Official Black Cat Awareness Month Video

October is beginning to feel cooler while black cats are growing hotter than ever. The  Black Cat Awareness Month message is getting out with and without me, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

It’s no secret that I’m allergic to making videos but when I saw several titled Black Cat Awareness Month on YouTube including one advertising an insurance company, it was an oops moment. As founder of the holiday I was remiss. Thank goodness Clyde didn’t hiss at me. So, I rolled up my sleeves and made our own official video and it’s spooktacular (I hope that hard work paid off).

Take a peek and please comment there, share and subscribe to make our video more visible. Thank you so much! More Black Cat Awareness Month is a click away

Here are a few extra out takes for fun and sharing because can you ever have too much black kitty cuteness?

black-kitten_trick or treat

black cat-toy-clever

boo-black cat

cuddly-black cat


black cat_magical

It’s beginning to look Halloweenish at our house. Clyde prefers the back garden but insisted on inspecting the Halloween decorations in the front of the house.

clyde-door-halloween decor

Okay, it’ll do for now. My work is done. Now, let me in!

black cat clyde-door-halloween

We had quite the adventure with other our cats and other animals this week but that will have to wait until our next post. Have you subscribed yet? Follow us on your favorite social media platform? Please do. It’s more fun when you do.

See you real soon,

Love and black cat purrrrrssssss,

Layla and Clyde

6 thoughts on “Official Black Cat Awareness Month Video”

  1. That I have to say was an awesome video, especially for someone who does not like videos.
    hope there’s a sequel—or maybe we just won’t need one 🙂
    Lots of purrs to you all

  2. Oh my stars the video is incredible!!!!
    We adore all of the pics too. BLACK IS BACK BABY!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

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