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Indiana Jones: The Skeleton Museum Adventure Cat

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There is something endearing about working cats. Not all cats are feline lazy bones. Some have jobs and do them well like Indiana Bones. That’s Bones not Jones. And it’s Sir Indiana Bones to you! Meet Sir Indiana Bones, the enigmatic black cat who moonlights as the Official Kitty at the SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology.

In a museum of Oklahoma City, nestled among the bones and fossils, there’s a feline superstar who’s stealing hearts faster than a cat chasing a laser pointer. His story is one of rescue, adventure, and a dash of feline charm. I think it’s bonus that he’s black too.

The Adoption Tale

In 2019, three compassionate museum employees —Brenna, Kristin, and Ally—decided that the museum needed a resident cat. After all, dogs might chew on the bones, but a cat? A cat would simply add an air of mystery. So, they embarked on a mission to find the purr-fect companion. Little did they know that their lives were about to change forever.

At the Moore Animal Welfare Adoption Center, they met a sleek black cat with eyes that held secrets. His name? Onyx. But the girls had other ideas. They wanted something more adventurous, more fitting for a cat who’d soon be rubbing shoulders with ancient skeletons. And thus, Indiana Bones was born. His nickname is Indy. The “Sir” came later, bestowed upon him by the museum staff who recognized his regal demeanor.

Indy roams both the museum and Skulls Unlimited both founded in 1986 by Jay Villemarette, a world leader in providing both real and replica skulls and skeletons. The company’s commitment to ethical sourcing and educational excellence sets it apart.

A Cat with a Mission


Indiana Bones quickly settled into his new role. His duties? Well, let’s just say he’s the Chief Bone Inspector. Here’s what he does:

  1. Quality Control: Indiana meticulously inspects each skull and skeleton. If there’s a missing bone, he gives it a disapproving meow. His motto: “No missing vertebrae on my watch!”
  2. Nap Supervisor: When the museum visitors aren’t looking, he finds cozy nooks among the exhibits. His favorite? He won’t tell but he does look comfy with his plate bear pals.
  3. Scare Tactics: Indiana loves to hide behind a mastodon femur and leap out at unsuspecting guests. Their startled expressions? Priceless. Just kidding!
  4. Antler Aficionado: Antlers are his weakness. He rubs against them, pretending he’s a saber-toothed tiger marking his territory.
  5. Educational Outreach: Indiana attends school tours, captivating kids with his mysterious aura. He’s the only cat who can explain the difference between a humerus and a radius.


Cat-astrophic Fundraisers

But Indiana isn’t just a pretty face (and tail). He’s a philanthropic feline. He hosts fundraisers and donation drives for other rescue animals. His motto: “Helping one paw at a time.” Visit his insta for his latest ones.

Catch up with his latest adventures at his Instagram account @sir.indiana.bones and check out @skullsunlimited and @museumofosteologyokc

Be a Bonehead. Get Your Indiana Bones and other Merch!

Don’t leave the museum without snagging some exclusive Indiana Bones merchandise from the gift shop or online. See his official Indian Bones merch

Jay Villemarette’s passion for bones began in his youth, and his dream continues to inspire curious minds and osteologists alike. Whether you’re seeking real specimens or bone-themed merchandise, Skulls Unlimited is where curiosity meets calcium. 🦴


Remember, every purchase supports Indiana’s noble cause. So, whether you’re a cat lover, a bone enthusiast, or just want to add a touch of black cat magic from

Indiana Jones, the Museum Cat.


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