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Spotlight On National Black Cat Day

Layla Morgan Wilde/ October 27, 2017/ Cats, Feline Fine Art, Holidays, Shelter Cats/ 26 comments

Our Spotlight shines brightly On National Black Cat Day today, October 27.  It feels like the holiday has been around forever but it’s only been seven years. Founded by Cats Protection, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity it’s grown and changed over the years. Read about the history of National Black Cat Day. It’s more of a U.K. thing but thanks to

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Odd Cats Bring Smiles On World Smile Day & Other Odd Holidays

Layla Morgan Wilde/ October 7, 2017/ Cats, Feline Fine Art, Feline Funnies, Holidays/ 16 comments

Odd Cats Bring Smiles On World Smile Day and other odd holidays. Okay, so we’re little behind. Literally every day I ask my husband, what day is it? There is so much going on, the weeks are blurring into months at breakneck speed. There was nothing odd about Merlin but he always brought a smile to my face. Every single

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October Cat Holidays

Layla Morgan Wilde/ September 30, 2016/ Cats, Holidays/ 25 comments

October Cat Holidays 2016. October is special month this year with much to celebrate and be aware of. On personal note:  Our dear Merlin’s birthday was posted today at the CatBlogosphere. It’s actually on Oct. 2 and he’ll no doubt blog about at Mondays With Merlin about it if he’s still alive. Knowing him, he’ll probably blog not matter what.

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Black Cat Appreciation Day Graphics and Video

Layla Morgan Wilde/ August 17, 2016/ Holidays/ 17 comments

August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day and we’ve celebrated every year since we started blogging. This year is extra special since we’ve made deep connections with black cat lovers all over the world. There are amazing black cats and some very unusual ones to be featured into our upcoming book Black Cats Tell All.   Our friends at Cole

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The Art of Kindness is Color Blind: Black Cats Count

Layla Morgan Wilde/ October 23, 2013/ Cat Behavior 101, cat photo quotes, Cats, Feline Fine Art, Holidays/ 19 comments

The Art of Kindness is Color Blind: Black Cats Count on Black Cat Awareness Month by Layla Morgan Wilde Kindness is a lifestyle we learn at home. Kids can be cruel: teasing, throwing rocks at cats or worse. Kindness is contagious and kids quickly learn what is acceptable behavior by observing the world around them. Little boys often get a

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The Art of Lucky Black Cats

Layla Morgan Wilde/ September 25, 2013/ cat photo quotes, Cats, Feline Fine Art/ 31 comments

Do you think black cats are lucky? If you don’t, we hope to change your mind over the next six weeks. Think of October as Black Cat Awareness Month. Starting this Wednesday until Halloween, Cat Wisdom 101 will feature a curated collection of black cat art from antique advertising to wacky vintage sculpture. We’ll be sharing tidbits of black cat lore and

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