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Monday Motivation: Cat Photo Quotes

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)


Merlin here for a quick lesson and Monday Motivation Cat Photo Quotes.

tempus fugit .

They say time flies or Tempus fugit but the original Latin phrase by Virgil is Tempus irreparabile fugit “irrevocable time runs”. Fugit is from fugere “to run”. But whether time is flying as fast as a 747 or running like mice away from cats, the message is clear my dear. Time may fly when you’re having fun but you also need to make time for fun because time is so f__ing fleeting, excuse my Latin.

To quote my Jewish grandmother on my dad’s side who said, “You can sleep when you’re dead.” She probably heard from her mother and other wagging tongues all the way back to Ben Franklin who said, “There will be sleeping enough in the grave.”

That’s true unless you’re like me and have a life after life. Timeless, ageless wisdom is my motto. And while we’re at it, remember to carpe diem, seize the day while you can BECAUSE YOU CAN.

cat photo quote carpe diem

We’re heading towards my favorite holiday of the year, Halloween and its festive mix of magic and merriment. October seems to be a primo time for animal shelter fundraisers. Layla has been donating like mad to several in our area. It must have been the full moon, but the Paw It Forward NYC fundraiser on Saturday was a howling success. Make no mistake, cat lovers can be a wild bunch especially when there is an open bar, but if it helps cats, arrrrroooooooo!


The lady of the house, Layla Morgan Wilde. We let her out sometimes from her almost 24/7 service to cats.


Have a good week. Be good to cats and to yourself.
Love always,




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