweepstakes! Check out their Free Stuff Friday drawing every week and “like” them on Facebook for other exclusive contests and offers.

Here is their Facebook link: And the link to the direct Free Stuff Friday sweepstakes (this link will be good until 5/23, at which point the sweepstakes refreshes, and they’ll have a different link.

To see all their pet food and treat choices visit Canidae Pet Food. Follow the nice folks from Canidae on Twitter: @canidaepetfood and on Instagram: @canidaepetfood

Disclaimer: Odin and I love the new Canidae Pure Grain Free treats but for different reasons. We are sponsored by Canidae to review these new treats. Odin happily accepts free treats as payment. I prefer the green papers but no amount can change our honest opinion at Cat Wisdom 101, which remains as always,100% our own.


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