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Merlin The Libra Cat

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Merlin cat-astrology Libra

For almost twenty years a Libra cat named Merlin has graced my home. No matter where we lived, he improved it in every way. In honor of Merlin Week to celebrate his 2Oth birthday we share the astrological character of the Libra cat.

Born between September 23 and October 23 these refined and elegant cats are the charmers of the zodiac. All cats are beautiful but Libra cats are ruled by Venus the planet of love, beauty and harmony, bestows extra star power. They know they’re beautiful and carry themselves with a diva grace. Vanity is their middle name. They don’t expect monogrammed cat collars and purrsonalized cat food bowls or beds but they are the ideal customer for the luxury pet market.

No matter what the decor or lifestyle, The discerning Libra cat will make anywhere they perch their throne and that may include your favorite armchair or the primo spot on your bed. The bed is ideally dressed in high thread count linen, duck down duvets or satin coverlets. Toss of few silk or velvet pillows and these lovers of calm, beauty and luxury will purr. (Merlin loves his cashmere pillow). If your budget is less than royal, the Libra cat will make do with a humble cardboard box, but do try your best to please them.

Libra felines can be manipulative, pawing ever so softly on your cheek to wake you up with “the look” no one can resist. They don’t need to push or beg (that’s beneath them). It’s as if they can read your mind and you don’t mind spoiling them. Fresh spring water? A little more fishy flakes? Oh alright, just a little more. They’ll reward you with a melodious purr, meow and head bonk. Don’t forget to say how beautiful they are while you stroke their fur. Not just beautiful, but that they are the most beautiful cat in the world. Merlin may be a rumpled, old man but he still revels in being told he’s the most handsome boy in the world.

They get a bad rap for being lazy. They aren’t. They just prefer calmly lounging about looking divine and leave the nervous pacing to Virgos and excitable antics to Geminis and Aries.

Lovers of peace and cooperation, the Libra cat is naturally gregarious. Merlin has always been the life of the party and like all Libran cats, enjoys both human and feline companions. They are not shrinking violets and less likely to hide than other cats when company comes over. They don’t mind being petted but make sure your hands are clean and don’t overwhelm their superior sense of smell with heavy perfumes. They are fastidious about grooming which you can help with regular brushing and claw trimming. They make the ideal show cat.

Libra is all about balance but can be indecisive. They can be fussy about their food. The worst thing you can do is try one variety of food after another trying to please them. This is the classic cat who can’t decide between going out or staying in and when they go out, will want to come back inside. They’re sensitive souls who like order and routine with no extremes. Please don’t blast heavy metal or stay out too late. If you’re feeling under the weather, these sympathetic kitties will purr and coddle until you feel better. And you’ll feel better by simply having the good fortune of being owned a Libra cat.


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