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Our Cat Black Cat Awareness Holiday Is Official

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Happy October dear cat lovers. Hello from your feline editor Clyde. Oh happy days! Our Black Cat Awareness Holiday Is Official. What began as a blog post in 2013 turned into a deeper effort with Black Cat Awareness Month in 2016. Several websites that chronicle holidays have added ours this year including Days Of The Year who added a nice write up.

We’ve updated the original post The Art Of Kindness is Color Blind: Black Cats Count that started all the black cat love.


That’s before I came on the scene and it does my old heart good to know I made a difference. I’m turning 19 in January and it’s anyone’s guess if I’ll be celebrating here or in kitty heaven. Every day is precious and I make sure I get attention 24/7 by yowling for food like clockwork every three hours. Normally there is gradual weight loss with CKD kitties but I have maintained my normal weight. For those of you with cats who are stressed, yowl day or night and the vet has not found a solution, I have a suggestion. Layla loves binaural music on YouTube and found one for calming pets. This is my latest favorite. Give a listen and let me know. I’ll post more next week.

Look for a very furry black October here. We’re cooking up a special treat for you (Actually a free e-book, so please subscribe). There will lots of Halloween cat art and other silliness this month but also some new and practical cat facts.

Love, Clyde


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