Our Cat Black Cat Awareness Holiday Is Official

Happy October dear cat lovers. Hello from your feline editor Clyde. Oh happy days! Our Black Cat Awareness Holiday Is Official. What began as a blog post in 2013 turned into a deeper effort with Black Cat Awareness Month in 2016.  Several websites that chronicle holidays have added ours this year including Days Of The Year who added a nice write up.

We’ve updated the original post The Art Of Kindness is Color Blind: Black Cats Count that started all the black cat love.


That’s before I came on the scene and it does my old heart good to know I made a difference. I’m turning 19 in January and it’s anyone’s guess if I’ll be celebrating here or in kitty heaven. Every day is precious and I make sure I get attention 24/7 by yowling for food like clockwork every three hours. Normally there is gradual weight loss with CKD kitties but I have maintained my normal weight. For those of you with cats who are stressed, yowl day or night and the vet has not found a solution, I have a suggestion. Layla loves binaural music on YouTube and found one for calming pets. This is my latest favorite.  Give a listen and let me know. I’ll post more next week.

Look for a very furry black October here. We’re cooking up a special treat for you (Actually a free e-book, so please subscribe). There will lots of Halloween cat art and other silliness this month but also some new and practical cat facts.

Love, Clyde

14 thoughts on “Our Cat Black Cat Awareness Holiday Is Official”

  1. CONCATS !!! Everyday of the year should be some kind of Cat holiday in our opinion!
    Luvin us some black kitties!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  2. October is one of my favorite months. Glad to see you celebrate black cat awareness holiday this month. My cat is not black, but I would definitely celebrate it with my friend who has a black cat 🙂

  3. Congratulations on Black Cat Awareness Day being officially recognized, Clyde and Layla! As for your fact about there being more male black cats than female ones, we guess we’ve just been lucky — we’ve had three female ones in a row (Gracie, Angel Zoe and Ava). 🙂

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