black cat awareness month
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Prettiest Faces For Black Cat Awareness Month

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Hello October! It means Black Cat Awareness Month is here and we’re ready to celebrate. It’s Clyde and as a 19-year-old black cat, it’s fitting that I be your guide.

hello october

It’s also International Black Cat Awareness Month and we are global, baby! Scroll down for an update with my fur bros. Comments are wonky and may or may not post. If so, post a comment on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram and please share the black cat love across social!

Did you know we created the holiday and it’s taken on a life of its own? We’re most delighted with the attention on Instagram and the huge uptick in black cat awareness. Black cat lovers adore photographing their house panthers indoors and outdoors. We’re disproving the myth that black cats don’t photograph well. Balderdash I say. After all, I contributed to a book filled with fab black cat photos.

Some humans think all black cats look the same. Me thinks that smacks of racism and I aim to prove ’em wrong. Well darlings, to kick off the month long festivities, I’d like to share some of my favorite faces from our amazing Instagram community Black Cats of IG

Dare I say that I think our furry tribe is exceptionally beautiful? What do you think?

Its was so difficult to choose so we narrowed it down to those who post photos and tagging us with our #blackcatstellall hashtag. I suggest you do the same if you’d like to be featured.

In no particular order, we begin with a natty member of the Black Cat Mafia. Shhhh, they are also featured in our book Black Cats Tell All: True Tales and Inspiring Images. If you’d like to be as dapper, check out their purrfect bowties at their Etsy shop @versuspetproducts



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The alluring window-loving Gigsy Kit.@gigsykit



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Pretty in purple. One of my favorite pantherettes is Elvira from @blackcats_of_the_summit

Some black cats look gender neutral but others are distinctly feminine while other are so mancatish.



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The dashing Ronan @living.with.ronan is still a kitten but so boyish.



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Just because a cat is male doesn’t mean they have to be macho. Our friend, the fruit-loving Horst (also in our book) is a good example of not being afraid to express his feminine side or sense of humor.



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The always elegant Leopold always strikes a purrfect pose in Budapest. A fave feline in our book @kata.ivan



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What we love about all the cats in our book and community is the global diversity. Kinnie, a distinguished mancat rocks Amsterdam. Those cheeks!@instavankinnie


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think being different is beautiful like Doby who is a wobbly cat (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) and a cleft nose @dobythehousecat



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Canadian brothers Oscar and Felix @oscar_x_felix are a delightful duo, handsome too.


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The”black dude” named Smokey Robinson hails from Finland is what I call a pretty boy. Oh those whiskers! @tuipe65102


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Our delightful dozen this week ends with the extra dishy Duffy from @squishdelish in Seattle.

Would you like us to share another panther purrfect bunch next week?


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Meanwhile at our house I’ve been hanging out with Odin and Domino. We’re chummy but not exactly cuddle buddies.

I was surprised when Domino started napping near my bed recently.

cat friends

We even like having dinner together. He’s very polite and never eats from my dining area but I have barged into his area.

cats dining

Listen to my brother Odin. He’s a pretty smart dude even if he’s not black. See you soon!

Love and black cat kisses,


black cat awareness month

black cat awareness month


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